Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 191

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Not far away from them, there were two men squatting on the street. The two men’s clothes were ragged and dirty. They looked like refugees from the south. When the two men saw the silver coins in Bai Dazhu’s hand, their eyes lit up.

Bai Dazhu and Bai Erzhu bought meat and then went outside the town. Bai Erzhu said: “Dage, those silvers look very heavy, you can give it to me.”

Bai Dazhu shook his head: “It’s not heavy, it’s not heavy at all. A few pieces of silver coins are not heavy.”

Bai Erzhu said: “Dage, I’ve never touched that many silver coins in my life. Let me touch them for a while. When we go back, you will give it to niang. I will never have a chance to touch them.”

Well, it seemed that was the case, when they go back, they will give it to their mother. Letting him touch them for a while is just fine.

Bai Dazhu gave the 10 silver coins to Bai Erzhu, then he said to take care of it and not to let them fall.

The two brothers walked outside the town with full of joy, their mind was only focused on the silver coins in their sleeves. They didn’t notice the two men, who were following them out of the town.


The two brothers walked very fast, the sun was already setting, they hope they arrived at home before it gets dark. If the road gets dark, who knows if they might suddenly encounter robbers or wild beasts.

Once the main road became mountain road, the road gradually disappeared. Usually, during this hour, the villagers, who entered the town had already returned home.

The two brothers became anxious, their footsteps became much faster. They didn’t notice the two men behind them.

In the intersection of the mountain road, there was a wilderness. Except for them, even a ghost cannot be seen.

The two men behind the two brothers suddenly rushed forward, they stopped the two brothers one after another.

Bai Dazhu's face drastically changed: "What do you think you’re doing? Who are you?"

The man standing behind Bai Dazhu kicked his b.u.t.t, Bai Dazhu almost fell to the ground.

“Don’t you have 10 silver coins with you? Come on, show it to this old man, so that this old man doesn’t need to search your body.”

After listening to this, only a fool will not understand. Bai Dazhu angrily said: “In broad daylight, you dare to rob us? Is there still the law in your eyes?”

“Law?” The man suddenly laughed out loud, his tears almost come out from laughing: “Can law give you foods to eat? I haven’t eaten enough for days, but you’re talking about the law? I want to live, that is my law.”

Seeing the two men’s face becoming more and more fierce. Although Bai Dazhu was a tall man, he couldn’t help but be scared.

“What are you planning to do?” Bai Dazhu asked.

“What am I planning to do? Of course, we want you to hand over your money to us. With that, you will not suffer any pain, if not… …”

But, how could Bai Dazhu be willing? This money is the life-saving grace of their family. Without this money, they will become homeless, they will become like refugees.

“Don’t even think about it.” Bai Dazhu pushed the man in front of him and stretched out his legs to run. But, he was hugged by the man behind him and pressed him on the ground.

When Bai Erzhu saw this, he ran away, he ran fast like a scared rabbit.

The two men didn’t chase after Bai Erzhu. They knew the silver coins was with Bai Dazhu. It’s useless to chase after him. As soon as they took the money, they will also leave at once.

Bai Dazhu was beaten like a pulp to the ground. The man was pressing his body to the ground, the other one lifted up his head and beat his face. Even his mother and wife will not be able to recognize his face.

After he was beaten, the two men grabbed all his money. If he knew that this will be the result, he should have handed the money to them earlier. At least, he won’t be beaten like a pulp.

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 191

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