Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 106

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Jin s.h.i.+wei help Bai Zhi to get up and then turned to face the maidservant: “Do you know how to walk? Are you in a hurry to die?”

The maidservant’s face became pale and her voice trembled when she said: “Jin, Jin s.h.i.+wei, Xiao Gongzi, a jujube accidentally stuck on his throat when he was eating. He couldn’t spit it out, his face already turn purple. Furen asked me to go and find a doctor, so I was in a hurry… …”

When Bai Zhi heard this, her heart sense an urgency, so she asked: “Where is your Xiao Gongzi? Take me there.”

The maidservant doesn’t know how she will answer.

Meng Nan opened his mouth and said to the maidservant: “This girl knows medicine, take her and go.”

The maidservant was overjoyed. The doctor hasn’t left the government was truly a blessing.

The maidservant busily led Bai Zhi to the inner courtyard. Meng Nan and Jin s.h.i.+wei also followed behind.

Inside his heart, Meng Nan found the little girl’s mouth sharp, but he doesn’t know if her skills were also sharp. So, he took this opportunity to see.


The inner court was in a mess, a crying sound of a woman and other people could be heard inside.

“Furen, Xiao gongzi can’t breathe, his face turn purple. This is not good, what should we do?” An Old Mama crouched in front of the Country Magistrate’s wife while looking at the child that was in her arms.

The child was still suffering, his eyes widen in suffocation. His small hands were grabbing his neck, as he painfully emanating a small sound.

The Country Magistrate wife slapped the back of the child, but he still didn’t spit out the jujube in his throat.

Bai Zhi rushed forward and grabbed the child from the Country Magistrate’s wife arms. Then, she wrapped her hands around the child’s waist. She clenched her hand into a fist and placed it next to the child’s umbilicus. With some force, she inwardly impacted his abdomen.

The child’s face showed a more painful expression.

The Country Magistrate’s wife doesn’t know Bai Zhi, but she just saw her treating badly her son. She couldn’t help but get angry: “Where did this girl come from? Hurry, let go of my son.”

The maidservant who led Bai Zhi said to the Country Magistrate’s wife: “Furen, she said she is a doctor, so this slave brought her.” The maidservant regretted it and suddenly she realized that, how can a little girl be a doctor?

The Country Magistrate’s wife didn’t believe it. She angrily stared at the maidservant and came forward, when suddenly, she saw her son spit out a mouthful saliva with a finger-sized jujube.

The child was scared, so after breathing a bit, he burst into tears. His voice was very loud.

Bai Zhi smiled and said: “It’s okay, it’s okay now.” After putting down the child, she let the maidservant send the child to the Country Magistrate’s wife.

When the Country Magistrate’s wife saw her son was fine, she felt happy. She talked to her son for a long period of time. When she guaranteed that he was really alright. She turned her head to Bai Zhi and asked: “Are you really a doctor?”

Bai Zhi shook her head, then said: “I cannot be considered as one, I only knew some first aid medical skills. This ordinary girl happens to be near here, and run immediately to help Furen and Xiao Gongzi. Which happened to be a great blessing.”

The smile on Meng Nan’s face became deeper and deeper. The little girl doesn’t only have a good set of hands, but also a good mouth.

The Country Magistrate’s wife’s face was filled with a smile: “Suspecting you earlier is me being shallow. May I know your name? Where do you live?” l

Bai Zhi politely replied: “Answering back to furen, my name is Bai Zhi. I lived in Huangtou Village. Today, I came to the government to complain.”

The Country Magistrate’s wife raised an eyebrow: “Oh? You came to complain?” And then, she discovered that there were two tall men behind the maidservant.

* Xiao Gongzi – little master

* Furen – Madam/Mrs.

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 106

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