Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 126

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Hu Feng’s room was small. Aside from the bed, there was only an old desk that was placed under the window. On the table, there was a pot, a bowl and two books with broken covers.

A wooden cabinet and two wooden stool were neatly placed in the corner of the room. Although they looked very simple, they were clean. There was no strange smell like in an ordinary house.

“Have you finished looking around? Let’s start.” Hu Feng sat on the chair in front of the old desk.

Bai Zhi moved the wooden stool to the corner and sat across Hu Feng. Then, she stretched out her hand and grabbed his wrist.

Hu Feng subconsciously wanted to retract his hand, but when soft and smooth fingers touched his skin, he suddenly gave up on this idea. He let her hold his hand and palm.

Hu Feng’s pulse was very calm, but when Bai Zhi touched him, his pulse suddenly began to accelerate.

Bai Zhi raised an eyebrow, but her eyes have a trace of a smile: “What? No girl had ever touched your hand?”

Hu Feng’s eyes flashed. His handsome face couldn’t be seen clearly behind the sunlight, but Bai Zhi could clearly feel his embarra.s.sment.

Hu Feng quickly retracted his hand and sighed: “When you’ve seen a doctor, did he also ask you those things that have nothing to do with your case?”

Bai Zhi chuckled and stood up, then she took out the silver needle bag in her sleeve: “Turn around, I’ll start giving you needle treatment.”

When Hu Feng turned around, his eyes fell on the pear tree outside the window. This pear tree was planted by him three years ago. After he came to his house, he planted it with his own hand. Three years had pa.s.sed since then, but this pear tree didn’t even bloom a flower, so no need to ask about the fruits. However, the leaves has always been lush.

He doesn’t know if this pear tree will bloomed one day, once he get back his memories.

When Bai Zhi’s slender hand touched Hu Feng’s head, thin silver needles immediately plunged into several important acupuncture points on his brain.

Hu Feng didn’t feel any pain. He didn’t feel anything at all. Even after Bai Zhi pulled out the silver needles, Hu Feng thought she hasn’t started treating him.

“Is it over?” Hu Feng asked.

Bai Zhi nodded her head and put back the silver needle into the red cloth: “It’s over.”

“But, I didn’t feel anything.” Even if the treatment doesn’t hurt, he should at least feel something. Was she just playing around?

Bai Zhi put back the silver needle bag to her sleeve and looked at Hu Feng, who has a questionable face: “I told you before, the blood has acc.u.mulated and stayed in your brain for a long time. It’s not easy to take them out. The reason you don’t feel anything at all is that I choose the safest method to treat you.”

Hu Feng raised an eyebrow: “Listening to your words, it seems that there is another way to treat my disease, right? And the effect is faster than this one?”

Bai Zhi nodded her head: “Of course, most diseases have a variety of treatment method. But what I choose is the treatment that has the least damage and least side effects, although the result is slow.”

Hu Feng asked another question: “If you choose the quicker treatment method to treat me, what do you think will be the possible side effects?”

Bai Zhi looked at Hu Feng’s face and stared at his eyes like a deep sea: “No one can accurately predict the side effects. Hu Feng, you need to understand that you hurt your head. The brain is the most important part of the human body. You shouldn’t treat it like a joke and take risks. I’m sure no person can absolutely afford to face the consequences.”

“What if I ask you to use this method to treat me instead?”

Bai Zhi simply shook her head: “I will not agree. Since I promised to treat you, I will be responsible for your case. I am the doctor, I have the final say to what treatment method is best for you.”

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 126

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