Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 66

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Bai Xiaofeng turned and grinned, then said: “You can get rid of Bai Zhi, but you must buy me an obedient maidservant that will serve me.”

This time, not only Old Lady Bai but also Bai Xiaofeng’s mother himself, Mrs. Liu was stupefied: Buy a maidservant?

What was the situation of their family? They can barely eat enough, but he wanted to buy a maidservant? Was it supposed to be a joke?

But after all, he was the old lady’s precious grandson. In the future, he will become a big official. He will bring happiness to the whole Bai Family. So naturally, they cannot go against his wishes. After pausing a few moments, Old Lady Bai smiled and said: “Okay, okay, we’ll do that. Grandma will buy you an obedient maidservant, okay?”

In satisfaction, Bai Xiaofeng turned around and then went to his room.

Mrs. Liu pulled Old Lady Bai’s clothes and said: “Niang, are you really going to buy him a maidservant? Can we afford it?”

Old Lady Bai sighed and said in a low voice: “Do you think I don’t know that we can’t afford it? I only followed his wishes first, we can discuss it again later.”

The two were still muttering, when Mrs. Zhang came out from the kitchen, holding a pot of vegetable without salt and oil and put it on top of the table.

Old Lady Bai looked up and frowned: “Didn’t I said yesterday that we will divide the food per head? Why didn’t you divide it per person?”

Mrs. Liu walked to the table and looked at the pot. Then, coldly said: “How come it’s only this? Did you hide almost half of it?”

Mrs. Zhang coldly replied: “In this world, there are people that really like to put their wrongdoing on someone else’s head.”

Mrs. Liu's face changed slightly: "What do you mean by that?"

Mrs. Zhang took a look at her and said: “What do I mean? Can’t you really understand?”

“What do I need to understand? You need to show an evidence before you speak. Stop talking nonsense and accusing good people.” Mrs. Liu anxiously said.

Mrs. Zhang added: “Only stupid people will not understand. Sister-in-law, if you want to conceal it, then conceal it. But I prefer, you stop putting your own s.h.i.+t to my head. I am not Zhao Lan. I will not let you plant your stolen goods to my head. Don’t think that I will not resist when being bullied.”

Old Lady Bai had a headache: “Okay, speak no more. All right?” Seeing her two daughter-in-laws stopped talking. Old Lady Bai pointed her finger at the table and ask: “Why do we only have this today? Who can eat enough with this?”

Mrs. Zhang replied: “There is no oil in the house. There are only a few vegetables. There is not much rice in the jar.”

There wasn’t enough rice. Old Lady Bai originally wanted to let Mrs. Liu borrow two sacks of rice to the head of the Hu Family next door. