Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 36

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Bluebell was undoubtedly a herbal medicine. But, can it really be considered to be an extremely precious herb?

Perhaps, not really. Bluebell has a fragrant smell, but taste bitter. It was mainly used to lessen to the side effect of strong drugs. It was also similar to licorice, but not as good as it is.

Therefore, modern pharmacists were very reluctant to plant bluebells. And over the time, bluebells were replaced by another kind of herbs.

It was not until that year when she inadvertently discovered that there was a very special medicinal essence in bluebell. This medicinal essence could kill cancer cells. In which it became a marvelous discovery. But, when she discovered it, there was only very few bluebells that exist in the world. And the current situation of the environment in the 23rd century was no longer suitable to grow bluebell.

However, although there was a large file of bluebell in front of her. How will she extract its medicinal essence and do a research medicine in this world?

This was not the 23rd century, she can’t extract the medicinal essence. So, this bluebell was now only an ordinary herb… …

Seeing the excitement on her face gradually diminis.h.i.+ng, Hu Feng was confused: “What happened to you?”

Bai Zhi sighed and shook her head: “Nothing, I’m glad to see these bluebells. But, I’m afraid they won’t sell at a good price. Forget it, let them grow here first. Maybe, we can use them in the future.”

Bai Zhi turned around with a bitter smile. The bamboo bag on her back was still empty. She thought, in such a big forest, there will be abundant herbs, but… … imagination was still far from reality.

At this time, she was physically exhausted. She knows she could no longer go forward. They must return on the same road. Otherwise, if they were lost and the night came, the hungry animals will eat them. They will end up miserable.

But, just as she was preparing to return back to the village, a bright red color fell on her eyes. She thought she was blinded. But, under the tree, near the bluebell’s field, there was a dazzling red color.

Bai Zhi quickly rushed over and stared at the bright red jujube-like fruit.

Hu Feng also followed and glanced at the red fruit. He was curious, so he asked: “Is this a wild fruit?”

Bai Zhi rubbed together her palms and said with a smile: “No, this is not a wild fruit. This is a wild ginseng! A wild ginseng ah! With its size, it can be sold with a big amount.”

When Hu Feng heard it was a wild ginseng, he also got excited. The ginseng was as precious as gold. Especially the wild ginseng in this kind of forest. An average person like him cannot afford it.

Bai Zhi took out her small shovel and carefully excavated the ginseng. Hu Feng didn’t help her this time. He doesn’t understand this thing. He might destroy it if he helps.

Digging ginseng was a very meticulous work. She mustn’t be anxious or hurry. She must ensure and keep the quality of this ginseng. After all, the more the quality was good, the better the price.

After digging for a long time, half the body of ginseng was finally revealed. This ginseng was bigger than she had imagined. She doesn’t know how long it has grown in this deep forest. Maybe, it was more than a hundred years old.

After she finished digging out the whole ginseng, Bai Zhi patted the soil and smiled in front of Hu Feng: “Have you ever seen such a big ginseng before?”

Hu Feng shook his head, then said: “I don’t know, I lost my memory. But in 3 years I lived in Huangtou Village, I’ve never seen one.”

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 36

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