Heroes Of Marvel Chapter 74

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Published at 1st of August 2019 06:55:23 PM Chapter 74


When all the dust settled, the top two floors of the whole six-story villa were directly lifted by the great power of the explosion, the hard walls were blown into numerous pieces, and the rubble and smoke covered everything .

“Hey! Are you all right?!” Hanging on the wall that had been half-destroyed, Peter shouted loudly at him .

It turned out that just before the explosion, Peter and Matt, who were hiding beside him, jumped out of the window at Lin Rui’s reminder . Matt, who could not fly, was of course suspended by Peter with spider silk, and Lin Rui, who was pushed out by the power of the explosion was pulled back by Peter with spider silk to escape the explosion just now .

“Huh! It’s all right!” Suspended by spider silk and dangling by the wall, Lin Rui gasped and answered .

“I’m fine!” Matt, who was next to him also responded .

“Pull us up, I want to know where Jack went!” The explosion was over and the villa didn’t look like it was about to collapse . Lin Rui pulled the spider silk and shouted to Peter up there .

“Ok!” With a promise, Peter, lying on the wall, pulled Lin Rui with his right hand and shot a spider’s silk upward with his left hand .


Next second, Peter had brought Lin Rui and Matt back to the dusty chamber that had been blown up . After checking four times, He confirmed that the Level Four Mutant is indeed dead and Lin Rui breathed a sigh of relief . If that Mutant didn’t die he would lose a lot . To kill him, Lin Rui spent a lot of Reward points .

“Mirage Knight, do you know where Jack is?” Without asking about other unimportant things, Matt was most concerned about Jack’s whereabouts .

Although Lin Rui said Jack was a trustable person, Matt would not trust a person so easily . Especially when he came here just now, he saw Lin Rui alone dealing with the Level 4 Mutant and Jack and the high-level Frankenstein Family that he had mentioned before had disappeared, which had to make him suspect .

“He went out after the top of Frankenstein Family, over there!” Not knowing what Matt was thinking, Lin Rui quickly pointed out a direction by glancing at the green spot on Jack’s Armguard(Location tracing magical device) . That direction is behind the villa, the secret exit Jack mentioned earlier .

“How did you know that?” Hearing Lin Rui, Peter asked curiously .

“I just know, are you coming or not?” There was no time to explain things to Peter and he might not even understand even if he explains it, So Lin Rui went straight in that direction .

Behind him, Matt followed in silence . As for Peter, after a little hesitation, he went after them .


Behind Frankenstein Family’s luxury villa, the secret pa.s.sageway opens to a secret underground garage . Before Lin Rui and Jack rushed into the room, Hebrew Frankenstein had rushed into the secret pa.s.sage under the escort of his two sons . Now they’re out of the secret lane and into the underground garage that no one else knows except for the Frankenstein Family’s core members .



However, as soon as the group reached the underground garage, a sudden explosion rang out . Then a violent shock came from behind them, throwing them back .


“The Building!” It blew up…” When he got back to his feet and looked back at the bombed villa, Wade Frankenstein whispered somewhat dejectedly . “Paul! He’s still inside!” Wade Frankenstein was about to rush back with a roar when he saw the half-collapsed villa .


“It’s no use going back now!” Rhode Frankenstein shouted as he hugged his irrational brother . Although his son was also in the villa, they could not turn back now . They can berth more sons but if they die that it will really be the end of the Frankenstein Family .

Compared with the shock of his two sons, Hebrew Frankenstein, the head of the family, had a deep haze in his eyes after seeing the explosion behind him . Among them, besides worrying about his grandson, he also has another person to worry, that is Ray .

Ray is a Level Four Mutant . Even his two sons don’t know about Ray . They only know that Ray is one of their father’s most trusted bodyguards . In fact, Ray is an adopted son of Hebrew . Of course, there can be no place for foster children in their family . So Ray has been protecting Hebrew as a bodyguard . That’s why Ray, a Level Four Mutant was willing to be a close bodyguard for Hebrew, who had always been his father .

Now, Hebrew and his sons have escaped, but Ray did not follow them and the villa had such a violent explosion that Hebrew was sure that Ray was dead or at least seriously injured . Hebrew always felt that Ray had been fierce . If even Ray who is a Level Four Mutant can’t stop the attackers tonight, Hebrew doesn’t know if any of them could escape . Perhaps the huge family that has lasted for more than a hundred years really has to die out at this time .

