Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 13

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Each year, their earnings need to be spent to buy Bai Xiaofeng inks and papers. Because of this, the Bai Family lived in poverty.

Hu Family only has 2 acres of land. Although only two people live here, their food was only enough for them. So in case of emergency, such as sickness, or if they bought some needed things, their food will be strained.

Bai Zhi sighed and then started making a fire on the stove first. Then, she boiled a pot of water. She washed the rice in another pot.

After adding some more firewood to the stove, she walked out of the kitchen and asked Hu Feng, who was currently hanging his clothes: “Hu Feng, where is your family’s food?”

Hu Feng looked back at her and then pointed his finger to a pile of blackening things in the corner of the kitchen.

These are foods? Bai Zhi took one and then came out again to asked Hu Feng: “What kind of food is this?”

However, Hu Feng ignored her and went straight into the house.

Is that guy dumb?

Bai Zhi took back the black thing in the kitchen and tried peeling the skin. After cutting a few parts, she smelled a sweet scent. It smelled like a sweet potato.

Bai Zhi tasted a small piece to confirm it. It really tasted like a sweet potato, but she couldn’t understand why it looks so ugly and colored black.

If she added this sweet potato, they don’t need to eat rice soup for dinner.

Bai Zhi washed a few sweet potatoes. She peeled the skin and cut them into small pieces. Then, she threw them into the pot of water with the rice to make a sweet potato porridge.

Bai Zhi also used to eat sweet potato porridge before. Aside from its sweet taste, it can easily make a person feel full, and its a very suitable dish for poor people.

After half an hour, she put the sweet-smelled potato porridge on the table. The original watery rice soup has thickened with the rice. It looks very appetizing and smells good, which couldn’t help but attract everyone’s attention.

So, instead of waiting to be called by Hu Changlin, Hu Feng himself come out in his room on his own. When he came out, he saw the sweet potato porridge on the table. He knitted his eyebrows and looked at Bai Zhi.

Hu Changlin laughed and said: “Oh, so originally you can eat this lump like this? We only boiled it in the water, before deciding to eat it.”

“Lump? Isn’t this a sweet potato? Why do you call it a lump?” Bai Zhi looked very curious.

Hu Changlin was also full of doubt: “This thing is called sweet potato? This is also our first time eating this. Hu Feng dug it out from the mountain. We didn’t dare to eat it at once. The rice was not enough, so I boiled this thing twice to be sure before we eat it.”

They don’t know that it was a sweet potato… …?

When she took some of the sweet potatoes earlier, she found some green shoots. So, she said: “These two green shoots can be planted on the courtyard. It will grow on its own. After two to three months, it will bear some fruits. It doesn’t need fertilizer, so it’s very easy to take care of.”

Hu Changlin’s eyes lit up and then laughed: “These things are good ah. When I plant the peanuts on the field, I will also plant these things. Whether it grew or not, it’s not a big loss for a simple effort.”

Hu Feng stared at the porridge in front of him and said: “Can we eat now?” After smelling it, his stomach could no longer wait.

After he went to the field to work early this morning, he didn’t have breakfast and lunch. He specifically waited for the meal at night.

Hu Changlin then busily said: “Let’s have dinner, I’m already hungry. I could no longer hold it.”

Aside from Bai Zhi, it was everyone’s first time to eat a soft and sweet porridge. Hu Changlin couldn’t stop grinning because of this.

A pot of sweet potato porridge was soon eaten, Zhao Lan and Bai Zhi deliberately eat less. After all, it was someone else’s home, and the two big men were hungry the whole day. They usually don’t have compet.i.tors with the food, so the pot was soon cleaned.

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 13

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