Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 177

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Lin Yang’s face slightly changed, but then he rushed outside with the young doctor.

The wind outside the window didn’t stop. There was no heavy rain, but the wind blows away the dark clouds that covering the moonlight.

When the moonlight pa.s.sed through the window, Bai Zhi suddenly was able to open her eyes. Her chest rapidly moved up and down, as she was completely getting confused about what’s happening.

What is going on?

She was sure that she is back, but why she suddenly couldn’t control her body? And then, now it’s okay?

Bai Zhi sat up and looked at the surgical kit on the bedside cabinet. It was Lin Yang’s surgical kit. She also had a surgical kit like that. Each surgeon had such a surgical kit.

Bai Zhi grabbed the surgical kit and quickly opened it. It has a complete set of scalpels and various type of sutures. As well as different kinds of medicines for surgery.

Bai Zhi was very happy, with this, she can cure Meng Nan’s injury.

However, how will she go back? How will she go back with this?

Bai Zhi was about to get out of bed when suddenly a gust of wind blows through the window. A group of dark clouds drifted towards the moon. And the moonlight was covered again. As the rain fell from the sky, Bai Zhi also fell on the bed, her hands firmly clenched the surgical kit as she gradually loses consciousness.


A thunder awakened Bai Zhi who was sleeping. She sat up straight in the bed and desperately gasped for breath. The moonlight was covered by dark clouds. The raindrops were like beans. .h.i.tting the roof. Her nose could no longer smell the scent of disinfectant. Instead, she could smell the unique fragrance of the wooden cabin house.

Bai Zhi turned her head to the side and she saw her mother, Zhao Lan sleeping soundly. She didn’t try to wake her up.

She felt her throat was dry. But thinking about her dream, her dream felt too real. She couldn’t tell even up till now if it was a dream or not.

Bai Zhi was about to get out of the bed to drink water when suddenly, her hand touched something that shouldn’t exist in this world.

Bai Zhi was so shocked to see the surgical kit that was next to her hand. This surgical kit was the one she took from the bedside cabinet in the hospital. It was Lin Yang’s surgical kit.

Lin Yang’s name was also written to the side of the surgical kit.

What the h.e.l.l is going on?

She really went back, it was not a dream. She went back and brought this surgical kit with her in this era. A thing that doesn’t belong to this world.

When Zhao Lan turned over, Bai Zhi hurriedly hid the box under the bed. If Zhao Lan woke up and saw this surgical kit. She really doesn’t know how she will explain.

But, why did she suddenly go back and come back here again?

Why did this happen?

What do the two young nurses mean?

The reason why she ended up brain dead was not because of malfunction in the sleeping pod, but because someone deliberately cut off the oxygen tube.

So, is someone trying to murder her?

Who could be that person? Why does that person want to harm her? In the 23rd century, although she has no relatives or friends, she doesn’t have any enemy.

Outside, the thunder was getting more violent, Bai Zhi didn’t feel sleepy at all. She sat on the bed and cracked her brain, but she couldn’t think of a possible answer.

Fortunately, she now has a surgical kit. She could treat Meng Nan’s wrist tomorrow. However, the silver colored surgical kit was too eye-catching. If people ask about it, how will she answer? She absolutely mustn’t let anyone see it. She must use something to cover it up. She must stay in low-key, and try not to attract other people’s attention.

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 177

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