Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 505

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Marshal w.a.n.g then turned and rushed to Bai Zhi. He stretched out his hands and clasped his arms, then anxiously asked, "Where is he? Where is he now?"

Bai Zhi shook his head: "He is not here. He must have returned, he said there is something else to do."

"He didn't leave a message?" Marshal w.a.n.g asked.

Bai Zhi shook her head: "No." It's not that she wants to deceive him, it just that in this world, it's necessary to guard against people. Marshal w.a.n.g seems to be on their side, but after all, it was her first time meeting him. She wants to know what's going on in his mind. As soon as she confirmed what's on his mind, she will naturally let Hu Feng come to see him. But if he has a ghost in his heart, she will take a shot in secret. So naturally, she cannot tell the truth. Otherwise, she will put Hu Feng in danger.

As for herself, as long as he believes that Prince Jin is still alive, he will keep her safe.

"When will he come back?" Marshal w.a.n.g asked.

Bai Zhi replied: "He said he will come back by the full moon. He wants to meet in the woods on the other side of the corpse pits."

Marshal w.a.n.g was ecstatic, "Really? Is that true?" Seeing Bai Zhi nodded, he finally released Bai Zhi's arms and kept mumbling: "Great, he is back, he is finally back!" "

Bai Zhi asked: "Will you go then?"

Marshal w.a.n.g nodded his head: "Of course, I have to go. Even at my age, I volunteered to come here, to a place that is a thousand miles away. For what? That is, to help Prince Jin clean up the rebellion so that he can return to his rightful place."

Bai Zhi looked at Marshal w.a.n.g, who has red eyes. Looking at his age and complexion, she could tell that he is sick. What kind of faith was he relying on?

"Marshal w.a.n.g, with all due respect, everyone in this world thinks that Prince Jin is dead. Why don't you believe it?"

When it comes to this matter, Marshal w.a.n.g said full of pride: "He won't die. At least not so easily under the calculations of those wicked villains. The G.o.d of War, who I trained, will only die on the battlefield."

"I never believed that he would die. I always believed that he was still alive. And one day, he will come back and return to his original position. What I hate is that my old bone is disappointing me. 3 years ago I got seriously ill, I couldn't recover, and I couldn't find a chance to lead troops here. So when an opportunity arise, I swear I must come here even if I lose my life."

Bai Zhi concealed the surprise in her eyes, she didn't bet to the wrong person. However, the final decision is still on Hu Feng.

"Marshal, please sit down first, I will check your pulse."

Marshal w.a.n.g was very happy now. His eyes were brightly s.h.i.+ning. He felt that his chest pain was as not as painful as it used to be. He doesn't feel uncomfortable.

Marshal w.a.n.g sat down and said with a smile: "It's nothing but an old problem. I can't be cured no matter how much medicine I take. It's killing me when it hurts, but when it doesn't hurt, it's as if nothing happened to me. The doctor said that as long as I have a good rest and don't get angry, I can live a few more years."

Bai Zhi didn't speak, she squatted beside him and checked his pulse carefully.

Seeing that Bai Zhi's originally stretched brows suddenly frowned, Marshal w.a.n.g, smiled and asked: "It's not so good, right? It's not surprising. I haven't had a good life these past few years. But still, it's good to be alive."

Bai Zhi asked: "When you are sick, you feel like your chest is stuffy and painful, your throat feels like someone is strangling you, you're having difficulty breathing, and you are sweating all over your body, right?"

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 505

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