Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 226

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The man was the second rich generation. He had a problem in his hand and she treated him. He said that he had seen her kindness and then pursued her. When he saw her running back and forth in the operating room every day, he said: "The hospital is tiring you. You should resign. As long as you want, no matter where in this world, I can buy you a house."

“I really don’t want to go. Meng Dage, thank you for your kindness.” Bai Zhi refused Meng Nan the same way she refused that man.

Everyone wants a comfortable and stable life. A life without problem with foods and clothing. A life that is only full of enjoyment.

But that doesn't mean she will rely on men to have this kind of life. If a person wants to live a life like this, that person should fight and use her own means to achieve this dream, instead of relying on other people's help.

No one can be the pillar of support in your entire life. Relying on oneself is better than relying on others. This was her motto in life.

If she will go to the capital in the future, she and her niang will go there with her own means.

In this world, there is no free lunch. No matter what you get, you are destined to lose something.

Be it your dignity or body.

She doesn’t want to get anything from others because she doesn't want to lose anything.

Meng Nan wanted to say more, but Bai Zhi has already turned away.


At lunch, Bai Zhi made Meng Nan and Jin s.h.i.+wei's favorite dumplings, egg pancakes and two spicy side dishes. Jin s.h.i.+wei was eating with full of happiness, but Meng Nan's appet.i.te was low. He was eating with a blank face and frowned eyebrows.

Seeing Meng Nan's appearance, Jin s.h.i.+wei couldn't help but say: "Why don't you eat more? After a few more days, we will leave, we can't eat Zhi’er's meals anymore."

Those words were words that don't need to be spoken, Meng Nan was worried about this matter. That's why he couldn't eat. And he got even more irritated when he heard those words.

Meng Nan glared at Jin s.h.i.+wei. He slammed his chopsticks on the table and said: "Stop eating, let's go back."

Meng Nan then went outside and walked straight to his horse.

Jin s.h.i.+wei was helpless, he was about to follow, but Zhao Lan stopped him and awkwardly asked: "Jin s.h.i.+wei, what's wrong with Meng Daren? Who made him angry?"

Jin s.h.i.+wei looked at Bai Zhi and said: "This thing has nothing to do with Zhi'er. My gongzi is just too self-centered. He wants Zhi'er to go with him to the capital. Zhi'er refused, so he was angry!"

Jin s.h.i.+wei explained and then said to Bai Zhi: "Zhi'er, we will leave Qingyuan Town 3 days later, will you come and send us?"

Bai Zhi nodded her head: “Of course, I will definitely come.” Meng Nan and Jin s.h.i.+wei were good people. She really takes them as her friends. Her friends will travel far away, so its only natural to send them.

Jin s.h.i.+wei smiled and said: “If you come to send us, gongzi will definitely be happy. Right, don't come empty-handed. You know gongzi's preference, I'm afraid it will be hard for him to swallow the dry foods that the government will give him."

Bai Zhi smiled and said: “I know.”

Jin s.h.i.+wei turned and walked a few steps, but then turned around again. He scratched his head and said: "Don't just prepare dry foods for gongzi, give me some portion too."

Seeing Bai Zhi nodded her head, Jin s.h.i.+wei left with full of joy. He then chased after Meng Nan.


Zhao Lan looked at Bai Zhi and sat down: "Meng Daren really asked you to come with him in the capital?"

Hu Feng on the side, stopped picking vegetables. He didn't look at Bai Zhi, but his ears were alert.

Bai Zhi smiled and replied: “Yes, he said, as long as we want to go, he will make arrangements for us to go to the capital and let us live a wealthy life."

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 226

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