Heroes Of Marvel Chapter 64

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Published at 17th of July 2019 09:06:05 PM Chapter 64

Empire State High School, New York Queens .

Because of Peter and his uncle’s quest, Lin Rui recently planned to be close to Peter and want to observe Spiderman’s changes and growth at close range . So when Lin Rui saw Peter at the school gate, he ran over .

“Hey! Peter!” As usual, Lin Rui reached behind and patted Peter on the shoulder and greeted him happily .

“Hey! Jackson . ” However, it seems that Peter is not in a good mood as he just lightly replies to Lin Rui .

Professor Connors’s experiment failed and Peter has been troubled lately by what magical changes he seems to have made as a result of being bitten by a mutant spider . During the first few days of being bitten by the spider, Peter had no idea how to control his sudden surge of power and his sensitive senses . Just like now, if Lin Rui hadn’t been a close friend of his, Peter would have thrown him over when he patted him on the shoulder .

“Are you okay, Peter? Look, you’ve been a bit weird lately . What happened to you? You know, we are good friends . You can tell me anything . ” Guessing roughly what Peter was going through at this time, Lin Rui asked with a smile and his hand on Peter’s shoulder . If Peter could tell Lin Rui about his own changes, he would be able to help Peter adapt to the changes in his body, rather than watching them in the dark .

“Uh-huh . It’s okay . I just haven’t slept well recently . Don’t worry about it . ” Although he appreciates Lin Rui’s concern for him, Peter still feels that he should figure out what’s happening to him on his own . He doesn’t want his friend to think of himself as a monster .

“OK, you know, I am always here for you . ” Since Peter was unwilling to say anything, of course, Lin Rui would not force him and he finally went to the cla.s.sroom with him .

“Do you know what Tom has been doing lately?”

“I don’t know . I haven’t met with him for a long time now . ”

“Yes, everyone seems to be very busy lately . ”



“Peter, let’s go home together after school . ” Feeling Peter’s rapidly growing strength and uncontrolled agility, Lin Rui didn’t want him to go home alone .

“Oh, It’s okay, I’m going to Professor Connors later . ” Although he doesn’t know why Lin Rui cares so much about him today, Peter does need to go to Dr . Connors to do experiments today . He has some new ideas about the decay rate algorithm of genetics optimization .

“Well, I’ll go first . Be careful . ” Knowing that Peter was still working on cell regeneration with Professor Connors, Lin Rui could not remind him that Professor Connors might become a lizard and had to back off before he says anything unusual .

“Don’t worry, I’ll be okay . ” Waving to Lin Rui, Peter took out his skateboard and left the school quickly .

“I hope their experiment will succeed so that there will be no lizard and less trouble for me . ” Looking at Peter’s departure, Lin Rui muttered to himself .


In Oscorp, Professor Connors’lab, Peter and Professor Connors are experimenting with optimized decay rate algorithms on computers as they don’t want to go through what happened last week again .

“The experiment failed and the experimental body died . ”

“The experiment failed and the experimental body died . ”

“The experiment failed and the experimental body died . ”


By constantly modifying the decay rate algorithm, Professors Connors and Peter got computer hints that the experiment failed over and over again . Professor Connors was almost desperate to see experiments that had failed many times before . Can he now succeed with an optimization algorithm with the help of a high school student, a study he couldn’t complete 20 years ago? It’s still naive to think about . Not wanting to see a reminder of the failure of the experiment before him, Professor Connors turned and prepared to leave .

“The experiment was successful and the limb generation was completed . ” But the next second Professor Connors turned and left, the computer simulation succeeded . The simulated three-legged mouse grew the lost foot without any other mutation .

“Hey! Professor . ” Peter, who had been staring at the screen, quickly stopped and turned towards Professor Connors .

“Successfull! It really succeeded!” Professor Connors, who had turned back, also saw the results of the computer simulation and shouted excitedly .

“Yes, Professor!”

“Thank you, Peter! Thank you!”


Finally, he helped Professor Connors finish the experiment and Peter slowly returned home with a relaxed expression on the skateboard . But he seems to have forgotten something . When he left home today, Uncle Ben told him to pick Aunt May up at night, but he had been in Professor Connors’lab and had forgotten all about it .


“You own your aunt an apology big time, Be a man, Get in there and apologize!” Uncle Ben was angry at Peter’s failure .

“I am sorry Aunt May… I got distracted . ” Peter apologized to Aunt May feeling pretty bad himself that he had forgotten it .

“Your aunt, My wife, had to walk twelve blocks alone in the middle of the night and then wait in a deserted subway station because you got distracted . ”

“Ben, honestly, I am completely capable of walking home alone . ”

“Peter, come back here, please!”


