Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 120

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Six people sat on one table, five dishes and one soup was placed on top of it. Originally, they should eat the remaining corn ribs soup, but it was drunk and emptied before the meal. So, Bai Zhi had to cook egg soup as a replacement.

Bai Zhi cooked five dishes and an egg soup, but still, it wasn’t enough for them. Meng Nan hasn’t tasted any of them, so he, coupled with Hu Feng and Jin s.h.i.+wei, they swept all the food in an instant. As if they were a hungry ghost.

Only a piece of roast fish was left on the table, Jin s.h.i.+wei grabbed it first and was about to put it on his bowl.

But suddenly, Meng Nan coughed and stared at Jin s.h.i.+wei: “Little Jin, haven’t you eaten enough?”

Jin s.h.i.+wei shrank his shoulder and smiled, then said: “Enough, enough, I’ve eaten.. …” Jin s.h.i.+wei haven’t finished his word, when Hu Feng pushed his bowl and softly tapped Jin s.h.i.+wei’s hand with chopsticks. Jin s.h.i.+wei’s hand turn numb and the fish on his chopstick fell in Hu Feng’s bowl.

“Thank you!” Hu Feng said while pulling back his bowl in front of him. His eyes never fell to Jin s.h.i.+wei. This was the second time they get close, but he was still cold and aloof.

Jin s.h.i.+wei was dumbfounded, the food was already on his hand, but it still flew away from his grasp?

Meng Nan sighed and put down the chopsticks on his hand. His bowl on the table was empty. He wanted to eat more, but there’s nothing left.

Who gave him a follower that not only has a slow brain, but also slow hands and feet?

Bai Zhi swallowed her food and put down her chopsticks. She got up and went to the kitchen to get a piece of charcoal. Bai Zhi tore an old cloth and write the prescription for Meng Nan’s rotting face on it.

“Meng Daren, there is no pen and paper at home, so please take a look at it first.”

Meng Nan took the piece of cloth handed by Bai Zhi. He carefully read the words on it. The handwriting was very clear and can be regarded as beautiful.

Meng Nan folded the piece of cloth and stuffed it inside his sleeve, then said: “Bai Zhi your cooking skills are excellent. I have eaten a lot of different kinds of food. But yours is the best food I’ve ever eaten.”

Bai Zhi smiled and said: “If Daren likes to eat and you have free time, you can come again.”

Meng Nan's eyes lit up and nodded his head in a hurry: "That's good, I thought I would never get a chance to eat Bai Zhi’s meal again. Since Bai Zhi kindly invited me, then I will gladly visit again.”

Kindly invited him? Bai Zhi doesn’t remember when she kindly invited him. She was only being polite… …

Hu Feng had already finished eating the last fish in his bowl. Hearing the flow of Bai Zhi and Meng Nan’s conversation, he suddenly inserted a few sentences: “If you want to come and eat, remember to buy ingredients before you come. There is no free meal in this world.”

Meng Nan was shocked, that was the longest sentence Hu Feng had said to him… …


Bai Zhi and Hu Changlin sent Meng Nan and Jin s.h.i.+wei outside the gate. Seeing the gorgeous and comfortable carriage, and seeing the horse that Jin s.h.i.+wei was holding. Bai Zhi suddenly said: “Meng Daren, can you take back the carriage with Jin s.h.i.+wei?”

Meng Nan didn’t understand her meaning: “What’s the matter?”

Bai Zhi pointed her finger to the horse on Jin s.h.i.+wei’s hand, then said: “Can you sell that horse to me? Even if you don’t have this horse, you can still go back. And you can just buy another one. Please sell this horse to me.”

Meng Nan smiled and asked: “Do you want a horse? What are you going to do with it?”

Bai Zhi replied with a serious tone: “Today, I was riding an oxcart when I went to the government office. We left the village by dawn, but we still arrived very late. The oxcart is really slow, so I want to buy a horse. It will help me to go to the town easily in the future. “

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 120

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