Heroes Of Marvel Chapter 78

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Published at 7th of August 2019 09:04:00 PM Chapter 78


Seeing Mirage Knight in front of him, Spiderman Peter finally breathed a sigh of relief, so he leaned back in the corner of the underground pa.s.sage and stopped moving . Peter was beaten almost from the beginning of the battle and he didn’t expect that the cross-gene serum, which Dr . Connors studied, would have such a strong effect on the human body .

Noticing Peter’s misery, Lin Rui came to him very quickly and squatting down and took out the Beginner Treatment Spray .

“Hold on, the wound looks quite deep . ” Reaching out and lifting Peter’s broken Spiderman suit with blood sticking to his chest, Lin Rui whispered a warning .

Peter seemed to feel a little breathless and ripped off his Spiderman headgear, exposing his face to Lin Rui . Although he did not know that Lin Rui knew his ident.i.ty from the beginning, Peter’s action also represented his trust in Lin Rui .

“Huh-huh! Don’t worry, I can take it!” He took two deep breaths after removing his hood, and Peter stared at Lin Rui and said earnestly .


Without saying anything more because Peter uncovered his headgear, Lin Rui quickly ripped all the clothes off Peter’s chest . The next moment, Peter’s chest wound was exposed to Lin Rui . Three long and deep bloodstains spread from Peter’s chest to his stomach, and a lot of blood had been shed .

“Fortunately, it should still be within my sprays healing scope . ” Checking the wound carefully, Lin Rui said calmly . Although the wound looks serious, it’s not much for Spiderman, who has a variant const.i.tution .

“Oh, That’s good . ” Although the wound was painful, Peter couldn’t help making fun of it .

“Yes, good news otherwise your recovery would have taken a long time . ” Picking up the Beginner Treatment spray, Lin Rui directed it at Peter’s chest .


“Hiss~” Peter felt the sudden cold coming from his chest and took a deep breath .

“Ah” But after the initial stimulation, Peter felt a burst of coolness in his wounds and even his pain was suppressed .

“OK, we’ll leave after you have a rest . We can’t deal with that lizard in this environment . He fled just now, knowing that the time of his mutation is coming to an end . ” Spraying the medicine on Peter, Lin Rui sat down beside him .

“Well, I didn’t expect Dr . Connors to be like that . ” Looking at Dr . Connors as he disappeared, Peter said in a somewhat low voice . Peter had already shown his face to Lin Rui, and there was no need to hide the lizard’s ident.i.ty .

“Don’t worry, we will find a solution . ” Patting Peter on the shoulder, Lin Rui whispered in consolation . Peter must have had a hard time seeing his mentor like this as he has a lot of respect for him .

But as Lin Rui patted Peter on the shoulder, Peter suddenly turned his head and looked at him seriously .

“Hey~ What?”Suddenly stared at by Peter, Lin Rui asked with some guilt . Lin Rui and Peter have been switching back and forth between Mirage Knight and Jackson’s ident.i.ties these days and he is worried about where he is showing his feet .

“Sometimes you look like a friend of mine, a good friend . ” Still staring at Lin Rui’s masked face, Peter suddenly said .

These days with Mirage Knight, Peter can feel Lin Rui’s care for himself . Originally, he didn’t care much, but Lin Rui always inadvertently exposed some behavior patterns that usually coincide with his friend, which made Peter very confused .

“Oh! Is it? Should I be happy? That friend of yours should be very good . ” Laughing, Lin Rui quietly took back the hand he had put on Peter’s shoulder .

Sure enough! This guy has guessed something! Trying to calm himself down, but Lin Rui’s heart is already rolling . Although it’s okay for Peter to know his real ident.i.ty, Lin Rui doesn’t want to expose it now . Moreover, even if exposed, Lin Rui did not want Peter to discover it but admitted it to himself .

“However, this is impossible . My friend is very smart, but he doesn’t even have a lot of sports cells . How could he possibly have such great strength as you! ”  But just as Lin Rui was struggling to tell Peter the truth, Peter suddenly went on .

“Huh?! Hha, is it?” Already looking for a good reason, Lin Rui suddenly heard Peter’s words and quickly laughed .

“Well, he doesn’t seem very interested in these Vigilantes or anything . No, he doesn’t seem to be interested in many things, but recently he found a journalist’s interns.h.i.+p . ” The wound was slowly recovering and Peter’s tuberculosis attributes were slowly recovering .

“Well, he sounds like a normal person . ” With a sigh of relief, Lin Rui spoke simply .

“Maybe, but I always thought he would not be ordinary . Maybe that’s what I expect of my friends . ” Speaking of his good friend, Peter’s mouth was slightly warped . Maybe he should tell Jackson and Harry what happened to him .

