Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 11

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Village Chief Li shook his head and really felt sorry inside his heart. But in the end, it was true, that this was Bai Family’s business. It’s not good to meddle too much.

“Oh, how unlucky ah. You’re all hurt… …” Village Chief Lo approached the wounded Zhao Lan and looked at Hu Changlin: “If they lived in this broken house, their injuries will get worse. Old Hu, what do you think? Can they stay at your house for at least two days?”

Although Zhao Lan was a widow, she was known for being an honest person. Hu Changlin was also the same. So, hearing this, the villagers didn’t open their mouth to speak. They didn’t dare to make irresponsible remarks. They just went back to their homes.

Bai Zhi can see that Hu Changlin and Village Chief Li were really a good-natured people, so she has no opinion. On the other hand, Zhao Lan was very worried. She was a widow and her daughter was still very young. In the Hu Family, only Hu Changlin and Hu Feng live in there. If she brings her child, she might hear terrible remarks. She was quite old now, so she has no worries for herself. But her daughter was different. In the future, she would like to find her a good husband, so she shouldn’t let her reputation be tainted.

After thinking carefully, Zhao Lan looked towards them: “Hu dage, Village Chief, thank you for your kindness. But, since we can’t separate from the family, we will leave it like that. My daughter and I were injured. We don’t want to burden anyone.”

Both Hu Changlin and Village Chief Li know her real concerns. So, they understand her choice. After all, a woman’s reputation was far greater than anything. Because it is related to a lifetime happiness. She shouldn’t be careless.

The two men were planning to leave, but suddenly, they heard a thunderstorm up in the air. Coupled with the strong wind, all the dust rose up in the courtyard, and they lose a sight.

n.o.body could react. They couldn’t only listen to a few more noises. But, when they tried to look back, the broken house has already collapsed.

This was not the first time the broken house collapsed. But, whenever it happened, Zhao Lan and her daughter hide in the large house and slept in there for a night. Once the rain stopped, she would repair their house. She continued to live like that until today. But, with her fractured arm, how could she fix it?

Don’t say that she has two brothers-in-law, even if those two returned, they wouldn’t help her.

Seeing this condition, Hu Changlin said, “Zhao Lan, I’m afraid that this is not a good time to repair your house. Let’s just do it this way, I have a small cabin behind our main house. Although it is very simple, it can be used as a shelter. In that cabin, you don’t need to worry about gossips. Would you like to stay in there for a few days?”

When Village Chief Li heard this, he hurriedly persuaded Zhao Lan: “This is a good idea. I know that cabin, it was like a wooden hut, at least in there, you don’t need to worry about the sudden gush of the strong wind or the rain. You and your daughter were injured, it’s not good for you two to sleep in the mud.”

Zhao Lan looked at the large house. The door was closed. According to her intuition, they have locked it inside. Today, they were not qualified to sleep in there. They can only sleep in the mud.

Seeing her daughter’s appearance, she knew she wouldn’t be able to endure the cold rain all night.

So, she gritted her teeth and finally nodded her head: “Hu dage, thank you.”

Hu Changlin quickly waved his hand: “What are you thanking me for, it’s nothing but an old empty cabin. You wait here, I’ll help you get the quilt inside your house. I don’t have an extra in our home.” Hu Changlin said in a hurry and enter the half-collapsed broken house. In there, he took the patched quilt and two old wooden basins.


*Some character here likes to address people “Old”, even though they’re only in 20’s or 30’s. (Ex: Old Hu)

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 11

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