Heroes Of Marvel Chapter 57

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Published at 8th of July 2019 06:29:29 PM Chapter 57

Although Jeston Gang has enough hands to protect the large luxury manor in the suburbs, there are inevitably omissions in some places . After half an hour of investigation, Lin Rui and Matt have already determined the location of the sneak . It was a long wall, guarded by one person every 100 meters . At Matt’s and Lin Rui’s speeds, they can sneak in without disturbing the guards if they’re careful .


At night, a breeze blew across the low lawn outside the manor, shaking the faint moonlight and the lights on the fence .


Although it was only the movement of the breeze, the Jeston Gang members stationed outside the fence turned their eyes to that side, and the gun in their hands was lifted slightly . Tonight’s deal is not known to the low-ranking members, but they clearly feel the importance of the deal . They will not take it lightly .

And at the moment the guard turned around, a dark shadow suddenly burst out of the gra.s.s behind him! wrong! It’s two shadows! But they’re too close, too fast, and they look like a normal person . It looked like a teleport . Before the guard turned around, the two shadows had quickly turned over the fence and disappeared in the light .

“Well? What is it?”

In a room full of screens in the manor, the man who had been staring at the monitor had just seen something flas.h.i.+ng across one of the monitors . But because the speed was too fast, he didn’t see what it was, so he just sent out a low question that he didn’t care much about, and there was no follow-up .


There was hardly a sound, and Lin Rui and Matt had succeeded in sneaking into the manor . After landing, Lin Rui and Matt did not move, and they both sensed that at least two people were walking not far ahead .

In the dark, Lin Rui gestured to Matt . Then Matt nodded to him and slowly retreated and disappeared . As for Lin Rui, he slowly approached as he sensed the movement ahead .

Da Da

The location that Lin Rui and Matt sneaked in seemed to be a leisure garden kind of place, while three people were slowly approaching this side . At the front was a handsome boy with fas.h.i.+onable blonde hair and blue eyes, not much bigger than Lin Rui . Behind the young man’s appearance were two big men in black suits and they looked like well-trained bodyguards at first sight .

“Master Mike, there will be an important deal here tonight . The Master reminded us not to walk around at will . You’d better not leave for too long . ” A man walking behind the young man looked at the young man’s high-spirited appearance, and could not help reminding him again .

“Are you ordering me?” Without looking back, the young man who walked in front of him asked coldly .

“No! It’s Just…”


This time, the bodyguard was silent before he had finished speaking . On his rough face, a crack appeared quickly from the corners of his eyes and slowly slid to the corners of his mouth . Then, scarlet blood flowed out of the wound . Instantly, half of the bodyguard’s face was covered with blood .

“Shut up now!” Without the initial insipidity, the voice of the young man walking in front of him obviously became much colder .

“Yes!” Without taking care of the wound on his face, the bodyguard quickly agreed .

“It’s just a simple food deal . Do you need to make a fuss about it?” Without any more bodyguard nonsense, Master Mike continued to take a step forward . The wound on the bodyguard’s face behind him was obviously his masterpiece .

Mike really doesn’t need to worry . With his strength, there aren’t many threats to him in this manner and those who are a threat to him are related to him .

While the young Mike was strolling in the garden at a leisurely pace, there was a sudden sound of a sharp blade breaking from his side . Several knives shot at the three men in the garden from the dark .

“Be careful!”


With a loud sound, two big men who had followed Mike had come to Mike’s side and blocked the flying knives .

Puff puff!

A few m.u.f.fled sounds and the flying knife coming into the air directly pierced into the body of the two-man, One even pierced Mike from the neck of the bodyguard who had just reminded Mike and died .

“Hum!” He didn’t care about the bodyguard who died instantly in the sudden attack and Mike, who was blocked behind, snorted and raised his right hand directly .

The b.l.o.o.d.y knife that shot at Mike stopped and stopped between the fingers of Mike’s right hand . Mike caught the knife that shot his bodyguard with two fingers .


The next moment, with a flash of red in Mike’s eyes, the flying knife disappeared from his hand and shot back faster in the direction it had just come from .

In an instant, the flying knife disappeared into the darkness and he did not know whether it hit the attacker . However, from Mike’s next look, it seems that his counterattack did not succeed .

Just as Mike stood staring at the darkness ahead, a dark shadow burst out from behind him and rushed toward Mike’s back .


