Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 298

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At this time, someone in the crowd answered: “Awu, I just saw Bai Zhi went out with a machete, she was like going in the direction of Luoying Mountain."

Old Lady Bai was shocked. She just saw Bai Zhi leave the village, but she didn't know where she was going. She said that she was going to the Luoying Mountain, but that was just on a whim. How did it suddenly become a reality?

Awu quickly took down the three wolves on the oxcart and put them inside Hu Changlin's yard. He then let Hu Changlin and Zhao Lan clean up corpses.

When Hu Changlin saw Awu anxious, he couldn't help but ask: "What happened to you? Did something happened?”

Awu asked: “Where is Zhi'er?"

Hu Changlin answered: "She said she will catch some more leeches. Why are you looking for her?"

It seems that they don't know the truth. With Bai Zhi's character, she will definitely not tell the truth.

Awu smiled and said: “I have something to ask her. You take care of them first, I will go and ask her."

Hu Changlin and Zhao Lan didn’t care too much. Their attention was caught by the three dead wolves. They heard some things about wolves, but it was their first time to see a real one.

Awu hurriedly went outside the village. After he went outside, he walked to the direction of Luoying Mountain. Along the way, there were multiple roads ahead, he didn't know which one to take. Fortunately, he met Li Santong, who just came back from the field.

“Aren't you Awu? Where are you going in a hurry?"

Awu didn’t know Li Santong. After all, he had just come to the village for two days. He might have seen him, but he couldn't remember: "Old man, have you seen Bai Zhi?"

Li Santong nodded his head: “Yes, I saw her catching leeches in the ditch over there. Didn't she go back already?"

Awu urgently said: “She went back and leave again. Some people in the village said that she went to the Luoying Mountain. Do you know which way to go to the Luoying Mountain?"

Li Santong was shocked: “She went to the Luoying Mountain?" He suddenly remembered that she had asked for pangolin earlier, so he immediately said: “She must have gone to find a pangolin. She also asked me where she can find pangolin. This thing can only be found in the mountains, we told her the truth.”

Li Santong sighed: “That little girl is really brave. What kind of place is Luoying Mountain? That isn't a place for a little girl like her to visit. Is she looking for death?"

Awu anxiously asked: "Can you tell me which way to go to the Luoying Mountain? I have to hurry to find her.”

Li Santong guided him along the way. When they arrived at the main road, he said: "You go along this road, just walk straight ahead. At the end of this road is Luoying Mountain. Maybe you'll be able to catch up to her. If you catch up, bring her back immediately. It's too dangerous to stay in Luoying Mountain."

Awu thanked Li Santong and went in a hurry.

When Li Santong finished the work in his hand, he immediately went back to the village with the hoe on his shoulder and went straight to Hu Changlin's house.


After Hu Changlin and Zhao Lan finished dealing with the leeches, they discussed next how to deal with the three wolves. However, at the same time, they heard a sound inside the house.

Hu Changlin was overjoyed: “Hu Feng woke up.”

The two hurriedly dropped the wok in their hands and rushed to Hu Feng's room.

Sure enough, Hu Feng woke up, he was stretching his hand to the tea bowl on the table.

Hu Changlin took the bowl from the table and quickly poured hot water on it: “You’re awake, look at you, you really make me anxious to death."

Hu Feng felt like his head was being split, but his mind was clear. So even if his vision was blurred, he knew the man in front of him was his father.

He took the bowl handed by Hu Changlin and drink the warm water.

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 298

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