The Rowley Poems Part 8

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Conteke[18] the dynnynge[19] ayre, and reche the skies. 10 Sprytes of the bleste, on gouldyn trones[20] astedde[21], Poure owte yer pleasaunce onn mie fadres hedde.

The gule[22] depeyncted[23] oares from the black tyde, Decorn[24] wyth fonnes[25] rare, doe shemrynge[26] ryse; Upswalynge[27] doe heie[28] shewe ynne drierie pryde, 15 Lyche gore-red estells[29] in the eve[30]-merk[31] skyes; The nome-depeyncted[32] s.h.i.+elds, the speres aryse, Alyche[33] talle roshes on the water syde; Alenge[34] from bark to bark the bryghte sheene[35] flyes; Sweft-kerv'd[36] delyghtes doe on the water glyde. 20 Sprites of the bleste, and everich Seyncte ydedde, Poure owte youre pleasaunce on mie fadres hedde.

The Sarafen lokes owte: he doethe feere, That Englondes brondeous[37] sonnes do cotte the waie.

Lyke honted bockes, theye reineth[38] here and there, 25 Onknowlachynge[39] inne whatte place to obaie[40].

The banner glesters on the beme of daie; The mittee[41] crosse Jerusalim ys seene; Dhereof the syghte yer corrage doe affraie[42], In balefull[43] dole their faces be ywreene[44]. 30 Sprytes of the bleste, and everich Seyncte ydedde, Poure owte your pleasaunce on mie fadres hedde.

The bollengers[45] and cottes[45], soe swyfte yn fyghte, Upon the sydes of everich bark appere; Foorthe to his offyce lepethe everych knyghte, 35 Eftsoones[46] hys squyer, with hys s.h.i.+elde and spere.

The jynynge s.h.i.+eldes doe shemre and moke glare[47]; The dotheynge oare doe make gemoted[48] dynne; The reynyng[49] foemen[50], thynckeynge gif[51] to dare, Boun[52] the merk[53] swerde, theie seche to fraie[54], theie blyn[55].

Sprytes of the bleste, and everyche Seyncte ydedde, Powre oute yer pleasaunce onn mie fadres hedde.

Now comm the warrynge Sarasyns to fyghte; Kynge Rycharde, lyche a lyoncel[56] of warre, Inne sheenynge goulde, lyke feerie[57] gronfers[58], dyghte[59], Shaketh alofe hys honde, and seene afarre. 45 Syke haveth I espyde a greter starre Amenge the drybblett[60] ons to sheene fulle bryghte; Syke sunnys wayne[61] wyth amayl'd[62] beames doe barr The blaunchie[63] mone or estells[64] to gev lyghte. 50 Sprytes of the bleste, and everich Seyncte ydedde, Poure owte your pleasaunce on mie fadres hedde.

Distraughte[65] affraie[66], wythe lockes of blodde-red die, Terroure, emburled[67] yn the thonders rage, Deathe, lynked to dismaie, dothe ugsomme[68] flie, 55 Enchasynge[69] echone champyonne war to wage.

Speeres bevyle[70] speres; swerdes upon swerdes engage; Armoure on armoure dynn[71], s.h.i.+elde upon s.h.i.+elde; Ne dethe of thosandes can the warre a.s.suage, Botte salleynge nombers sable[72] all the feelde. 60 Sprytes of the bleste, and everych Seyncte ydedde, Poure owte youre pleasaunce on mie fadres hedde.

The foemen fal arounde; the cross reles[73] hye; Steyned ynne goere, the harte of warre ys seen; Kyng Rycharde, thorough everyche trope dothe flie, 65 And beereth meynte[74] of Turkes onto the greene; Bie hymm the floure of Asies menn ys sleene[75]; The waylynge[76] mone doth fade before hys sonne; Bie hym hys knyghtes bee formed to actions deene[77], Doeynge syke marvels[78], strongers be aston[79]. 70 Sprytes of the bleste, and everych Seyncte ydedde, Poure owte your pleasaunce onn mie fadres hedde.

The fyghte ys wonne; Kynge Rycharde master is; The Englonde bannerr kisseth the hie ayre; Full of pure joie the armie is iwys[80], 75 And everych one haveth it onne his bayre[81]; Agayne to Englonde comme, and worschepped there.

Twyghte[82] into lovynge armes, and feasted eft[83]; In everych eyne aredynge nete of wyere[84], Of all remembrance of past peyne berefte. 80 Sprites of the bleste, and everich Seyncte ydedde, Syke pleasures powre upon mie fadres hedde.

Syke Nigel sed, whan from the bluie sea The upswol[85] sayle dyd daunce before his eyne; Swefte as the withe, hee toe the beeche dyd flee. 85 And founde his fadre steppeynge from the bryne.

Lette thyssen menne, who haveth sprite of loove, Bethyncke untoe hemselves how mote the meetynge proove.

[Footnote 1: Spirits, souls.]

[Footnote 2: pleasure.]

[Footnote 3: broad.]

[Footnote 4: s.h.i.+ne, glimmer.]

[Footnote 5: diminished, lessened.]

[Footnote 6: astonished, confounded.]

[Footnote 7: see, discover, know.]

[Footnote 8: such, so.]

[Footnote 9: strong.]

[Footnote 10: heads.]

[Footnote 11: cut.]

[Footnote 12:, reflecting.]

[Footnote 13: waves, billows.]

[Footnote 14: oak.]

[Footnote 15: a musical instrument, not unlike a hautboy.]

[Footnote 16: sweet.]

[Footnote 17: sound.]

[Footnote 18: confuse, contend with.]

[Footnote 19: sounding.]

[Footnote 20: thrones.]

[Footnote 21: seated.]

[Footnote 22: red.]

[Footnote 23: painted.]

[Footnote 24: carved.]

[Footnote 25: devices.]

[Footnote 26: glimmering.]

[Footnote 27: rising high, swelling up.]

[Footnote 28: they.]

[Footnote 29: a corruption of _estoile_, Fr. a star.]

[Footnote 30: evening.]

[Footnote 31: dark.]

[Footnote 32: rebus'd s.h.i.+elds; a herald term, when the charge of the s.h.i.+eld implies the name of the bearer.]

[Footnote 33: like.]

[Footnote 34: along.]

[Footnote 35: s.h.i.+ne.]

[Footnote 36: short-lived.]

[Footnote 37: furious.]

[Footnote 38: runneth.]

The Rowley Poems Part 8

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