Apparently surprised by the attack behind him, Mike turned around in a panic . When he turned around, a peculiar knife appeared in his right hand .

A metal clash sounded in the quiet garden, followed by a sharp clash, apparently a wrestle between two metal weapons .

The harsh sound didn’t last long and the shadow that rushed to Mike quickly retreated and Mike saw the man’s dress and his weapons . It was a guy wearing a crimson skinny leather jacket with a hood (mask) and his weapon looked like a metal stick (guide stick) .

“Are you the one who we are supposed to deal with? Your strength is not bad, but that’s all . You’re unlucky to b.u.mp into me . My employers should be happy when I catch you . ” Looking at the guy in front of him, Mike said lightly as he didn’t take Daredevil’s attack into account at all .

Hoo! Hoo!

Ignoring Mike’s provocation, Daredevil just circled his guide sticks two times and posed as an attacker .

But just as Mike was staring at Daredevil in front of him, a brilliant red knife shot out of the darkness behind him and hit him directly .



Like being hit by a speeding car, Mike fell straight out of the garden aisle . Before falling to the ground, his body continued to make explosive sounds .


Mike fell to the ground like a dead dog and his whole upper body was instantly red with blood . The knife in hand also fell when he was attacked just now, spraying blood continuously on the ground, as if only the exhaust gas had no air in it . Soon, Mike, lying on the ground, was dead .


After Mike fell to the ground without moving, two figures came quickly . Looking down at Mike, who was lying on the ground without breathing, Lin Rui silently retracted Flowing Flame Blade and gestured with Matt and disappeared again . They won’t waste their time here, so just after Matt caught Mike’s attention, Lin Rui gave him a fatal blow in the back .

Instead of hiding the three bodies here, Lin Rui and Matt came here tonight to destroy them and letting them discover the three bodies here may bring them some confusion so that they can move better .

Nevertheless, it is natural that Lin Rui and Matt, who have left, will not find out . Shortly after they left, Mike, who looked dead on the ground, suddenly had an abnormal red color on his face . Then suddenly he opened his eyes, which were full of blood .

The next moment, Mike had fallen down on the bodyguard beside him and sharp fangs came out quickly .



“Ohh? What’s the matter? Outside the manor, Wade Wilson, hiding in a low bush, suddenly found Jeston Gang’s guards outside rus.h.i.+ng nervously into the manor with guns .

“Did they get discovered so soon or have they already solved everything?” Wade avoided talking to himself as he watched the external defense diminish a lot .

Although at this time he did not know what Matt and Lin Rui were doing inside, he certainly would not rush in blindly . His job is to stay outside and wait for them to come out and help them leave better . If Lin Rui and Matt could not escape, Wade would not rush in to save them . So, squeezing the quick-fire machine gun in his hand, Wade lay motionless on the gra.s.s .


Deep in the manor, there are some large single-story buildings, of course, it is also suitable to do some item transactions . The simple food deal Mike and his bodyguards had said before took place in the two houses . He doesn’t know what the food he mentioned is, but it’s obviously not simple food .

“Mr . Housley, are you satisfied with the goods this time?” Coming out of a small enclosed room behind him, Ross asked Mr . Housley, who was next to him .

“The quality is good . However, the number seems to be less . Hearing Ross’s words, Housley said expressionlessly .

“It must have been known by Mr . Housley that our recent actions have been undermined by two nasty guys . Although we have tried our best to make up for it later, the number of people this time is still a little smaller . See Housley mentioning the problem, Ross quickly explained . However, from his words, this transaction item actually seems to be humans .

“Then it seems that you are still not working hard enough . ” Not paying attention to Ross’s explanation, Housley said indifferently .

“Ha Ha…” Seeing Housley’s att.i.tude, Ross can only smile in silence .

Buzz! ~

While Ross and Housley were trading, the phone in Housley’s pocket suddenly shook . Housley, who was not supposed to answer the phone, did not hang up after seeing the caller’s display on the phone . After a few words from the other end of the phone, Housley’s usual plain face showed some anger .

“Mr . Housley, what’s wrong?” Ross asked as he saw the changes in Housley’s face .

“It seems that your two friends really came here . ” Putting down the phone, Housley said in a cold voice .

Heroes Of Marvel Chapter 57

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