“Father! Let’s go!” Seeing Hebrew staring at the collapsed villa behind him, Rhode, his eldest son, hurried .

“Let’s go!”

At the urging of his eldest son, Hebrew and his sons turned around and stopped looking at the villa behind them . They quickened their pace and rushed to the car parked in front of them . No matter what the villa behind it exploded into, at least they are safe now . Of course, if Rhode and Wade knew Ray was a Level 4 Mutant, they might not be so optimistic .


The black car parked in the secret underground garage quickly opened its door, and the secret driver inside was welcoming the arrival of the Frankenstein Family members .

Da ~

Hebrew, who was walking in front had stepped into the door with one foot and at that moment a crack came from behind them .


A flash of silver shot from the direction from which they came, and at the last moment it plunged into the car door just at Hebrew’s raised his foot . It’s a dagger, a silver dagger .

Stopped by a sudden dagger, Hebrew and others turned to look behind them in surprise . There, a somewhat awkward figure was coming towards them step by step .

“Want to go? Did you ask me?!” In a low voice, Jack, who finally came after them, stared at the three men and asked .


“Jack! What are you doing?!” When Hebrew and Wade were surprised behind him, Rhode suddenly stepped forward and asked .

Obviously, compared to the strangeness of his father and brother to the Berserk Squad members, Rhode who formed the Berserk Squad must know Jack . But Rhode’s eyes seem to have something more complicated than a reprimand of Jack’s behavior .

“What am I doing? I’m doing what I’ve always been supposed to do!” Faced with Rhode standing in front of him, Jack’s expression became even grimmer . From Jack’s words, he seems to have some deep hatred for Frankenstein Family .

“What you supposed to do?! What you should do most is to protect us! Don’t forget your ident.i.ty!” Rhode’s eyes flickered at Jack’s words and he finally shouted .

“Hha! Don’t forget who I am?! Who am I?!” It seems that he heard some funny joke, Jack asked loudly after laughing lightly .

Faced with Jack’s counter-question, Rhode, who was showing a tough att.i.tude at first, suddenly stopped talking and slightly stepped back . His eyes had begun to dodge Jack’s piercing eyes, and Hebrew’s eyes behind Rhode had begun to show some doubts .

“Fortunately you reminded me, otherwise I really would have forgotten that I should have a Frankenstein surname!” Just as Rhode dodged Jack’s eyes and Hebrew and Wade wondered, Jack suddenly burst out with such unbelievable news .


Rhode swayed and suddenly stepped back . “I also have a Frankenstein surname!” Jack’s words began to echo in his mind, yes, although he deliberately forgot it but this fact can not be changed .

“What’s going on?!” Hearing Jack’s words, Hebrew reached out and pulled his eldest son in front of him and asked aloud .

“It seems that Big Brother has left an amazing illegitimate child!” Before waiting for an answer, Wade had already answered for him .


It seemed that the secret had been torn open . Rhode, who dared not look directly at Jack, broke away from his father’s hand and suddenly walked a few steps forward . “I should have killed you too!” There was a red light in his eyes as Rhode said viciously .

“Then should I thank you for your kindness?! However, my mother was not so lucky! I still remember what she said to me before she died and told me not to take revenge! Let me live well! I have done it . I have been under your hands for more than twenty years . I have done countless bad things for you! But now, it’s time for me to take my revenge!” Faced with Rhode’s madness, The expressions on Jack’s face gradually turned grim as he slowly told his story . Then Jack went towards them step by step .

Faced with Jack’s approaching step by step, They felt deep hatred and death . Rhode knows that his last merciful act 20 years ago created a mine that had exploded . Moreover, this mine will be accompanied by the complete burial of their families .

“Jack! You don’t have to do this! Since you also know your name is Frankenstein, you are a member of our family . There’s no need to do that!” Seeing that his eldest brother was silent, Wade broke in suddenly . He didn’t want to die in the hands of his elder brother illegitimate son .


However, in the face of Wade’s persuasion, Jack just waved his right hand mercilessly . In an instant, the same silver light as before shot out and penetrated Wade’s neck in the next second .



Covering his b.l.o.o.d.y neck unbelievably, Wade slowly fell to the ground .

“Now, what else do you have to say?” With another silver knife in his hand, Jack looked at the people in front of him and asked faintly .

Heroes Of Marvel Chapter 74

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