Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 182

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“What is this?” Meng Nan looked at the small transparent bottle. It seemed to be made of gla.s.s but looked more delicate. There was also some drawings on it. No, it was more like letters.

“This is an anesthetic drug. We need to use this so that you won’t feel in pain when we sutured your wound.” Bai Zhi put down the procaine and took a tuberculin syringe for a skin test.

“What is that?” Meng Nan curiously looked at the strange thing in Bai Zhi’s hand, the strange thing has a silver needle on top of it. Bai Zhi used the strange thing with a fine needle to suck the transparent liquid out of the small bottle… …

“What are you doing? What are you trying to do?” Meng Nan retracted back his hand in horror when Bai Zhi actually want to use the strange thing to his hand.

“I’m doing a skin test, we need to know if you are allergic to it. If you are allergic, we will use another drug,”

Bai Zhi said as if it was very simple, but Meng Nan’s heart kept beating fast. That fine needle she used to absorb the transparent water was much thicker than the silver needle he had seen before. If that needle went inside his arm, it must be very painful.

Seeing Meng Nan refused to extend his hand, Bai Zhi frowned her eyebrows and said: “You are a big man now, why you still act like a child? Once you take a shot, you will know that it was just like a mosquito bite. What’s the big deal?”

Meng Nan doubted Bai Zhi’s words, but he still quickly reached out his hand: “Who said I’m scared? I’m just joking with you.”

Bai Zhi didn’t make a sound, she only grabbed Meng Nan’s arm and quickly inserted the needle and injected a bit of procaine in his skin.

“Alright.” When Bai Zhi pulled out the needle, she let him lie down on the bed.

Meng Nan's heart was screaming, it was very painful. How dare she compare it to a mosquito bite? How big that mosquito must be?

Hu Feng stretched out his neck and then went close to Bai Zhi. He also saw the strange thing that she had taken out of the cloth bag. It was a thing that he had never seen before.

Seeing Meng Nan's reactions, it was obvious that he also had never seen it before. He lived in the mountain village. It was not unusual for him not to see some things. Meng Nan doesn’t live in the mountain, but he also had never seen it. Proving that this thing was indeed very rare.

This little girl, when she came back yesterday, she only stayed inside the cabin house. Where did she get all these things?

After counting the time, Bai Zhi determined that Meng Nan’s skin test was negative, which was good. It saved her a lot of time.

Bai Zhi sat down at the bedside and untied the bandage wrapped around Meng Nan's left hand. The wound’s appearance was very shocking. Because it was not cleaned properly, the edge of the wound inflamed and rotted.

Seeing her frowning, Meng Nan busily asked: “How is it? Is it getting worse?”

Bai Zhi shook her head: “No, you don’t need to worry. The situation is much better than I thought. I’m going to remove the dead skin on your wound now. It will hurt a bit, just hold on to it.”

Hurt a bit?

She just said the pain to that thick needle will be the same as a mosquito bite, but the result was, it hurts so much. Now that she said it will hurt a bit… … then the pain must be extreme.

“Don’t look if you’re scared.” Bai Zhi grabbed a pillow and thew it on Meng Na’s face to block his eyes.

Meng Nan’s face slightly redden as he pulled down the pillow: “Who said that I’m scared? I’m not scared, I am a man, a grown-up man -ahh – it’s painful – do it gently – gently-”

Does it hurt? She just started cleaning his wound. But, he acted like she sprinkled salt or chili peppers to it.

This kind of pain was bearable. If Hu Feng will replace him, he will definitely not act like this. That day, when Hu Feng blocked his body in front of her, he didn’t even say a word when the bricks. .h.i.t his body.

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 182

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