Peter suddenly possessed a special ability far beyond ordinary people . Stimulated by Uncle Ben’s injury, he chose to wear his ugly Spiderman suit and go out on the street . Now he joined Mirage Knight’s team to deal with the underground forces hidden in the darkness of New York . Peter felt that he had slowly found the way forward . ‘With Great power come even greater responsibility’ . At last, he understood the meaning of this sentence slowly .

“It seems that you have some good friends . Do they know that you have done so many things?” Seeing Peter’s expression, Lin Rui suddenly had an impulse to tell Peter the truth, but he resisted it .

“No, Vigilante is not very popular either . Take you for an example, despite all the good things you’ve done, there’s still the media in New York picking on you, and the police won’t thank us for what we’ve done . ” Shaking his head, Peter said lightly . He didn’t notice the mistakes in Lin Rui’s words . Lin Rui just said them . He naturally brought Harry into Peter’s friends, but Peter didn’t hear them .

“Don’t worry, as long as we persist, they will one day know that they are wrong . ” Knowing that ordinary people have different views on Vigilante, Lin Rui calmly said .

“Well, as long as we stick to it . ” With a serious nod, Peter repeated Lin Rui’s words .

“Most of my strength is already recovered . Let’s leave . The longer the delay, the more crazy Dr . Connors gets . We need to stop him before he makes any big mistake . ” At the end of the chat, Peter felt his wound recovered and said to Lin Rui .

“Well, where’s your backpack?” Holding Peter up, Lin Rui then asked, knowing that every time Peter went out, he would carry a backpack for his clothes .

“Hidden there by me, and the camera on the wall, I hope it’s not broken in the battle just now . ” Pointing in a direction, Peter also remembered the camera he used to take pictures of Dr . Connors .

“Well, wait here a minute . I’ll get it . ” Holding Peter against the wall, Lin Rui said and ran quickly in the direction he had just said .

In less than a minute, Lin Rui came back, but he only had Peter’s backpack in his hand, and the camera was not brought back .

“Your camera seems to have been taken away by that lizard . Is there anything important in it?” Pa.s.sing Peter’s backpack to him, Lin Rui went on . Dr . Connors apparently noticed the camera that had taken a few photos of him during the battle and took them away while he was running away .

“There’s nothing important, but now Dr . Connors probably knows who I am . He may go to school to see me, Mirage Knight . We must pay attention to the situation in the school these two days!” Hearing that his camera had been taken away by Dr . Connors, Peter said seriously .

“Well, don’t worry, I will pay attention . Now, let’s go back . There are some things that we need to discuss about this big lizard . ” Holding Peter step by step, Lin Rui said seriously .

For Dr . Connors, Lin Rui has come up with a plan to deal with him . Now that he has taken Peter’s camera away, he should go to school to find him in the same way as in the original plot . Lin Rui is going to solve this problem in school . Jack and Matt have almost solved the Frankenstein Family . He has no time to play hide-and-seek with the lizard .

“I must find a way to cure Dr . Connors!”

In this way, Lin Rui helped Peter out of the underground pa.s.sage, and they would return to the secret base to discuss countermeasures .



The huge size quickly shrinks, and the muscles and bones that swelled due to genetic variation quickly retracted . Dr . Connors, who returned to his underground lab, quickly recovered to normal and his right hand disappeared again .

After violently smas.h.i.+ng a test bed, Dr . Connors has become increasingly unable to control his emotions . The cross-species gene serum brought more than physical variation to Connors, his mind was greatly affected .

After grabbing the camera he had just thrown on the ground, Dr . Connors soon realized that it was Peter’s camera . Originally, He wanted to crush the camera directly, but Dr . Connors, as a normal man did not have the strength to crush it and the camera was still undamaged .


Not bad, Dr . Connors threw the camera out directly .

“Peter Park!”


“I am not the one who needs help!”

“There will be no more loneliness, no more outcast! A species-wide distribution could enhance humanity on an evolutionary scale! The survival of the fittest!”

“That, Changing like the snake, I might be free… to cast off flesh wherein I dwell confined . ”

“Would you give it all up after all you know you can do? All the power you feel . ”

“I can save them! You won’t get in the way of my plan…Peter Parker!”

Like schizophrenia, Dr . Connors has been talking to a voice in his mind . Guided by that voice, Dr . Connors finally made the decision to solve the problem named as Spiderman!

However, Dr . Connors did not notice that while he was talking to the voice in his mind, something seemed to be watching him in the shadow behind him, but nothing was there .


Heroes Of Marvel Chapter 78

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