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CHAPTER 87 BY-Pa.s.s

Matt, who had found the opportunity to stab the silver knife into Dracula's body, did not stop to look and quickly retreated.

“Is it successful?!” Lin Rui, who threw the knife to make a chance for Matt, got out of the corner.
“No!” Matt, who was attacking, landed next to Lin Rui and answered quickly. The knife he had just stabbed felt blocked by something.

Sure enough, after Matt answered Lin Rui's question, a crisp crack of metal came from Dracula's position. Then Lin Rui saw that the knife that should have been inserted into Dracula had been broken into two and fell to the ground. Apparently, Dracula is not afraid of this traditional silver weapon that is deadly against any ordinary Vampire.

Dracula's eyes glowed scarlet as he pulled out the half-length silver knife that had been inserted into his body and the changes in his hands spread rapidly to other parts of his body. Just then, Hannibal King, who had killed all the vampires that had converge on his position, suddenly rushed towards Dracula and shot him with a few shots. Since it's no use stabbing him with a silver knife, Let's try and see if bullets are powerful enough!

However, Hannibal King had apparently not learned his lesson from the previous scene where Dracula had easily avoided Blade's bullet. In the instant he fired, Dracula had disappeared from where he was standing and the bullets could not even touch him.

“Er! ~” The next moment, the disappeared Dracula had appeared behind him and pinched Hannibal King's neck with one hand, using him as a s.h.i.+eld. Obviously, facing professional Vampire hunters, a powerful half-human half-Vampire hybrid like Blade, and Lin Rui and Matt, who are so good at using the weak links to attack him, even Dracula, the ancestor of Vampire, doesn't want to fight a head-on battle.

“King!” Seeing Hannibal King being held by Dracula, Abigail cried out with concern.

“I didn't expect the Vampire ancestor to take a hostage and use him as a s.h.i.+eld.” Seeing that Hannibal King was caught, Lin Rui did not act rashly. However, he also had some other opinions about this Vampire ancestor.

Once their teammate was held hostage, Blade and others became pa.s.sive as they could not ignore the safety of Hannibal King. Although he really wants to kill Dracula directly, Blade can't do anything at this moment.

“You are really strong. It's no wonder that my descendants woke me up. But do you really think that you can kill me? It's Impossible!” The claw clings to Hannibal King's neck, and Dracula roars fiercely.

“Ah! Why do these boss-level villains like to brag? Don't they know that their words will come back to bite them in their a.s.s?” Hearing Dracula's words, Lin Rui silently muttered in his heart.

Just as Lin Rui was muttering in his heart, Dracula had pushed Hannibal King forward, and he jumped straight out of the broken window.

“King!” After Hannibal was pushed away, Abigail had already rushed over.

However, there is another person who rushed faster than her. It was Blade, he chased after Dracula and jumped out of the window.

Seeing this scene, Lin Rui's eyebrows jumped. They were at least dozens of stories high. Maybe it was because they were Vampires that they could ignore this little fact. If Spiderman was here, he could fly out with him to chase them but now Lin Rui could only give up.

“King! Are you all right?!” Holding on to Hannibal King, Abigail asked with concern.

“Huh! I am all right. This Dracula really is shameless b.a.s.t.a.r.d! The Vampire progenitor had to take me as a hostage and he ran away, if not… Hiss! It hurts so much!” Hannibal King, whose neck and chest had been torn open by Dracula, still did not have any breaks on his mouth, but the pain of the wound finally shut him up.

“Here, this should help you.” Just as Hannibal Kim was groning, Lin Rui handed over a spray from the side.

“Thank you, but we are very skilled in these wounds and know how to deal with them.” Instead of receiving Beginner Treatment Spray from Lin Rui, Abigail has taken out an emergency hemostatic bandage. Abigail still did not trust this guy whose face is covered and she had not seen his face even once, He is just a temporary teammate against Vampires.

“Uh…” Lin Rui was a little embarra.s.sed when he heard Abigail's words.

“Hey, this is a piece of a gift given from their heart, how can you be so ignorant?” Just as Lin Rui was ready to take back his hand, Hannibal King suddenly reached out and stopped him, then took the Beginner Treatment Spray from his hand.

