Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 54

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Village Chief Li pulled Hu Feng away and raised his voice: “There are only two roads, either we will let the government officials decide or we will decide privately.”

Speaking about the government officials, Old Lady Bai’s head immediately shrink. She was not stupid. She knows she will not win. The matter yesterday haven’t pa.s.sed. If today’s incident will be added, it will be trouble. Additionally, they were also involved in Hu Changlin’s case.

Although Bai Dazhu’s hands were broken by Hu Feng, their family first injured Hu Changlin. If they went and complained to the government officials, they will definitely not be on their side.

Coupled with Zhao Lan and Bai Zhi’s condition, their Bai Family will definitely eat a big loss.

"How we will decide in private?” Old Lady Bai asked.

Village Chief Li looked at the involved party and said: “I have an idea. Your family injured Old Hu. Hu Feng injured Dazhu. You two pays each other cost of treatment so that no owes the other.”

Old Lady Bai was heartbroken, but it seems there was no other way. And it seems it was hard to swindle Hu Feng.

Old Lady Bai was heartbroken, she wanted to smash Zhao Lan a thousand times. And so her eyes swept to the mother and daughter over and over again. She couldn’t wait to minced their meat and use it to pay their debt.

“You need to make a quick decision.” Village Chief Li was impatient.

Old Lady Bai nodded her head. She couldn’t deny this incident anyway. If she knew things will become like this, she shouldn’t have brought Bai Dazhu with her. This impulsiveness of her made her lose so much money in her entire life.

Mrs. Liu was about to pull Doctor Lu to treat Bai Dazhu, but she heard Doctor Lu said: “I can give a cure, but we have to discuss the price first before I will give treatment.”

When Old Lady Bai heard this, she immediately held her forehead and shouted in pain due to a headache. Giving off a pitiful look.

Doctor Lu knew that this was the old lady routine to escape, so he was not affected. He immediately added: “Since Old Hu’s consultation was not something for you to pay, let’s talk about Zhao Lan and Bai Dazhu’s treatment.”

Doctor Lu look at Bai Dazhu’s hands. When he learned his condition, he said: “One hand cost 2 silver coins. Zhao Lan has already been cured, Bai Dazhu needs two hands to be cured. All in all, it cost 6 silver coins.”

When Old Lady Bai heard the cost, she immediately jumped out of her feet. Her head was no longer aching, instead, her chest became stuffy. Old Lady Bai pointed her finger at Doctor Lu and shouted: “What? 6 silver coins? Why don’t you just rob our family? Do you think our Bai Family are incompetent fools?”

Doctor Lu shrugged his shoulders: “I don’t care about that. If you think you can’t afford it. The medical museum is just a few miles away from the village. You can take your son in there to seek for a cure. Let’s see how much it will cost you.”

On the side, Village Chief Li suddenly said: “Old Sun broke his leg last month. Lu Dafu happened to be out of the village. Old Sun was taken to the town by his grandson and spent 50 silver coins in there. You should also do the same.”

Doctor Lu opened his mouth again: “No matter what you decide for Dazhu, I don’t care. But Zhao Lan now has been treated. It cost 2 silver coins, give that to me first.”

Old Lady Bai was so angry, but Mrs. Liu took her to the side and whispered: “Niang, now is not the time to lose temper. Let’s make him cure Dazhu first. After he finished, let just say we don’t have money. What else can he do by then?”

It was a good idea, so Old Lady Bai’s eyes s.h.i.+ne brightly. Why didn’t she think of it before? Well now, she wanted to see who will cry in the end.

Old Lady Bai’s face change abruptly. And her originally bad temper disappeared. She went to Doctor Lu’s side and said: “It’s too late to go to the town now. I’m afraid, we will fail to catch up with the medical museum. It’s not good to let Dazhu suffer for the whole night, right? And Lu Dafu is already here.”

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 54

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