Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 252

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Bai Dabao panicked, he shouted and shook his father a few more times. Seeing that his father still not responding, he was so scared: "Didn't he just slipped, how come he died?"

Bai Dabao trembled as he put his finger under his father's nose. He was breathing. Fortunately, he was still breathing.

He tried to lift his father up, but he was too weak to lift his unconscious father up.

What should I do? If I stay here and watch, what should I do if the snake appeared again?

He doesn't know when he will wake up. How could someone lose consciousness after falling down?

Bai Dabao climbed up in a panic and said to his unconscious father: "Father, just wait here, I'll go back and ask people to come. Just wait!"

At this time, how can Bai Dabao still care about melons, when he even left his father behind?

Bai Dabao ran all the way back home. Old Lady Bai was sleepy inside her room when suddenly, she heard the sound of the door opening. She came out of her room immediately. Mrs. Liu was originally sitting and taking a nap in the living room while waiting for her husband and son. When she heard a movement, she immediately went to the door: "You're back?" She smiled brightly as if she saw a present. However, she saw her son came back with an empty hand.

"How come you’re empty-handed? What about your father?" Mrs. Liu asked.

The next moment, Old Lady Bai also came over. When she saw Bai Dabao empty-handed, her eyebrows immediately frown: "You didn't find Zhao Lan's field?"

Bai Dabao hurriedly waved his hand: “No, we have gathered two bags of melons and we came back halfway. But who would have thought that we will encounter a poisonous snake.”

Mrs. Liu was so scared that her legs softened and almost fell to the floor. Fortunately, she was helped by the old lady on time. Old Lady Bai asked with a calm face: "What happened? Say it clearly, why didn't your father came back?"

Bai Dabao told everything that happened. When the two heard of it, they felt relieved.

Old Lady Bai then rushed to Bai Erzhu's room and knocked on their door: "Erzhu, come out quickly."

Bai Erzhu was sleeping soundly when suddenly, his old mother came. He got irritated: "What? Can't you say it tomorrow?"

Old Lady Bai angrily said: "You have no conscience. Hurry up, your elder brother's life is in danger."

Bai Erzhu's sleepiness disappeared without a trace. He quickly got out of the bed and didn't even bother to wear clothes. He hurriedly opened the door and asked: "Niang, what happened? What happened to Big Brother?" After all, they were brothers connected with flesh and blood. If he was really in danger, how can he just sit still?

Old Lady Bai answered: "Your elder brother slipped on his way back. Now, he is lying unconscious in the field. There are poisonous snakes nearby. You go and carry him back quickly."

Mrs. Zhang came out with Bai Erzhu's clothes and asked in confusion: "Didn't brother-in-law went with Dabao? How come Dabao is back and he is not?"

Mrs. Liu busily said: “Dabao is scared. He has no strength to carry his father. Stop talking nonsense, just hurry up. If something went wrong, what are we going to do?"

Although Bai Erzhu and Mrs. Zhang were reluctant inside their heart, what else could they do? They can't say that they don't want to help.

Mrs. Zhang gave the clothes to Bai Erzhu and said: "Hurry, wear your clothes and go, be careful on your way."

Bai Erzhu put on his clothes and was about to go, but he saw Bai Dabao still sitting and not moving. He seemed to have no intention to go with him.

“Dabao, what are you doing? Let's go!" Bai Erzhu said.

Bai Dabao was shocked: "What? I still need to go?" His face showed a trace of panic. He was still scared after seeing those s.h.i.+ning green eyes.

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 252

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