Legend of the Asura Chapter 73

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Chapter 73: Becoming famous in a single fight (Part 2)
“Boss!  Boss! Calling boss!”

“What is it Xiao Tian?”  Feng Xiao accepted Xiao Tian's call.

“Boss, are you really the Asura on the level ranking?”

Feng Xiao rolled his eyes and said in a dissatisfied voice, “Would your boss lie to you?  You don't have a single bit of confidence in me at all?”

“No, no, I'm just confirming it.”  Xiao Tian quickly explained. He suddenly changed the topic and shouted like he had eaten a stimulant, “Boss, you really are too strong, so strong that you're not even human anymore.  I even bow down in my heart towards you. As long as I stand up and call out that ‘I am the Asura's brother', there will be many girls who throw themselves at me…...Wa, ha, ha, ha, ha.”

Feng  Xiao almost fell over, “I don't have time to listen to your flattery, quickly speak if you need something.”

It was like Xiao Tian didn't hear how impatient Feng Xiao was as he continued shouting, “Boss, quickly take a look on the forum, there are recordings of you fighting a hundred alone.  Moreover, the forums are almost going crazy, almost all the posts are about you. There is a little girl who made an ‘Asura Fan Club' and there are tens of thousands of people in it, most of them being little girls……”

Feng Xiao hung up the call.


Feng Xiao never cared about what other people thought, he just casually did what he wanted to do.

“Big brother……”  This time it was Feng Yao's voice.

“So powerful!”  Feng Yao only gave her big brother these two words.

Feng Xiao laughed like a fool.  What he loved the most was being praised by his little sister.

For the next three hours, he just kept killing while also being bugged by Xiao Tian who was bored.

At the same time…..In a distant country.


A blonde haired man was staring at the recording in front of him and his knitted brows never relaxed.

The door opened and a middle aged man came in.  Seeing his son's expression, he couldn't shaking his head.

“William, it's already been this long, you're still studying the video?”

The golden haired man narrowed his eyes and said, “It's impossible for me not to pay attention to him.  One person fighting a hundred, if this was before, I definitely wouldn't have believed it, but this is a fact.”

“China is a mysterious country, for such a powerful person to appear in the beginning of the game is indeed shocking.  But William, you shouldn't put your attention here. Didn't you receive a Hidden Job Quest recently? I believe that soon you will reach his level and will even surpa.s.s him.”

The golden haired man was silent for a bit before turning off the video.

“That's right, I can't indulge in other people's strength.  I need to work hard to and before level 50, I can definitely squash him under my feet!”


“Baka!  You still haven't obtained information on that Chinese person, you really are a bunch of trash, idiots!”  A middle aged man with a small beard flew into a rage. The men in black clothes being scolded by him revealed looks of fear and didn't even dare breathe too loudly.

“This kind of powerful person, it must be something our j.a.panese Empire owns!  You must find him for me and have him work for our great empire, otherwise send killers to finish him off!”

“Are you all mute!?  Who can tell me about this person?”

A black clothed man carefully came out and said in a small voice, “We can't break the security measures of the game at all.  Moreover, the people we've placed in China have said that this Asura appears mysteriously, normally people can't find him at all…..”

“Baka!  I don't need excuses!”  The middle aged man began cursing again.

“I'll give you fifteen days!  You'll never need to come back if you can't obtain the information!”

In another room, Tokugawa Ichifuji looked at the video in front of him without emotion.  After a while, his lips curled in indifference as he said to himself, “Very good, I never thought that China would have someone as powerful as Blood Sakura.  Long Wei, you mustn't lose too badly!”

United Kingdom.

“He, he, he's simply a superman.”

“No, it isn't that incredible.  Just give me time and I can do the same.”

“I've never doubted your strength.”


“How long will it take for you to surpa.s.s him?”

“One month at most.”

“Good, just tell me whatever you need.  Our French Government will provide you with everything you need as long as you can defeat everyone.”

“I won't disappoint you.”


“Only appearing briefly, there's no need to pay attention.”

“I also thought the same.”

The Korean people never thought they were arrogant.


In a dark corner, a small dark figure accidentally found a video.  After carefully watching it, their lips curled into a strong curve of disdain.

“Xuanyuan Sword, only at this level.”

When it was noon, Feng Xiao returned to the city to get off and have lunch with Xi Ruo and Feng Yao.  Before, with the automatic nutrition supplement of the gaming chamber, he didn't need to eat lunch at all.  Now that there was Xi Ruo in his house, her body need to properly recuperate.

Yang Xi Ruo was the happiest in the game because she could run by herself, she could see the colourful flowers, and she could see her big brother Feng.

When it was one in the afternoon, Feng Xiao appeared in the game again.  The first thing he did was give all the equipment he received from the third floor of the tomb to Maniac.

What surprised him was that Maniac took a few more glances at him.

“Un, don't you think that this young master was very powerful today?”  Feng Xiao proudly said.

Maniac looked at him before coldly saying, “Not interested.”

“Why did you secretly look at me if you weren't interested!”

“I was estimating how much your Asura's Illusion could sell for.”


“You truly are insensitive.  Forget it, I won't lower myself to your level.”

Before going to level up, he didn't forget to go home to see his little darling.  Hara.s.sing Shui Ruo Ruo had already become a necessary part of Feng Xiao's day.

“A…..A…..Asura!!”  Feng Xiao righteous appearance had already been known by all from this morning's battle.  A little girl accidentally saw Feng Xiao come out of the Feng House when she was walking by and she called out like she had seen a mountain of gold.  At the same time, her eyes turned into hearts.

Feng Xiao gave a helpless grin before using the “Infinite s.p.a.ce Gate” to return to the Death G.o.d's Tomb's third floor, going on a slaughter.

After half an hour…...

“Ding, congratulations to player Wind Spirit for reaching level 23…..”

“Ding, your pet, ‘Nether Five Elemental Saint Qilin' has reached level 19……”

After four hours…...

With the system notification, the level 38 Silver Undead Knight Leader Boss fell under the Absolute Time Domain and the Dragon Flame Slash.

“Ding, your play time today has already surpa.s.sed eight hours.  Please log off within one hour, or you will be forcefully logged off.”

“Ding, your pet, ‘Nether Five Elemental Saint Qilin' has reached level 20……”

“Ding, your pet has requested to leave the ‘contract s.p.a.ce' to evolve.  Will you permit it?”

“What?  Evolve?”

If the first evolution was lucky like mars. .h.i.tting earth, this second evolution was something that couldn't be comprehended.

This is because Xiao Xiao had never fought a single monster and had been sleeping inside Feng Xiao the entire time while eating up his experience points.

Feng Xiao quickly used the s.p.a.ce Gate to return to his room and released Xiao Xiao.

Xiao Xiao's evolution was the same as the first time as he slowly grew bigger in the white light.  After returning to its level 0 state, it grew to its level 20 state again.

Nether Five Elemental Saint Qilin: Level 0, Seventh Grade Pet
HP: 200
MP: 300
Attack: 100
Magical Attack: 150
Defense: 100

Level 20 stats:

Nether Five Elemental Saint Qilin: Level 20, Seventh Grade Pet
HP: 600
MP: 900
Attack: 300
Magical Attack: 450
Defense: 300

Xiao Xiao's stats had doubled after evolving and it had grown a bit.  It could almost reach Feng Xiao's thigh.

“Could it be that its power as a qilin is slowly awakening?”  Feng Xiao thought it over while stroking his chin.

Legend of the Asura Chapter 73

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