Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 43

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Bai Dazhu busily said: “Niang, what you said is wrong. There was really such a good thing in this world. The other compet.i.tor really won a bag of flour. It’s just, that man’s appet.i.te was bigger than us. Even if the two of us, added what we eat, we can’t defeat that man. So tell me, how are we gonna win if we met such a person?”

Old Lady Bai stared at Bai Dazhu: “How many buns did you eat today?”

Bai Dazhu stretched out his four fingers: “Four.”

Then, Old Lady Bai looked at Bai Erzhu and asked the same question: “What about you?”

Bai Erzhu sticks out his two fingers: “Two… …”

Old Lady Bai felt her brain began to hurt again: “I bought six buns for 100 copper coins?”

Bai Erzhu busily explain:ed “You should blame the owner. He had a black heart. The buns were too dry to eat, but he didn’t give us water. How are we going to catch up? I’m too thirsty, so how can I eat more?”

Old Lady Bai waved her hand: “Stop, don’t speak anymore! You shouldn’t blame others for your guilty conscience. Just blame yourself for being useless. You will only eat steamed buns, but you still lose? What can you do right?”

Their fields stayed idle. They haven’t finished planting. The villagers were busy planting, but their family was idle. They spent their money on other things, but they were beaten. If the villagers learned about this, they will laugh at them, right?

The next moment, a loud voice came out from the door: “Niang, open the door quickly!”

When Old Lady Bai heard the voice, her anger dispersed a lot. She looked at Mrs. Liu and busily said: “Xiaofeng is back, what are you doing? Hurry and open the door!”

Mrs. Liu hurriedly opened the door and smiled, then pulled his son into the house: “Xiaofeng, how is your school today? Did your teacher praised you for your good handwriting?”

Bai Xiaofeng put down his schoolbag in his hand and stared at the kettle on the table: “I want to drink water. I am thirsty.”

Old Lady Bai rushed to the table and poured a water for her favorite grandson. She sighed and watched him drink the clean water. Then, she smiled and said: “You must be very exhausted. Hurry and go to rest. I will ask your niang to cook you an egg, to make up with your lost energy.”

Bai Xiaofeng showed a smile on his flat face: “Grandmother is kind. Oh right, I saw Third Aunt on the way.”

Old Lady Bai busily asked: “Where did you see her?”

“At the entrance to the village, she and Hu Changlin were walking together. The two went to the east side of the village with a smile.”

They lived on the west side of the village. Hu Changlin's family lived on the east side. So obviously, she was going back with Hu Changlin.

Old Lady Bai stood up and looked at Bai Dazhu and Bai Erzhu: “You two, changed your clothes and washed your face. We’ll go to Hu Changling’s house.”

Bai Dazhu and Bai Erzhu were confused. But, Bai Dazhu took the initiative to speak: “Niang, she hurt her hand. Now, she can’t work in the field. Just let her live in Hu Changlin’s house for a few more days. Let her return when she’s cured. We can save a few more ration by then.”

On the side, Mrs. Liu opened her mouth: “You might not know, but we went to Hu Changlin’s house today. And guess what? This Zhao Lan actually went outside with Hu Changlin to work in their field. She didn’t work in our family’s field but work for the others. Since she can work with one hand, why she must stay in Hu Changlin’s house?”

When Bai Dazhu and Bai Erzhu heard this, they immediately jumped up with their feet: “What? What did you say? She went and work in Hu Changlin’s field? She can be that shameless? A widow and a coward working together, their relations.h.i.+p is unclear. She can shame herself, but she shouldn’t let the Bai Family lose a face!”

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 43

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