Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 396

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The smile on Mrs. Zhang’s face almost reached her ears, as she said: “You finally opened up your mind. Before Zhao Lan is there to work inside and outside the house, you can stay idle, I can also live comfortably. But now, it’s different. If we want to live, we can only rely on ourselves to do farm works. Otherwise, we will starve to death.”

Mrs. Zhang turned her head and looked at Bai Zhenzhu with a serious face, then said to Bai Erzhu: “Our Zhenzhu is also not too young, she had reached the age of marriage. Some people came to our house to propose marriage, but since Zhao Lan left our house, no one ever came to talk about marriage. The whole village knows that our family doesn’t live a good life since Zhao Lan left, and so they don’t want to get involved in our family. The first branch drags us down, even if we wanted to look for a good family, it will be difficult.”

“However, now that we separated from them. As long as we work diligently and prepared a dowry for Zhenzhu, what else is there worry to look for a good family?”

Bai Erzhu was about to answer, but then Bai Zhenzhu stood up immediately and said: “Niang, I don’t want to marry. I will stay with you at home, I don’t want to marry and live in someone else’s house.”

Mrs. Zhang laughed and said: “Look at you getting all shy, silly child, how can a grown-up girl not marry? It’s just a matter of time and you turn 15 this year. Even if you can’t get married this year, you must get married next year. If we keep dragging it on, you will become an old lady.”

Bai Zhenzhu anxiously said: “Niang, I’m not shy. I’m telling the truth, I don’t want to marry someone.”

Bai Fugui put down the bowl in his hand and wipe the trace of soup on his mouth. Then, said with a smile: “Niang, sister has someone in her heart, so she doesn’t want to marry someone else.”

Mrs. Zhang was shocked, she has someone in her heart? Bai Zhenzhu never talks to outsiders, nor go outside the gate. How did she have someone in her heart?

Mrs. Zhang glared at Bai Fugui: “Don’t talk nonsense, it’s bad if other people heard of it.”

Bai Fugui shook his head and said: “Niang, I’m not talking nonsense, sister really have someone in her heart—”

Bai Zhenzhu rushed forward and covered Bai Fugui’s mouth. She didn’t let him go as she said: “Shut up, don’t talk nonsense just like you always do in front of me. Even if you want to talk nonsense, you shouldn’t be doing it in front of niang and father. If you dare to say it again, I’ll tear your mouth.”

Bai Fugui was 13-years-old this year, but he was thin and short. He was only the same size as Bai Zhenzhu, who was 15-years old. However, he has a bit more strength than Bai Zhenzhu, who was a girl.

Bai Fugui pushed Bai Zhenzhu’s hand away and grinned: “I’m not talking nonsense, don’t you like Hu Feng? I’ve known that for a long time. You can’t hide it anymore. Do you think you can hide it forever?”

Mrs. Zhang’s facial expression changed: “No wonder, when Hu Feng joined the army and left Huangtuo Village today, you look so disheartened.”

Bai Erzhu also frowned: “Zhenzhu, is Fugui saying true? You like that kid, Hu Feng?”

Bai Zhenzhu’s face blushed as red as a monkey’s b.u.t.t: “I don’t, don’t listen to Fugui’s nonsense.”

Bai Erzhu and Mrs. Zhang’s both experienced it in the past, so how can they not understand their daughter’s shy appearance?

Mrs. Zhang became anxious. She pulled Bai Zhenzhu’s hand said: “Silly child, whoever you like doesn’t matter, but how can you like Hu Feng?”

Bai Zhenzhu was slightly stunned, she stared at her mother in confusion: “Niang, what do you mean by that? Why not?”

Mrs. Zhang replied: “Why are you still asking? Who in the village doesn’t know that Hu Feng and Bai Zhi, were like a newly married couple? They stay together all day long. Maybe they already decided to get married. What is the use of you liking him? You have no chance!”

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 396

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