Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 56

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Old Lady Bai thought that IOU was nothing but a piece of paper. She would admit it if she wants to, but she won’t admit it if she doesn’t want. No matter what, it doesn’t matter, so she agreed.

Therefore, when Doctor Lu wrote the IOU, she didn’t look at it, nor let Bai Xiaofeng read it for them. She directly pressed her fingerprint on it, because she doesn’t care.

Doctor Lu dried up the ink on the paper and said: “Now we made an agreement. You will give the money to me in the 8th of the next month. The 9th day is the day I will settle the payment in the pharmacy in the town. If you will not give me the money. I can’t clear the account to the others. I will have to pay it myself. You have to hurry and save money.”

Old Lady Bai casually said: “If I have the money on the 8th next month, I will naturally give it to you. But if not, I can’t help you.”

Doctor Lu raised the IOU in his hand: “That can’t be done, you owe me the money, so naturally you have to pay. If you will not give me the money on the agreed date, then I will take this IOU to the country’s magistrate to decide. This old man will take your field or your house as a payment. So, don’t blame me by then.”

When Old Lady Bai heard his words, her face drastically changed: “What did you say? You want to take our field or house as a payment? Can the country’s magistrate do such thing? You are only bluffing! Do you think this old lady hasn’t seen much in this world?”

Doctor Lu was too lazy to talk nonsense to the old lady, he raised and waved the IOU, then said: “The black and white of this case are clearly stated in here. If you’re still planning to dilly dally around every day, I’m afraid you can no longer do so.

Old Lady Bai wanted to take back the IOU, but Doctor Lu stuffed it inside his clothes. Then, he took his medicine box and turned to leave. Even if the old lady wants to jump in front of Doctor Lu and beat him, she couldn’t do it. Doctor Lu was not Zhao Lan or Bai Zhi. She couldn’t dare to hurt him.

Old Lady Bai turned around and stopped Village Chief Li, who was about to leave: “Village Chief, is what he said true? If I don’t have money on the 8th of the next month, he can talk about it to the country’s magistrate? Can the country’s magistrate manage this kind of thing?”

Village Chief Li frowned his eyebrows and looked at the old lady. He felt some gloom in his heart: “In the eyes of the country’s magistrate, there is no big or small case in his people’s affairs. So naturally, he can manage it. Do you think this is just a child’s play? Do you think you can just question the law of Chu Country?”

Old Lady Bai became anxious: “That, how can that be? It’s just, I, I don’t know how to read. I didn’t read the words he wrote. I didn’t even look at it. He cheated on me. I will not recognize it.”

Village Chief Li said: “You, recognizing it is not my business, so I can’t tell you anything. When the time comes, and Lu Dafu sue you. You can tell to the country’s magistrate your side.”

“Then, will the county’s magistrate listen to me? Will he stand on my side?” Old Lady Bai looked worried and confused.

Village Chief Li shrugged his shoulders: ” How can I know how the country’s magistrate will decide? When you go there, you will naturally know the answer.”

After he finished, Village Chief Li was too lazy to talk nonsense to the old lady again. He walked over to Zhao Lan and Bai Zhi’s side, then said: “Since Zhao Lan and Bai Zhi has been forcefully picked up by you, you have to treat them well. If something bad happened to them again because of you, don’t blame me for doing things my way. I will no longer give you a face.” Village Chief Li waved his sleeve and left.

Old Lady Bai stamped her feet and spit at Village Chief Li’s direction. Then, she muttered a few hateful words.

When she just turned her head, she saw Hu Feng's cold eyes staring at her.

Hu Feng looked at Bai Zhi and asked: “Do you want to go back with me?”

Bai Zhi has been thinking about this question before. Should she and her mother go back to the Hu Family? They don’t have any place to sleep in this Bai Family.

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 56

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