Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 161

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Jin s.h.i.+wei didn’t make a sound, while Hu Feng glared at her and angrily said: “What do think you’ve done? Are you looking for death?”

Bai Zhi stared back blankly, what did she do? Was it about throwing stones to the tiger?

Jin s.h.i.+wei busily gave advice: “You don’t need to be so fierce, Bai Zhi is just worried about you. She wanted to help you, and she did. She saved you several times, right?”

Hu Feng only knows that if the white tiger got annoyed with her and rushed towards her, he may not be able to save her.

Thinking of the danger at that time, and thinking that she was so indifferent to her own safety, Hu Feng was burning with anger.

“Are you sure you don’t feel dizzy like our family’s young master? How could a young little girl be so courageous?”

What’s wrong with being courageous? Is it illegal?

Bai Zhi was clueless with their thinking, and she couldn’t figure out why Hu Feng was angry at her.

Hu Feng no longer pays attention to Bai Zhi, he borrowed Jin s.h.i.+wei’s long sword and cut off the main root of the purple vine leaves.

After they collected the purple vine leaves, Meng Nan finally woke up. His face was still as white as paper. His eyes were all fl.u.s.tered, as he looked around. Seeing everyone was fine, and the white tiger was gone, Meng Nan finally felt at ease and asked: “You, are guys alright?”

Jin s.h.i.+wei busily took the water kettle on his waist and handed it over to Meng Nan, then said: “We’re all fine, how about you? Did you sleep well?”

Meng Nan looked at him awkwardly, how could he sleep well? A tiger was chasing after him in his sleep, his legs immediately soften.

Hu Feng piled up the bundled purple vines leaves together, he didn’t look at Meng Nan. He simply said: “Since you woke up, come and take one bundle with you as you go down the mountain.”

Hu Feng's appearance looked like something went wrong, so Meng Nan whispered to Jin s.h.i.+wei: "What happened to him?"

Jin s.h.i.+wei stretched his finger and put it over his lips, indicating he shouldn’t ask.

The two walked towards Hu Feng and took one bundle of purple vines leaves on their way back.

There were four bundles in total, and there were two bundles left. Bai Zhi rushed over to take one for herself, but when she was about to grab it, Hu Feng took both of it and turned around to leave.

Bai Zhi busily chased after him and said: “I also have the strength, let me take a bundle.”

Hu Feng continued to walk in front and ignored Bai Zhi. As if he didn’t hear her words at all.

“I can really carry it, let me take a bundle.” Bai Zhi anxiously stopped Hu Feng.

Hu Feng dodged sideways and didn’t look towards her.

“Hey, didn’t I just threw two stones at most to the tiger? Why are you so angry? Well, I don’t care if you are angry. At least you are alright, you didn’t end up dying, right?”

Hu Feng still ignored her.

When Bai Zhi’s temper reached its limit, she yelled behind him: “I know why you are afraid of the tiger hurting me. If I got hurt, no one will treat you. You can rest a.s.sured, that even if I only have one breath left, I will still cure your disease.”

Hu Feng finally stopped and suddenly turned back. But, Bai Zhi didn’t stop from walking, so her nose b.u.mped to his chest.

Hu Feng glared at her with vicious eyes, and said while gritting his teeth: “You better remember what you said.”

He doesn’t know what makes him mad. All he knows was that he was angry, he was unhappy. Especially, after hearing those kinds of words, his heart got even more and more irritated.

Bai Zhi knitted her eyebrows and thought inside her heart: What happened to this guy? Did he swallow dynamite?

Jin s.h.i.+wei busily advice the two: “Talk less, no need to make things big. Or, do you just need to oppose each other with equal harshness?”

Hu Feng coldly snorted and stopped talking. He turned and walked away. Although he was carrying two bundles of purple vine leaves, he was still walking with a straight posture.

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 161

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