Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 62

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Bai Zhi looked towards the wooden stick in the corner of the house and smiled, then said: “It’s all right. I’d like to see, who will dare to mess with me.”

Hearing the footsteps getting closer, Bai Zhi got up and picked up the stick, then stood in front of the bed. Waiting for the two evil women get crazy and hurt her.

Old Lady Bai kicked opened the door and fiercely stared at Bai Zhi, then she sharply asked: “Dead girl, you also now know how to hide things ah. Say it, where on earth did you hide the eggs that Yingzi’s niang gave you?”

Bai Zhi stared back coldly and also raised her voice: “Grandmother, what are you saying? What eggs? Why I didn’t know this?”

Mrs. Liu answered back immediately: “You, don’t talk nonsense. Early this morning, Yingzi’s niang came looking for you. She was carrying a basket of eggs in her hand. Do you still dare to say you didn’t hide things?”

Bai Zhi sneered: “Did Aunt Xu, said that the basket of eggs was for me?”

Mrs. Liu almost choked, her voice dropped by three points: “No, but it’s definitely for you. Don’t think that we didn’t know you saved her daughter.”

“Why are you so sure? Have you heard or seen it? You’ve searched the cabin, but did you find it?”

Mrs. Liu busily replied: “You must have hidden it. You want to eat the eggs alone. Don’t forget, you’re still a member of the Bai Family. All thing should be shared, you mustn’t hide private belongings.”

Bai Zhi really wants to throw away the wooden stick in her hand and applaud Mrs. Liu: “What First Aunt said is correct. All things must be shared fair and square. But, why is First Aunt only cooking eggs for her son and not for me? When our family has broth soup, did you leave a bowl for me and my niang? When First Aunt bought a new fabric clothing, did you cut off a part for me and my niang?”

Mrs. Liu wanted to refute, but Bai Zhi immediately followed up: “When my niang went to work in the field, did First Aunt go with her? You are a woman, my niang is also a woman. But, why do you think you are more precious than my niang and can’t work in the field?”

Mrs. Liu didn’t expect that not only this dead girl, Bai Zhi learned to hit people, but also learned to speak poisonous words. This time, she was really speechless.

Old Lady Bai was too lazy to talk to Bai Zhi. Right now, all she wanted to know was where was the basket of eggs had gone to. And whether she could find it and take it back.

“Stop talking this useless things, tell me, where did you hide the eggs?” Old Lady Bai angrily shouted.

If it was the former Bai Zhi, seeing the old lady as angry as this can make her tremble in fear. But now, Bai Zhi is not the former Bai Zhi.

Bai Zhi took two stepped forward with the wooden stick and slammed the wooden stick on the ground. Her atmosphere looked calm, but her eyes looked very scary. Old Lady Bai and Mrs. Liu couldn’t help but took two stepped backward.

“I said there is no egg. If you don’t believe me, you can go and find it yourself. I won’t stop you. But if your planning to use this issue to bully my niang, I, Bai Zhi will swear. From today onwards, whoever bullies my niang, no matter who is it, I will not let that person go. Even if I die, I’ll definitely make sure that I will pull that person together in my grave. Do you understand?”

Old Lady Bai grew up to this age, but she was never threatened, nor get panicked and angered like this. Old Lady Bai pointed her finger at Bai Zhi while s.h.i.+vering tremendously. Even her voice was also trembling: “You, you, you dare to go against us?”

“On the contrary, I am just telling you what I feel deep inside my heart. You can listen to it or do you as you like.” Bai Zhi looked at Old Lady Bai and Mrs. Liu’s pale face. Traces of arrogance keeps lingering around her body, which the former Bai Zhi never had.

  • Aunt Xu – Yingzhi’s mother

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 62

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