Finally, Peter and Uncle Ben responded to some of the emotional fluctuations caused by Peter’s recent physical changes, involving Peter’s dead father, and finally Peter left home in the middle of the night . After a few moments, Uncle Ben went out to look for Peter . He couldn’t leave him alone for the night .


“Hey, Man, Stop! Somebody stop that guy!” On a corner not far from Peter’s house, the owner of a store ran out and shouted loudly at a guy on the road .

“Hey, kid, little help?” Looking at the left and right streets, the boss had to ask for help from Peter, who had just come out of the store .

“It’s none of my business . ” Ignoring the shopkeeper’s request, Peter took the milk and turned away . He’s still in a bad mood . The boss in the shop just had a bad att.i.tude .

“Hey! Stop that guy! Stop!” Peter didn’t help and the boss had to chase the guy himself .

And the man who stole his money saw the boss come after him and sped across the road . However, because he was in such a hurry, he suddenly fell down when he ran across the street . The pistol that had been hidden in his arms fell out and fell to the ground . In front of the robber, Uncle Ben, who came out to see Peter, happened to see this scene .


“Hey!” With a loud shout, Uncle Ben had rushed up to stop the robber from getting the pistol .

However, the robber obviously won’t let Uncle Ben get it . He quickly got up from the ground and began to grab the pistol from Uncle Ben . Subsequently, they fought together .


A gunshot burst out on the side street on busy midnight . It shocked the few pedestrians on the street and Peter, who had not yet gone far . When he heard the shot, Peter suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart, so he turned quickly and ran in the direction of the shot .

“Huuu! How dangerous! I was almost too late!” At the scene of the accident, Lin Rui was standing on the side of the road with a cold sweat and whispered .

Lin Rui had come out to check Uncle Ben’s situation this evening and Lin Rui went home after that . After all, it was quite late at that time . However, Lin Rui, who returned home, suddenly remembered that Peter had not yet returned home and that Uncle Ben’s death seemed to be due to a quarrel with him when Peter came home late . So Lin Rui came to Peter’s house again at midnight .

When Lin Rui arrived, he saw the robber fighting with Uncle Ben, and Lin Rui saw the pistol in their hands . So, one second before the robber pulled the trigger, Lin Rui had kicked him down .

Of course, because Lin Rui came in time, the robber missed Uncle Ben with that shot . Nonetheless, Uncle Ben was slightly injured in the scuffle just now . And Uncle Ben was still scared because he was shot at close range, although he was missed . It may take some time for him to adjust and to recover .

“Are you okay?” Observing Uncle Ben, Lin Rui walked up to him and asked softly .

“Er! I’m all right! It’s all right!” Looking at Lin Rui’s dress and glancing at the robber lying nearby, Uncle Ben answered quickly .

“That’s good . The police should be here in a minute . I’ll go first . ” Determining that Uncle Ben was in good condition, Lin Rui nodded and turned away .

Of course, before Lin Rui left, he kicked the robber to make sure he couldn’t stand up and run away . Then, before Peter ran over, Lin Rui rushed into the alley and disappeared .

“Uncle Ben!” Peter, who heard the gunshot, finally ran over and rushed nervously when he saw Uncle Ben sitting on the ground still lying down .

“Uncle Ben! Are you okay!?” Peter nervously asked Uncle Ben who was on the ground .

Peter had seen the fellow lying on the side of the road, the robber who had just run out of the shop . Obviously, that’s where the gunshot just came from . After examining Uncle Ben carefully, Peter breathed a little relieved .

“I’m sorry, Uncle Ben! I shouldn’t have said what I said at home! I’m sorry!” Fortunately, Uncle Ben didn’t get shot, or Peter would have been guilty all his life .

“Peter, I’m all right . That man saved me, the one you’ve loved so much lately . ” Helped by Peter, Uncle Ben said weakly .

Of course, Uncle Ben is not Lin Rui’s fan . He doesn’t know that Lin Rui’s current name is Mirage Knight, so he has to use that person to address him . But Uncle Ben knows that this guy is a Vigilante that Peter recently liked .

“Mirage Knight?” When he heard Uncle Ben, Peter asked, when he just came over, he seemed to see a black shadow disappearing into the alley . The enhanced vision can also see the back of Lin Rui in the dark, but Peter just thought it was an illusion .

“Well, it should be him . ” Uncle Ben nodded . It seems that some people liking Vigilanties still make sense .

Whoop ~~

Five minutes after the shooting, a siren finally sounded in the street . It seemed that someone had already called the police . Later, Peter accompanied Uncle Ben to the police station and simply recorded a confession and went home together . Now, Uncle Ben needs rest . But what happened today gave Peter some other ideas, one about fighting Street criminals and protecting civilians .

Heroes Of Marvel Chapter 64

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