Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 223

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“Because once you get exposed to your enemies, you will be in a dangerous situation again. And yet, you don't even know who wants to harm you."

“You want to recover your memory first before you confront those people who harmed you, but you didn't expect that you will fail in these 3 years. That's why you start to worry, you want to restore your memory as soon as possible, but you cannot find a way. My appearance became a glimmer of hope for your darkest days. I may not actually be the light that can illuminate your way, but if you will not try, how will you prove that there is no miracle in this world, right?"

Hu Feng looked at Bai Zhi, his eyes that were under the sunlight, and looked deep as the distant lake, flashed with magnificent light.

She seems to be smarter than he thought.

“These words, who have you said it to?” When he asked, his hand that was holding the reins became tight.

Bai Zhi shook her head: “The mouth is the gate of misfortune and evil, and the tongue is the knife. How can I say these to others? Besides you and me, there is no other person."

Hu Feng nodded his head, as his lips gently curved up. He seemed to appreciate it.

“Remember your words.” He whispered.

Bai Zhi shrugged her shoulders: “Of course, what I said is true. Your business, I don't want to know it, I don't want to control it. No matter what happened to you in the future, no matter what your ident.i.ty is, what does it have to do with me? I just want me and my Niang to stay in this mountain village. Enjoying a peaceful life. We are only a small fry people to join the great events of the country."

Hu Feng's eyebrows, who just stretched, knitted once again. She doesn't want to have anything to do with him? In her eyes, is he such an insignificant person?

Hu Feng didn't open his mouth again, he pulled the reins and continued to drive back into the village.


3 days later, the price of rice in the town finally fell and returned to its original price. Gu Daren opened five porridge sheds in the inner side of the town. At the same time, he opened the warehouse and released grains. The people who were put in a difficult situation could be heard anywhere shouting a savior fell from the sky. And that savior became Gu Daren.

Naturally, this matter quickly spread to the Capital, and the people praised him. At the same time, the imperial family praised Gu Daren and Meng Nan. Then, ordered Meng Nan to return to the capital after the autumn season.

Although the disaster relief was robbed, and the emperor sent people to investigate it, but there was no good outcome due to the lack of evidence.


Today, Meng Nan has no work to do. So, he and Jin s.h.i.+wei came to the Huangtou Village.

The two directly went to Hu Changlin's house. However, they haven't entered the courtyard, when they saw a construction site not far away from the vicinity. And Bai Zhi and Hu Feng were standing under the old banyan tree.

Hu Feng arms were crossed around his chest, his back was leaning against the old banyan tree. His seemingly lazy eyes were fixed to Bai Zhi's body.

Bai Zhi seems to be talking about something interesting with Hu Feng. She was talking while gesturing here and there.

Hu Feng never opens his mouth, but he seemed to be attentively listening. Even when they arrived, he didn't seem to have noticed them.

Jin s.h.i.+wei's attention was focused elsewhere. He was surprised when he saw the construction site: "Gongzi, have you seen such a house before?"

Meng Nan took back his gaze on Bai Zhi and Hu Feng and then looked at the house where Jin s.h.i.+wei was pointing his finger.

The brick house has walls higher than the brick houses he had seen before. The workers were standing on the high walls and continued building up the walls as if they wanted to build it higher.

Meng Nan took back his gaze and looked at Hu Feng and Bai Zhi again. He never looked at them so seriously and quietly before. When the two were together, the picture looks very harmonious. A tall, handsome, introverted and calm man with a delicate, pet.i.te, lively and lovely little girl.

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 223

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