Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 285

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Hu Feng was about to get up and look for Bai Zhi. When suddenly, he heard a sound of footsteps coming from afar, he looked to the direction of the sound and saw a familiar figure coming towards him.

Bai Zhi was only wearing one shoe, her slender and delicate foot was stepping on a road full of hard soil and stones, but she still walked steadily. She was holding something in her hands, and she looked very serious.

Hu Feng wanted to go, he wanted to help her, at least to hold her up and make her foot suffered less.

However, as soon as he moved to get up, his line of sight was surrounded by darkness. His head ached as if his brain was struck by lightning.

Hu Feng lie to the ground, he tried to adjust his breathing until his eyes sight gradually recovered.

At this time, Bai Zhi has arrived: "How are you? Are you alright?" Her face was full of worry. There was a little water left in her hands.

Hu Feng nodded his head and said: “I’m fine!” He then looked up and stared at the little girl squatting in front of him: "Where did you go? How can you run around in a place like this? What if you encounter a beast?"

He is already like this, but he was still worried about her.

Bai Zhi's eyes redden, her heart was filled with mixed feelings, but she can't tell what are those.

“Am I not alright?" Bai Zhi forced a smile and pushed forward the water in her hands in front of him: "Drink it quickly, only a few drops left."

Looking down, he saw a leaf in her palms, only a half mouthful of water was left.

It turned out that she went to look water for him. It turned out that she tried to hold the water steadily even when she was walking on a gravel road.

The pain in Hu Feng's head seemed to have disappeared in an instant. Inside his heart, a new road of life seemed to have opened. The road ahead was bright, there was no trace of darkness.

Hu Feng grabbed Bai Zhi's wrist, her wrist was white and slender as if it will break if he put a little force. He didn't dare to exert more strength, he held her wrist as if he was holding a rare treasure, and then he poured the water on his mouth.

The water was only ordinary water from the stream, but when he drank it at that moment, the water tastes so sweet.

Bai Zhi throw the leaf and stretched her hand to check Hu Feng's temperature. As she expected, he began to have a fever. And not long after, it is estimated that he will start to vomit.

This is a normal phenomenon after a person injured his head and had a concussion. Now, she's afraid that they could no longer walk to get out of this place. She can't carry him, so what should she do?

Bai Zhi looked around the desolate area, should they spend a night here today?

Now, it's the autumn season, the night wind in the mountain is cold. With Hu Feng's current situation, this is simply unbearable and will only make his injury worse.

Bai Zhi held his arm and asked: “Can you get up? I will help you.”

Hu Feng shook his head: “I'm afraid I can’t, I feel dizzy and my vision turns black when I move." He felt his head was like being hit with a hammer.

Bai Zhi released his arm and sat on the ground with some trace of powerlessness. “It seems that we can only stay here later this evening.”

After a moment of silence, she got up and patted the dust on her clothes and said to Hu Feng: “Rest first, I will find some firewood.”

Hu Feng struggled to get up to go with her, but he couldn't do it.

The time seems to have returned to three years ago. Three years ago, when he woke up, in addition to headache and dizziness, he had many sword wounds on his body. At that time, he was as powerless as he is now, lying in bed, just like a disabled man.

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 285

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