Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 141

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Zhao Lan couldn’t bear to wake her daughter again, but who would have thought that Bai Zhi’s few minutes sleep will take half an hour.

And so, Hu Feng came again. But this time, he didn’t knock on the door. He stood outside and shouted: “Zhi’er if you promised to make dumplings to a person, shouldn’t you be working on it now?”

Bai Zhi suddenly opened her eyes and looked at Zhao Lan who was sitting on the side, then busily asked: “What time is it now?”

Zhao Lan looked at the sunlight outside the small window. The sun was no longer as strong as the afternoon: “It’s around 3-5 in the afternoon, did you really promise to make dumplings for Hu Feng?”

Bai Zhi sat up and answered. “Yes, he saved my life earlier. In order to repay him, I promised to make dumplings for dinner. I didn’t expect to overslept.”

Zhao Lan said: “Since you made a promise, get up now. It takes a lot of time to make dumplings. You should prepare early.”

The next second, Hu Feng’s voice rang outside again. The embarra.s.sment Bai Zhi had forgotten earlier popped up in her mind again. However, she could only sigh, helplessly get out from the bed and walked to the door. Bai Zhi opened the door and faced Hu Feng: “Don’t shout, I woke up. You go back first, I will just wash my face.”

Bai Zhi said as if nothing happened. She looked as calm as before, but Hu Feng still noticed a trace of embarra.s.sment in her eyes.

Hu Feng’s lips slightly curved into a smile, but he didn’t say anything. He just turned around and left.

Bai Zhi took the wet towel to Zhao Lan and indiscriminately wiped her face, then sighed: “If I could take back my words by pouring out this water, it would be great.”

Zhao Lan was puzzled, so she asked: “What silly things are you saying? How can you take back words by pouring out water?”

Bai Zhi handed the wet towel back to her mother and released another sigh: “I’m just saying it, if I can’t take it back, then I can’t, no need to pour it out!”

Looking at Bai Zhi’s departing back, Zhao Lan couldn’t help but say: “What’s wrong with this child? How come she is so strange?”


In the front yard of the Hu Family, Hu Feng poured flour in the pot. The amount of flour he poured was more than the amount from the last time.

Bai Zhi walked inside the kitchen as if nothing happened. She took the pot on Hu Feng’s hand and pointed her finger to the leeks and potatoes in the corner, then said: “You wash the vegetables, I will knead the dough.”

Hu Feng pointed his finger over the stone stove: “Those vegetables have already been washed, the rest are stocks.” He specifically bought a lot more today, so that the rest can be eaten tomorrow.

Bai Zhi scoop water and began to prepare the dough. She said without turning her head: “Then, cut them the same way I did last time.” Hu Feng shook his head: “I won’t cut.” He will chop and remove the bones to chicken, but he will not cut vegetables… …

Bai Zhi looked at Hu Feng with full of disdain in her eyes: “What else could I expect you to do? You can’t even cut leeks.”

Hu Feng shrugged his shoulders and said: “There’s no law saying I should cut leeks, right?”

Bai Zhi pointed her finger next to the small cupboard: “The eggs are there, go get them.”

Hu Feng took 2 eggs from the small cupboard and asked: “Is 2 enough?”

“Of course, it’s not enough, it’s not enough for a big man like you, what more to 5 people.” Bai Zhi said as if she was not embarra.s.sed by earlier events.

Hu Feng's face on the other hand always has this faint smile. This smile was unnoticeable but real.

Unfortunately, Bai Zhi was concentrating on what she’s doing, so she never had noticed it.


In the Bai Family.

When Mrs. Zhang looked at the empty rice cylinder in front of her, her temper almost explode. She took and put the empty cylinder in front of Old Lady Bai and Mrs. Liu, then said: “Niang, we don’t have rice anymore, what are we going to eat for dinner?”

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 141

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