Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 172

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Seeing the two chatting happily, and Bai Zhi was even more smiling, Hu Feng became upset inside his heart. His black eyebrows frowned as he said: “Aren’t you finished talking yet? Don’t you have other things to do?”

Bai Zhi forced a smile and said to the public servant: “Dage, may I bother you to lead us the way again?”

The public servant smiled and replied: “It’s not a bother, it’s my duty to lead the way. Let’s go.”

The public servant led Bai Zhi and Hu Feng into the front yard, then they went straight to Meng Nan’s courtyard.

Just like the last time, Jin s.h.i.+wei was standing in front, but his eyes were staring blankly in the corner of the courtyard. His face has a heavy expression as if he doesn’t know what exactly to think about.

“Jin s.h.i.+wei, Bai Guniang came to visit Meng Daren.” The public servant didn’t go inside, he just stood outside the gate and shouted at Jin s.h.i.+wei.

When Jin s.h.i.+wei, who had a sullen face heard those words, his knitted eyebrows immediately relaxed. And when he rushed towards the gate, he saw Bai Zhi and Hu Feng standing behind the public servant.

“Zhi’er, you’re really here?” Jin s.h.i.+wei looked at Bai Zhi with full of surprise. As if he had seen a long lost relative for many years.

Bai Zhi asked: “Why are you so surprised to see me? How is Meng Dage?”

Jin s.h.i.+wei’s face instantly turned black: "It's very bad. I have long been wanting to see you. But, gongzi doesn’t let me.”

“It’s very bad? Isn’t it just a skin injury?” Bai Zhi’s eyes swept over to Hu Feng’s body.

Hu Feng shrugged his shoulders and said: “That’s what he said, I didn’t lie to you.”

Jin s.h.i.+wei said: “Hu Feng was not lying. Gongzi himself thought it was only a skin injury. But after the doctor checked it out, he said, he said… …”

“What did he say?” The color in Bai Zhi’s face suddenly changed.

Jin s.h.i.+wei deeply sighed and his eyes redden: “Gongzi’s tendon was cut off by the tiger’s bite and it can never be cured.”

Bai Zhi’s eyebrows slightly frowned, but Hu Feng’s eyebrows completely frowned. Meng Nan was also someone who practiced martial arts. If his hand was abolished, he can no longer practice, it will definitely be a fatal blow to him.

Bai Zhi didn’t speak, she only walked towards the front hall, but there was no one inside. On the right side, there was a door leading to the backyard. The beaded curtain on the right door was gently shaking.

Jin s.h.i.+wei opened his mouth and said: “That’s strange, gongzi was just here.”

Bai Zhi went straight towards the bead curtains and entered the door. In the backyard, there was Meng Nan and Jin s.h.i.+wei’s house. It was a typical house divided into three wings. The south, east and west wing. Meng Nan naturally lived to the largest, s.p.a.cious, and well-ventilated room, which was in the south wing.

At this point in time, there was a pair of boots outside the door of the south wing. A pair of embroidering shoes that Meng Nan usually wears.

The door was tightly closed, but the beaded curtain that was hanging on the door was still slightly shaking.

Jin s.h.i.+wei quickly walked towards Meng Nan’s door, then said: “Gongzi, Zhi’er came to see you.”

Meng Nan’s dry voice sounded: “I’m tired. Tell her to go back, I will visit her some other time.”

Jin s.h.i.+wei opened his mouth, but no words came out. His young master was very sad these past few days. It can be said that he had never seen him so sad like this.

Bai Zhi stood beside Jin s.h.i.+wei and also faced the closed door: “Meng Dage, open the door. I brought the egg pancakes that you love.”

Meng Nan replied: “You go back. I have no appet.i.te today. Thank you.”

Bai Zhi opened her mouth again and said: “Meng Dage, did you forget? I am a very skillful doctor. Other doctors might fail to cure you, but I’m sure I can.”

Jin s.h.i.+wei quickly nodded his head: “That’s right, gongzi. Let Zhi’er check your condition, she might be able to cure you.”

However, no sound came out in the room, as if no one heard of them.

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 172

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