Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 502

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The young boy explained to the guard: "Big Brother, I admire Marshal w.a.n.g. I heard that he likes to eat exotic food. And it happened that my brother caught two snakes yesterday, and I made some snake soup. There is no other intention."

The guard didn't want to listen to the young boy's nonsense. He pulled out the sword around his waist and threatened: "Don't talk nonsense. How can Marshal w.a.n.g eat something from you? Hurry up and leave. If you don't leave, then don't blame me for being impolite."

When the guard finished, he stretched out his leg to kick the young boy. However, he heard Marshal w.a.n.g's shout from behind: "Stop!"

When the guard heard Marshal w.a.n.g 's voice, he quickly withdrew his foot. He turned back and respectfully said to Marshal w.a.n.g: "Marshal, this kid's origin is unknown. So this subordinate is trying to send him away."

Marshal w.a.n.g looked at him coldly: "His origin is unknown? In this military camp, is everyone's origin is known?"

The guard looked embarra.s.sed and thought about what to say.

However, Marshal w.a.n.g walked towards the young boy and asked: "What's your name? What camp are you from? Why give me a snake soup?"

Bai Zhi hurriedly saluted him and replied: "This lowly one's name is Bai Zhi. I am Shen Dafu's apprentice, I am a military doctor. Yesterday, my brother caught two snakes. The master said that you also like to eat snake soup, so he asked me to send the Marshal a bowl."

Marshal w.a.n.g smelled a scent, which was more fragrant than what he had eaten in Kyoto.

"So originally, you are Shen Junyi's apprentice." He looked at Bai Zhi from head to toe and then nodded his head: "How kind of him, he still remember that this old man likes to eat exotic food."

Bai Zhi said with a smile: "Master often mentions and praises you for your bravery. My brother and I admire you very much. Today, I volunteer to deliver this soup. I hope the Marshal will not turn me down."

Everyone loves to listen to good words. Marshal w.a.n.g was also a human being. Naturally, he was no exception, and also, the person in front of him was so cute and clever. He found him pleasing to the eyes.

"Come in, let this old man taste your craftsmans.h.i.+p." Then he turned to enter the tent. However, before entering the tent, he took another glanced at the guard who just bullied Bai Zhi and asked, "Whose person are you?"

The guard had a cold sweat, but hurriedly replied: "This subordinate was sent by General Hu."

Marshal w.a.n.g sneered and said: "Go back and tell General Hu, he doesn't need to send any more people here."

The guard knew that he had messed up in this matter. He opened his mouth to explain, but the guards next to Marshal w.a.n.g immediately drove him away and also the guards with him.

Bai Zhi was happy inside her heart. He was a dog of a dog, no wonder he was so arrogant.

Bai Zhi followed behind Marshal w.a.n.g and entered the tent. The tent was very s.p.a.cious, and the layout was different from the ordinary camp, which was obviously specially prepared for him.

Bai Zhi put the snake soup on the table and opened the lid of the porcelain bowl, which made the scent even stronger.

There were a few empty bowls placed on the table. Bai Zhi took it and poured Marshal w.a.n.g a bowl and then also poured himself. She said with a smile: "I've been busy today and forgot to eat. I haven't eaten yet, so I'll eat a few bites first."

Marshal w.a.n.g chuckled. This young boy was quite interesting. He was clever and sensible.

It was the first time they meet each other. To Marshal w.a.n.g, she's a stranger. How can Marshal w.a.n.g easily eat the food that a stranger sent to him? If she will not try it first, why would the other party believe her?

After she finished eating, Marshal w.a.n.g picked up the other bowl and said with a smile: "I may not trust other people, but I trust Shen Junyi's people. You little guy, don't stop and eat another bowl."

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 502

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