“King!” Seeing Hannibal King's movement, Abigail shouted helplessly.

“The drugs we use to treat Vampire's injuries are not necessarily effective against injuries inflicted by Dracula. Why not try this one… What's your name?” Holding onto Lin Rui's spray, Hannibal king asked him.

“Mirage Knight, you can call me Mirage Knight.” Looking at Hannibal King who had a face similar to Wade's and they both have the same character, Lin Rui replied.

“Well! Mirage Knight! Your nickname sounds quite good. I think I need a nickname too.” Hearing Lin Rui's answer, Hannibal King had continues to talk.

“Well, if you're okay, I'll go and see what's going on over there with Blade.” Instead of talking nonsense with Hannibal King, Lin Rui got up and walked towards the window.

“Blade, Mirage Knight, I don't want to call… What is it called?” Lin Rui is gone, and Hannibal King is still struggling with his nickname.

“How is it?” Did Blade catch up with Dracula? Walking to the window, Lin Rui asked Jack, who had been standing there all the time.

“No, Dracula didn't seem to want to get entangled with all of us, so he ran away.” Shaking his head, Jack repeated what he had just seen. It was Blade who chased Dracula and jumped out of the building. They fought a few more rounds downstairs but Blade was defeated by Dracula and he ran away. Of course, Blade, who is half-human and half-Vampire, was not seriously injured.
“It can also be said that it is normal for Dracula as the Vampire progenitor to have such a powerful and abnormal strength.” This result was not unexpected to Lin Rui, who remembers how the sudden surge of defense and strength after his transformation had a profound impact on Lin Rui's last encounter with Housley. As as the Vampire progenitor, Dracula's metamorphosis control is not only more casual but also more powerful.

“What shall we do now? Dracula escaped and he already knows that we are going against him. He would certainly be on guard and he will make some plans for us.” Seeing Blade who is coming back up from downstairs, Jack asked beside Lin Rui. Although Jack knows that Lin Rui is much younger than him, his opinion is generally respected in the team. The young Vigilante seems to have a good head on his shoulders.

“I think this…”

“Don't worry, we found this guy in the cubicle. Dracula just pretended to be this guy. He must have provided a lot of resources to the Vampires.” Just as Lin Rui was about to say something, Abigail had come over with a middle-aged man in a suit and shoes. Hannibal King has swayed behind like an innocent man with Lin Rui's Beginner Treatment Spray in his hand.

“Can this guy help us find Dracula?” Seeing the man being pulled by Abigail, Lin Rui asked.

“Although this guy may not be able to help us find Dracula, he has always been closely linked with Vampire forces and will certainly be able to give me some important information.” The gun in her hand was directly against the man's temple and Abigail said lightly.

“Are all the girls so violent now?” Seeing Abigail's indifferent threat, Lin Rui whispered in Jack's ear.

“How the h.e.l.l would I know the answer to that, I have been preparing for my revenge for more than twenty years in my life, I don't know what girls are like nowadays!” Shaking his head, Jack answered in silence. Lin Rui is asking the wrong person. Matt may be able to give out a normal answer to this question about girls. After all, although he is blind, he has several love interests in his life.

“I can hear you!” As Lin Rui and Jack discussed these things, Abigail suddenly shouted from the side.

Lin Rui, Jack: “…”

Then, when Blade returned, the Nightwalker Team had forced out an important message about Vampires from the man's mouth. They have a large livestock farm here in Buffalo City, and Lin Rui and others know what they are raising in this farm. So their next goal is the pasture. They want to rescue the innocent people whose lives are being controlled by Vampires.

As for Hannibal King, although he said he was all right, Abigail let him go back to his residence to rest. A teammate was sent to watch him and go back together. Abigail will go to the ranch with Blade, Lin Rui, and Daredevil. Jack also returned with Hannibal King, because Spiderman should have been there by this time.

In this way, the Vampire hunting team joined by two forces is divided into two directions, one team returns to the residence for rest while the other team continues to look for Dracula's traces.

Heroes Of Marvel Chapter 87 – By

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