Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 100

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Finally, the last dish was being cooked. Bai Zhi let Hu Feng bring outside the other dishes, while she was steaming the dumplings to the stove.

Village Chief Li’s business with Bai Zhi and Zhao Lan quickly spread to the Bai Family’s ears. How can they believe it? They don’t have a job, but they can buy a lot and fields?

Mrs. Liu opened her mouth: “Niang, the money they spend to buy a lot and fields. Where did they get it from?”

Old Lady Bai gritted her teeth: “Why are you asking me? Go, let’s go and see, I can’t believe they could save private money under my eyes.”

Bai Erzhu didn’t want to join in this excitement. But when he saw Bai Dazhu’s family joining the fun, he had no choice but also join in with his son, Bai Fugui.

If his mother and brother get any benefit from Zhao Lan, then they will have no share.

Old Lady Bai leads the way. Her two sons, Mrs. Liu, and three grandchildren followed behind her. The momentum of a group of seven people was not small.

When the villagers on the road saw this scene, they couldn’t help mutter: “I heard that Zhao Lan and Bai Zhi bought a piece of land. Look at them, they can’t sit still and wanted to make trouble.”

“What trouble? They are separated now, what qualifications do they have to cause trouble? And besides, Zhao Lan and Bai Zhi live at Hu Family. Can they cause trouble? Compared to Hu Feng’s physique, who are they? Will they dare to make a move? Did they forget how Bai Dazhu’s hands got broken?”

The villager’s arguments became more and more ridiculous. All of them believed that the Bai Family will end badly this time.

Old Lady Bai took her family to the old banyan tree, but she didn’t see Zhao Lan and Bai Zhi.

“Is it a mistake?” Mrs. Liu doesn’t want to believe it. Only Zhao Lan and Bai Zhi lived in this village, they don’t have relatives. Even if Hu Changlin has the heart to help her, it was still impossible to help her buy a lot and fields. They need to go to the government and declare their intentions first, it was not easy to be approved.

Old Lady Bai said: “We didn’t hear it wrong, let’s go to Hu Changlin’s place to make things clear.”

When Bai Dazhu heard they will go to the Hu Family, he immediately opened his mouth: "I have to go to the Hu Family's house again? Can't I go?" Just by remembering what Hu Feng did that day, Bai Dazhu was still in fear.

Old Lady Bai gave Bai Dazhu a bad look: “Useless thing, who ask you to fight? We have a reason to come. As long as we don’t start a fight, can they dare to take actions?”

Bai Erzhu couldn’t help but whispered in his heart: Reason? What are we going to say in front of Zhao Lan and Bai Yu?

Although he thought so inside his heart, Bai Erzhu’s feet still lead him to the Hu Family’s place.


At this time, Bai Zhi just put the dumplings on the table, the aroma was very tempting, special the shape, their eyes couldn’t help but stared straight at the dumplings: “This is the dumplings?” Zhao Lan asked.

Bai Zhi nodded her head: “Mmm, this is dumplings, try it.”

Each one of them raised their chopsticks, they wanted to try and taste the dumplings. But suddenly, they heard familiar voices.

Hu Changlin frowned: “Why did they come?”

Bai Zhi put down the chopsticks in her hand and said: “The things about the lot and fields pa.s.sed to their ears. They come to ask about it.”

Hu Changlin sighed: “This Bai Family is really shameless. You two already separated from them. What are you planning to do with them?”

Bai Zhi looked up at Hu Changlin: “Hu Bo, if they ask where did we get the money to buy the lot and fields, tell them they came from you. Don’t slip your tongue, don’t let them throw dirty water on me and my niang.”

Bai Zhi had thought it through, so she added: “Hu Bo, go and bring 10 silver coins with you and put them to your body. Then, look at my eyes and wait for my signal.”

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 100

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