Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 418

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Zhou Awu’s hand trembled slightly. He stepped forward and pulled Zhou Xiaofeng from the bench. He pulled his wrist looked at him from head to toe. The more he looked, the more his heart feel in pain. How could this child be so thin?

The last time he saw him, he was still a fat white boy. He hadn’t seen him for several years, but he turned to be like this. He could only blame himself for being incompetent and failing to bring Zhou Xiofeng’s family together with him, which made him look like this today.

Zhou Xiaofeng didn’t recognize the person in front of him was his uncle. He only felt that the man was strange. It was his first time seeing him, so how could he just grab his wrist? He didn’t know him at all!

Bai Zhi said: “Xiaofeng, he is your uncle, Zhou Awu, do you remember him?”

He remembered Zhou Awu’s name, but he couldn’t remember his face. It turned out to be that he was Zhou Awu, the relative who died with his father in the military camp.

But why was he here? Shouldn’t he be in the barracks, just like his father and branded as a spy?

Bai Zhi saw Zhou Xiaofeng confused and Zhou Awu couldn’t speak because he was too excited. She went forward and explained, “Awu Dage escaped by chance 3 years ago, and now he lives with his family in Huangtuo Village. It 's a great event for you and your uncle to meet each other.”

So that was the case, Zhou Xiaofeng was shocked, as his heart was covered with warmth. He didn’t expect to meet a relative when he came here. Earlier, he felt empty inside his heart. Although Prince Jin asked him to come, in the end, he was not familiar in this place, so he felt uncomfortable. But now that his uncle was here, the situation will naturally be different.

Zhou Awu hugged Zhou Xiaofeng into his arms, as his hands tightly grasped his clothes: “Child, you have suffered, you have suffered a lot. But don’t worry, from now on, uncle will not let you suffer again. Never.”

Zhou Xiaofeng’s eyes also became teary as he nodded his head to his uncle.

Bai Zhi pulled the two apart and said: “Alright if you want to do good things, don’t let him cry again.”

Zhou Awu quickly wiped away his tears and laughed: “Yes, yes, I’m wrong, Xiaofeng, don’t cry. We shouldn’t cry.”

Bai Zhi then said to Zhou Awu: “Awu Dage, you go and call sister-in-law and Ru’er. We will all go to the house. We will all look for the problems. We should look for the problems and deal will it at once. Otherwise, if Song Bobo and his men leave, we will look for them again, right?”

“Let’s also go to the town after dealing with it. Today is the mid-autumn festival, we should buy some noodles. We should also buy Xiaofeng some clothes, and see if the furniture we order is now finished.”

Zhou Awu repeatedly nodded his head and said to Zhou Xiaofeng: “You wait here, I will call your aunt and Ru’er, you haven’t seen them yet.”

Zhao Lan brought a basin of water, twisted the cloth and handed it to Zhou Xiaofeng: “Child, you wipe your face, there are tear marks on your face.”

Hu Changlin took out the osmanthus cake he had bought and put them in front of Zhou Xiaofeng: “Wash your face and wash your hands, then and eat a piece of osmanthus cake, it is fragrant.”

The enthusiasm of the people made Zhou Xiaofeng’s heart warm. He hasn’t enjoyed this kind of warmth for a long time. it felt really beautiful and wonderful.

Just as he finished eating the dessert, Zhou Awu brought Zhao Sue and Ru’er inside the house.

“Sue, Ru’er, come here quickly. This is Xiaofeng, a blood relative of our Zhou family!”

Zhao Sue pulled Ru’er forward and said: “Ru’er, call him dage.”

Ru’er obediently stood in front of Zhou Xiaofeng and looked up with her cute little face. She looked at the strange boy in front of her and called him big brother timidly.

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 418

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