Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 389

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In the letters, the sender was asking Boss Chen if she is alright, and why she didn't send a reply.

Boss Chen said, “Zhi'er, the reason why Meng Gongzi sent me 3 letters in a short time, asking about your situation, is because I told him a few days ago that you had been beaten my Gu Daren. He seemed became so anxious, he wanted to read your written letter, but you haven't responded to him, so he continue sending letters to me.”

Bai Zhi handed the letters back to him, with an embarra.s.sed look in the face: “I'm sorry for troubling you. We are so busy these days so I forgot to write a reply for a while. I will write a letter when I go back.”

Boss Chen smiled and waved his hand: “What kind of trouble is this? You are being too polite. If you didn't come, I am planning to go to Huangtou Village today to look for you.”

Bai Zhi also smiled: “I haven't thanked you for the last time. I came out empty-handed today, I am a bit rude.”

“We don't need to say these polite words between us. If you look up to me, just Meng Nan, you can call me Big Brother Chen, I will call you my younger sister. In the future, you will be my, Chen Tairen's sister, how about it?”

Chen Tairen admired Bai Zhi deep inside his heart, it has nothing to do with her relations.h.i.+p with Meng Nan. Even if there was no connection with them, he was willing to recognize her as his sister.

Bai Zhi knew that Chen Tairen was a distinguished person in Qingyuan Town. He was a local snake just like Gu Fengkang, so she had to give him some face. If she could call him brother, she will gladly do so.

“Chen Dage, I'll replace the wine with tea, and toast you a gla.s.s.” Bai Zhi picked up the teacup and made a toast.

Chen Tairen quickly picked up his teacup and said: “Younger sister, no matter what happens in the future, just come to me. I won't say anything else, but in Qingyuan Town, there is no place where I, Chen Tairen have no word.”

The two drank tea and recalled some old events, which eventually brought them to the main topic.

“Younger sister, you just said earlier, you have a new idea? What is this idea?” Chen Tairen asked.

Bai Zhi mysteriously smiled, got up, and went to the desk. She took a piece of white paper and wrote two words on it.

Chen Tairen couldn't wait for her to bring the paper, he leaned behind her and with a surprise looked in the face, he said: “Medicinal diet? You mean to say, you want me to make a medicinal diet?”

Bai Zhi put down the brush and turned back to her previous seat, then sat down: “Yes, medicinal diet. Chen Dage is a businessman. You manage many restaurants in the Qingyuan Town, you must have heard about medicinal diet.”

“In the end, the melon is just ordinary people's food. No matter how delicious is it, the price can only stay that way. It can't be too pricey. Although the profit is considerably high, it can't bring too much appeal.”

“If you make medicinal food and set a high price, you can earn a hundred times more than selling melon dishes. This medicinal diet will aim the rich people. Although Qingyuan Town is just small, it is near the border. I heard that many businessmen in the neighboring country are making business here and earning a lot of money. As long as you grasp the appet.i.te of those people, we don't need to worry about the price of the medicinal diet.”

Chen Tairen has seen the outside world, and he also had eaten this medicinal food in the capital. This medicinal food was quite popular. Almost all the restaurant there has a medicinal menu. It is good in the body, but very few eat it.

The medicinal diet was good for conditioning the body. It has the same effect as medicine but it is in the form of food, so it's very popular for rich people.

It's just, combining the medicine and foods perfectly to make a delicious meal, even in the capital, no one ever succeeds.

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 389

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