Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 157

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Mrs. Liu hurriedly waved her hands: “Niang, don’t you know the situation in my family? How am I going to open this mouth of mine to borrow from them? They might even come and borrow to us instead.”

When Mrs. Zhang sees that there was no hope to separate from the Bai Family, she tried her best to suppressed this thought first. This matter needs to be carefully thought. Nothing in this life was easy, but she was not afraid to face it. Bai Zhi and Zhao Lan successfully separated from this rotten family. Sooner or later, she, Zhang Shumei will also succeed.

Old Lady Bai stared at Mrs. Liu’s eyes and secretly cursed her for saying useless things.

Now, more than dozen’s of eyes stared at her, waiting for her to make a decision.

There was no rice and no oil in the house. She must find a way to get some rice, either she will borrow or buy it.

Old Lady Bai felt so bad just by thinking to spend the little coins left in her small box. Those coins will not be enough even if she added them all. Also, it took her a long time to save those coins, so now that she needs to take them out. She felt like her flesh was being cut off.

In the end, Old Lady Bai waved her hand, then said: “If we don’t have rice, can’t we live? You just have to dig more wild vegetables. Eating wild vegetables is just the same, it’s not like we haven’t tried it.”

Mrs. Zhang doesn’t care. Anyway, everyone’s situation was the same, no one eats better than the other.

Bai Xiaofeng sighed and turned to go to the backyard. He had to go to study. He had to go to practice writing. He must pa.s.s the exam and become a big official. Only by then, he can get rid of this poverty and maddening life.

Bai Dabao also wanted to slip away, but he was stopped by Mrs. Zhang: “Dabao, where are you going?”

Seeing her son was being embarra.s.sed, Mrs. Liu immediately helped: “Why does it matter to you where Dabao is going? Don’t you have your own son? Why do you care about other people’s son?”

Mrs. Zhang coldly sneered and said: “Who cares about who? I’m telling you, from today’s onward, no matter what you do, our family doesn’t care. Don’t think like things were still the same as before. That you can just lazying around. There is no such cheap thing in this world. In the past, there was Zhao Lan, who work like a horse for this family, but now, she’s gone. There’s no one you can just casually order around.”

Mrs. Liu put her hand on her waist and ready herself to go to war, but Old Lady Bai interrupted her: “If you continue this argument, it is estimated that we will not eat for a day. If you have so much energy, go and dig up wild vegetables. Stop quarreling, and just go now.”

Bai Dazhu busily opened his mouth: “I can’t move my arms, I can’t go.”

Bai Dabao grabbed his stomach and shouted that he’s having a stomachache. Then, he ran towards the latrine.

Mrs. Liu quickly rushed to her husband’s side and said: “I need to take care of my husband.”

Old Lady Bai’s eyes once again fell to Mrs. Zhang and said: “It’s only you who is available. Your family are all healthy, unlike them, they are all sick.”

Mrs. Zhang's sneered, Bai Erzhu s.h.i.+vered in anger, and Bai Fugui also got angry. It’s very obvious that these people were bullying them.

Mrs. Zhang opened her mouth and said: “Well then, our family will go. We will dig wild vegetables, but I cannot guarantee that there will be a good result. Just wait for us for a while.”

After that, Mrs. Zhang gave Bai Erzhu and Bai Zhenzhu a meaningful look. Then, their whole family left.

Old Lady Bai felt something wrong inside her heart. The look in Mrs. Zhang’s eyes was weird, so she followed them a few steps and said: “Erzhu, come back home soon, your niang is very hungry.”

Bai Erzhu didn’t reply, he didn’t even turn around to look. He just walked in a hurry to catch up with his wife. Then, asked: “Wife, are we really going to dig wild vegetables for elder brother’s family?”

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 157

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