Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 46

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Bai Zhi frowned and said: “You have blood clots in your brain. If we will not clear it, it will be very difficult to recover your memory.”

Hu Feng asked: “How will you clear it?”

Bai Zhi shrugged her shoulders: “There are two ways to clear it. But, one of them is not possible because of the lack of proper tools.”

“Then, let’s talk about the available method.” Hu Feng began to be impatient. Is this little girl only playing with him?

Bai Zhi smiled and said: “Don’t worry. Just listen to me, the blood clots in your brain have stayed for a long time. It will not be easy to clear it. We can use silver needles to puncture a hole and clear the blood. Although it is a slow process, there will be no side effect. It will also not affect your daily life. Plus, you will take some blood circulating drugs to improve the effect.”

Hu Feng didn’t understand much what she was saying. He doesn’t know if the little girl words were true or false. He could only raise an eyebrow: “So, I can be cured?”

“Of course!” Bai Zhi answered without hesitation. As if it was only a trivial matter.

Who knows why, but when he saw the confidence in her eyes, his doubt was dissolved. She was clearly only a stupid child, but why she gave her a deep sense of trust?

He couldn’t understand it, but he never wanted to understand it.

He has no other way. He could only give it a try. This was not a bad idea anyway. Maybe, there will be a surprising end. So, why not try it, right?

He wanted to ask, where a 12-year-old girl like her learned medicine. She didn’t even go to school. So, how did she had such a skill?

But in the end, he didn’t ask. Maybe, that was her secret. Everyone has their own secret. Things that they don’t like other people to know.

“Zhi’er, Hu Feng, why are you here? Go back to your house. Hu Changlin and Zhao Lan were surrounded by the Bai Family.” Lu Pingan who just came back from the school saw the Bai Family in Hu Changlin’s place. When he gets closed, Village Chief Li told him to go home quickly and call his father to treat Zhao Lan.

What? The Bai Family find niang to cause trouble again?

Bai Zhi took a stepped forward and looked at her surroundings. When she saw a wooden stick on the road, she crouched and took it. Then, she rushed to Hu Changlin’s house.

Hu Feng followed behind her and the two of them run all the way. There were few people left in front of the Hu Family’s house. Two villagers who were familiar with Hu Changlin kept persuading him.

“Old Hu, you are now in this age. Why do you still mixed up yourself with the Bai Family? Is it true you have feelings for Zhao Lan?”

Hu Changlin stared at the man’s eyes and said: “What nonsense are you talking about? Is I, Hu Changlin such a person? I was just helping the poor mother and child. The wind blew out their house yesterday. It was raining, but the Bai family, who has a black heart didn’t let them enter the house. The mother and child were wounded. So, should I just watch them?”

“Well, even if it was me, I will also help them. The Bai Family is getting more and more unreasonable. Do they want the mother and daughter die?”

“Just let me go, I have to go and see Zhao Lan. My hand is still hurting, but my conscience was not eaten by the dogs. I cannot let her get hurt again.” Hu Changlin pushed aside the person who was blocking his way. However, he didn’t use too much force, but he felt so much pain.

“Old Hu, I’m afraid your hand will be crippled. Don’t go in there, just hurry and see Lu Dafu.”

At this time, Bai Zhi and Hu Feng rushed in. When they saw this situation, not only Bai Zhi trembled in anger, but also Hu Feng, who was always calm. In anger, his face blacken while asking: “Who did this?”

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 46

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