Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 109

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Old Lady Bai sighed and organized her thoughts. She should have spoken out her mind earlier: “Answering back to Daren, of course, we have evidence. Our Bai Family just lost 30 silver coins, right after Zhao Lan and Bai Zhi left. These two slu… …” Sensing a fierce sight on her body, Old Lady Bai immediately changed her wording: “They just bought a lot and fields. But, how can there be such a clever thing in this world? You may not know, but they just separated from our family the day before yesterday. After that, they have money to buy a lot and fields? No matter who you ask, no one will believe they can do that.”

Meng Nan then asked Bai Zhi: “What do you say?”

Bai Zhi replied: “I never said that the money we used to buy lot and fields were from me and my Niang. We borrowed that money from Hu Bo. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Hu Bo.”

When Mrs. Liu heard this, she immediately b.u.t.ted in: “That is impossible. Who doesn’t know what kind of family Hu are? If they saved a lot of money, they will surely use it to treat Hu Feng. Why would they lend you money to buy a lot and fields instead?”

Bai Zhi sneered: “Liu Guihua, it seems you’re not only fully aware of things in the Bai Family, but also in the Hu Family. You even clearly understand how Hu Bo will spend his money? You really are capable ah.”

How can Mrs. Liu not get irritated with this statement full of sarcasm? She was so angry, but she didn’t dare to curse, right in front of Meng Nan. She only stared at Bai Zhi with wide eyes open.

Hu Changlin also answered back: “Liu Guihua, can you hear what you are saying? Are you telling us that just because your family cannot afford to save money, then our Hu Family is also destined to be poor for the rest of our life?”

Old Lady Bai replied: “Well, since you are saying that your Hu Family has money, then tell us, where did that money come from? We lived in the same village. We’re all relying on our farm. Who’s person doesn’t know who harvested many and not? If you can’t tell us clearly where your money came from, then you steal our Bai Family’s money!”

No need to ask Jin s.h.i.+wei, because even the two public servants, who had always been calm couldn’t help but laughed. Meng Nan also can’t help but smile. This old woman’s ability to speak is good. She speaks out her illogical reasoning as if it was the truth.

Bai Zhi didn’t give an immediate response. The Bai Family’s face was as thick as the city’s wall. Their speech was always unreasonable and self-centered. They always reversed the white into a black.

Bai Zhi then calmly said: “Looking at your statement, can you also make it clear how did you get 30 silver coins? Since your the one who brought up this issue, it’s better if you talk about it first. How did you get 30 silver coins? We are all farmers, I’m afraid that you cannot save so much money. Although the Bai Family has a large member, only very few people work, there is also a scholar student in the family. I really want to know how did you able to save 30 silver coins.”

Old Lady Bai immediately retaliated: “Compared to the Hu Family, we Bai Family have more people. We have more ability to save money than them. Stop talking nonsense. I am now asking Hu Changlin how did he get the money.”

Zhao Lan, who has been standing silent on the side, came forward and said to Old Lady Bai: “If you have so much money, then why did you tried selling my daughter so that Dabao can get married? If you have so much money, why did you let your third son and your husband just die? Why didn’t you use that money for them to get treatment? Why did you just watch them die?”

Old Lady Bai’s face sank, then said: “How long do you think it has been? What account do you think we are discussing right now? I think you only don’t want Hu Changlin to discuss where did he get the money, so your deliberately dragging things.”

Hearing all this, Meng Nan couldn't take to listen anymore to the Bai Family.

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 109

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