Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record Of Counterattacks Chapter 822

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Chapter 822: Promise Not to Get Angry

Ning Shu called the head secretary over and directly said, "An Nuan isn't suitable for this job, dismiss her."

The head secretary was slightly taken aback, then she asked, "CEO, is there some part about Xiao An that you're unsatisfied with? Xiao An's ability is unquestionable. She's pa.s.sed several rounds of screening after all. She should still be able to do jobs like getting coffee well."

What part she was unsatisfied with? Ning Shu very willfully said, "I don't like her."

The head secretary: …

Ning Shu was still looking through doc.u.ments when the office door was suddenly shoved open. It was pretty loud. Ning Shu looked towards the door and saw An Nuan rush towards her. "CEO, this is my first day at work, did I do something wrong? You can't fire me for no reason."

An Nuan bit her lips with her pearly white teeth as she looked at Ning Shu earnestly. "CEO, I need a reason for why I'm being fired."

Ning Shu said, "There's no need for a reason. You've been fired."

Anger appeared on An Nuan's face. "What right do you have to be so dogmatic? I didn't do anything wrong. You're being unfair in doing this."

When Ning Shu saw how earnest An Nuan looked, she felt speechless. "I don't want you to be my secretary."

"Are you…" An Nuan bit her lips. "Is it because of what happened last night?"

An Nuan hastily waved her hands. "I've never thought about having you take responsibility. You should just treat it as nothing ever happened. All I want is to work hard at my job properly. CEO, don't worry, I won't talk about this."

"Talk about what?" Ning Shu looked toward An Nuan in disbelief.

"I won't talk about accidentally mistaking you as a male prost.i.tute or what happened at the hotel last night. I need this job. CEO, please have mercy." An Nuan looked towards Ning Shu with a hopeful gaze.

Ning Shu really wanted to just bang her head against a wall. She practically didn't know what to say.

She thought that she had already put things very clearly, but from the looks of things now, An Nuan still didn't have her thoughts straight and still thought that something had happened between them.

Ning Shu laughed coldly, then just looked at An Nuan indifferently without speaking.

An Nuan was slightly scared by Ning Shu's expression and shrank back slightly. However, she gathered up her courage to say, "You can't fire me, otherwise I'll expose everything to the media."

"Expose what?" asked Ning Shu curiously. Did An Nuan have some sort of dirt on her? There was no way.

An Nuan looked at Ning Shu and said, "I'll only say it if you promise not to get angry."

"Then don't say it. Get out. Head to the finance department to get your salary and leave." Ning Shu didn't want to waste any more time talking with her, much less have any sparks of love be created from their clashes. Even if the storyline wanted those sparks, there was no way they could be made.

An Nuan choked on her words. She took a deep breath, then said, "If you hate me because of what happened last night, I apologize, but I really need this job."

She had been dumped by that trashy guy, so she left that guy's company. It would take a very long time to find another position, and during the time that she didn't have a job, she'd have to eat dirt.

An Nuan's face was red as she blurted out, "If you fire me, I'll reveal to the media that you're acting as a male prost.i.tute for a hotel."

Ning Shu: …

Her ability to be so subjective truly was powerful enough to make people kneel in awe.

An Nuan thought that she was a male prost.i.tute, and now An Nuan actually wanted to expose this to the media so that everyone would think that she was a male prost.i.tute.

Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record Of Counterattacks Chapter 822

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