Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 31

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Who knows how long the two of them walked, but finally they reached the foot of the Luoying mountain. Bai Zhi was so tired and hungry. The egg she had eaten this morning has already been digested. Her stomach was now feeling empty. Her mouth was dry. As if there was a fire inside her throat.

Hu Feng pointed to a gra.s.s road not far away from them: “There is a small stream over there, you can wash your face and drink water.”

As soon as Bai Zhi heard there was a water, she immediately swallowed her saliva and ran quickly towards the direction. At the end of the gra.s.s area, a clear water stream could be seen. Bai Zhi drink a few mouthfuls of water. After drinking and was.h.i.+ng her face, the cold stream water made her feel refreshed. Bai Zhi sat on the gra.s.s area behind her and said: “If only we could catch two fish in this stream… …” Bai Zhi just opened her mouth, but her stomach groaned.

At this time, Hu Feng also washed his face and got up, then said: “Let’s go, let’s rest again later, we can’t go up the mountain at noon.”

Bai Zhi angrily sighed and got up, she lifted up her feet to go, but her eyes swept to the crooked plants behind her b.u.t.tocks that looked unusual. It looked the same to the little yellow flowers to the roadside, but also looked like a snow flower.

Bai Zhi lifted her foot and looked at it. She took a few stepped closers and stopped: “Wait.” Then, she abruptly stood up and walked over to the little yellow flower that looked like a snow flower.

Hu Feng also turned back and frowned: “Don’t tell me that this wildflower is a herbal medicine.”

Bai Zhi smelled the little yellow flower and smiled: “You guessed it right. These little yellow flowers are herbal medicines. I think I’m the only one who knows and understand the use of this.”

Hu Feng slightly lifted his handsome eyebrow: “Are you here alone?”

Bai Zhi raised her head and smirked: “It’s wrong of me to say that, it’s us.” In order to transfer the topic, Bai Zhi busily pointed her finger towards the little yellow flowers and said: “This little yellow flower is a herbal medicine, it’s roots are even better and taste good.” Then, Bai Zhi quickly unloaded her bamboo bag and took out her small shovel to excavate. However, she only dug for a while, but she’s almost out of breath.

Hu Feng saw that she was very serious about digging. She doesn’t look joking at all. So, he crouched and took the shovel in her hand: “You take a break, I will dig it.”

Bai Zhi could no longer continue, so naturally, she hurriedly sat down and take a break.

With Hu Feng’s strength, after digging three times, he soon dug out the flowers with the roots.

Hu Feng then pointed his finger to something lying in the soil and asked, “And this?”

Bai Zhi took a glanced and nodded her head quickly. Her face become bright: “Yes, yes, also this.”

Bai Zhi stretched out her hand and picked up the dirty thing like sweet potato.

Hu Feng asked: “Is this also wild sweet potato?” Those things looked very similar to the black things he had dug from the mountains.

Bai Zhi shook her head and took one to the river to wash it: “This snow lotus herb is also called yacon. Yacon is very delicious, you try and taste it.” Bai Zhi handed the washed Yacon to Hu Feng. Then, she took and washed another one.

Hu Feng smelled the yacon. The yacon smells bad, so he frowned. “Can you really eat this?”

Bai Zhi was too lazy to talk nonsense with Hu Feng. She was hungry. She wanted to eat first before she explains things to him.

After asking Hu Feng to hand over the dagger to her, Bai Zhi peeled off the skin of the yacon fruit and cut a piece and then eat it. Seeing this, Hu Feng swallowed his saliva.

Bai Zhi cut off the half of her yacon fruit and handed it to Hu Feng: “You eat this first.” Then, she peeled off the skin of the other yacon fruit in his hand.

Hungry ghost and G.o.ds were really poor. Perhaps, he was so hungry and almost starving to death, so he didn’t think that the half yacon fruit in his hand, was already stained by someone else’s saliva… …

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 31

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