Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 211

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On the other side, Old Zhao said: "I don't think everyone who works here is mason or carpenter. At least, you and Wu Jiang are not. How can you work here, but we can't?"

Song Gong build a house for all his life, he couldn't even count anymore how many houses he built, nor how many places he had been. But, these unreasonable people in Huangtou Village, was his first time to see.

These people come to the construction site every day to watch. Every time they will see Wu Jiang and Li Cheng helping for free, not only they looked at them with eyes full of mockery, but they also spoke sour words to ridicule the two, which Song Gong's people never did. Wu Jiang and Li Cheng didn't give up because of these people's ridicule. This was also the biggest reason why Song Gong accepted the two in the team. Those who worked hard shouldn't be despised or ridiculed.

Song Gong said to Old Zhao: "Yes, these two are not mason or carpenter, but they will soon become one. I will accept them today as my apprentice. Later on, if we receive another job, and they are willing to join in, we will take them with us."

Listening to this, the villagers cannot hide the envious in their face. Naturally, they couldn't accept this fact.

Xu Laosan opened his mouth and said: “It is your business to accept them as an apprentice. But now, you are building a house in Huangtou Village. How can you only accept a few people in our village? Don't you understand this simple rule?"

Song Gong knows that these people were being rogue. He was not a local of this village after all. So, they think they can just do whatever they want. And when someone carelessly starts a conflict, things will be more troublesome.

“What are you guys doing here? Aren't you guys busy?" A hoa.r.s.e sounding voice echoed behind several villagers.

When the villagers heard this voice, how could they not tell it was Village Chief Li? So, they hastened to give way.

Village Chief Li walked into the crowd. He frowned his eyebrows after seeing Old Zhao and Xu Laosan: "What are you guys doing around here?"

Old Zhao was somewhat feeling guilty. But after thinking that Village Chief Li is the head of the village. And they were not asking for money, but only asking for a job. He felt like he will agree with their idea.

Old Zhao took the initiative to talk: "Village Chief, we are not here to cause trouble. We just saw an opportunity to make a living. Since we have plenty of free time, we decided to earn a little bit to support our family. Nothing else."

Village Chief Li swept his cold eyes to Old Zhao, his village people's characters, how can he not know of it? Old Zhao, Xu Laosan, Xu Laosi, these people in front of him, none of them were diligent to work, but they were very fast to cause trouble. He can say, that this work they are referring to is to only "lazying around".

“You want to work, that is a good idea, have you found one?” Village Chief Li asked.

Old Zhao busily replied said: “Village Chief, you have to help us evaluate the situation. This house is being built in our Huangtou Village. This place is ours, but these people from the outside are working in our Huangtou Village instead of us. If we work all together we can all earn money. We can't allow these foreigners to get all the benefits. Don't you think so too?"

Village Chief Li really wanted to spit out thick sputum on the wall and stick this man's face.

Why can't these people just stop? Yesterday, they took advantage of the situation where Bai Zhi and Hu Feng were not around the house. They blocked Hu Changlin and Zhao Lan's place to force them to sell their rice for a low price. Saying they needed to help their relatives from other villages, when in fact, they were selling it for a high price to other people's house.

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 211

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