Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 17

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Fortunately, she came back to life again. Otherwise, with that noisy Hu Changlin, she will definitely go to prison with the old lady.

“With your tone, it feels like you’ve done all this work before.” Mrs. Liu ironically said.

Mrs. Zhang said: “Although I have nothing to do with the crime. But if it was me, I will not hurt those people who survived and lose money again.”

Mrs. Zhang coldly looked at Mrs. Liu and then turned around to go to their room. She will not cook today’s dinner.

Once everything was opened up, the Bai Family naturally realized that this was something they should do. Especially, if they don’t want to suffer again like this in the future.

As soon as the silvers become the topic, Old Lady Bai felt uncomfortable: “In these two days, the family should work altogether. No one is allowed to be lazy. Today, you, the first daughter-in-law, should cook. Second daughter-in-law will do the household work tomorrow. In this case, no one will suffer alone.”

Mrs. Liu immediately yelled in dissatisfaction. Bai Dazhu knew his wife was dissatisfied, but he said: “Niang said you will cook tonight. So, what are you still dilly-dallying around? If you won’t hurry, everyone will get hungry!”

Mrs. Liu saw her husband winking his eyes at her while speaking. So, although she couldn’t understand what he means, she calmed down her anger and replied with: “Ok, I’ll do it. But, someone has to give me a hand. How can one person cook foods for so many people?”

Old Lady Bai was irritated: “How could one person do it alone? Didn’t that dead girl always cook alone? How can a little girl do it, but an old woman like you cannot?”

Mrs. Liu’s didn’t dare to give a reply, she only took a step forward to the kitchen. Then, Bai Dazhu said with a smile: “I’ll give you a hand.”

Bai Dazhu went to the kitchen with Mrs. Liu. So, Old Lady Bai’s eyes fell on Bai Erzhu's body: "Did you finished the work in the field?”

Bai Erzhu scratched his head, then said: “No, we only finished a bit. I’ll go again tomorrow.”

Old Lady Bai frowned: “If I remember correctly, our peanut field was only a half acre of land. What are you doing? Two people cannot even finish it the whole day?”

Bai Erzhu dryly laughed and said: “Today is very hot, we’re scared to get a fever and waste the family’s money. So, we rested for a while and delayed it some time.”

Old Lady Bai’s eyes rolled and said: “Oh, you know that today’s weather is hot? How many villagers do you think that work today doesn’t know that the weather is hot? Oh, I don’t want to talk about your nonsense. In short, stop playing around. In our 5 acres of land, Zhao Lan had already finished planting the seeds in the 2 acres. You do the work in the remaining 3 acres in these two days. Otherwise, the seeds will rot and the harvest will be delayed.”

Bai Erzhu’s face was full of bitterness. In previous years, he and his older brother never work, but they never experience drought. Zhao Lan was working alone, but she works neatly, so their harvest was not bad.

But now, all these activities have fallen upon himself. This was not his fault, so why he is suffering?

“Niang, now do you know how foolish your actions were? If you didn’t beat Zhao Lan like that, do you need to worry about these things?” The more he thought about his situation, the more he felt uncomfortable.

Old Lady Bai shouted: “What else should we do except to fight?”

Bai Erzhu shrugged his shoulder and said. “I don’t care about that. All I want you to know is that I’m not familiar with the fields. You let older brother go and do the work. I’ll go to the town and make some money.”

When Old Lady Bai heard his words, she immediately asks: “What are you going to do in the town? Can you get some food in there?”

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 17

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