Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 175

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Seeing Meng Nan willing to talk, Gu Xi happily rushed towards him and said: “Meng Gege, I heard the people in the kitchen say that you haven’t eaten these days. So, I personally made a few kinds of dishes.” After she finished, the maidservant behind Gu Xi arranged the dishes on the table. Then, Gu Xi continued to come closer to Meng Nan’s body: “Meng Gege, look at you, you just recently injured your hand, but your face got thin and you got dark circles under your eyes.”

Meng Nan nodded his head: “Thank you, Miss Gu for your care. You can leave after you left the foods. I want to have some rest.”

Gu Xi originally wanted to accompany Meng Nan and watch him while eating. But because of his words, it seemed she could only leave, even if she was reluctant to go.

Jin s.h.i.+wei looked at the three dishes and one soup on the table, and then he looked at the remaining egg pancake. Jin s.h.i.+wei smiled and said: “Gongzi, since Eldest Miss Gu brought you foods, then just let me eat this egg pancake.”

“Don’t even think about it!” Meng Nan got up to grab the egg pancake. But who would have thought that his foot will trip on his coat’s hem, and he will tragically fell on the floor? What more, because Bai Zhi didn’t take off her shoes earlier, some unknown black stained fell on the floor. And now, it sticks on Meng Nan’s nose. When Meng Nan smelled it, he felt like it was a cow’s dung… …


After Bai Zhi returned to the Huangtou Village, she shut herself to the wooden cabin and kept writing things on a paper.

For her, Meng Nan’s injury was not serious at all. She simply needs to suture it back. After suturing and undergoing proper rehabilitation, although it will not function the same way as before, it can recover for at least 80%.

This case was only minor surgery, but because this era doesn’t have the necessary tools needed. She cannot perform surgery to Meng Na’s wrist.

Bai Zhi drew the surgical instrument she needed, wanting to send it over the town. But she was not sure, if someone in this world, could make it exactly what she wants.

People often say money can do all the trick.

But right now, can money help her to create surgical needle and surgical thread?

A surgical needle can be easily made, but what about the surgical thread? It’s not like she can use any ordinary thread. Carelessness can cause infection. Things can get worse by then.

If she had the emergency kit she always used in the hospital, everything will be alright. There will be no problem performing such minor surgery.


Even until late at night, Bai Zhi still can’t come up with a solution about sutures.

The evening wind in the midsummer blew the curtain on the small window of the wooden cabin house. The moon brightly s.h.i.+nes on top of a big tree on the east side of the village.

It seems today is the fifteenth day of the month!

Fifteen, it was a good day. Bai Zhi could still remember the first day her soul travel into this era. That day was also the fifteen. The sun s.h.i.+ned as bright as this.

She doesn’t know what happened in the 23rd century. She doesn’t know why she suddenly came to this world. Everything happened so suddenly, and she was not prepared at all.

Fortunately, she slowly got accustomed to life here. She also has family and friends that truly care for her, which she always hope for.

After a long while, Bai Zhi felt like she was falling into an abyss. Her body continued to sink and sink as if she fell into an endless black hole.

With a *bang* sound, she felt like she had fallen to the ground, or more likely, she fell on a soft bed.

After opening her eyes, Bai Zhi closed her eyes again because of blinding dazzling light.

*Gege – older brother

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 175

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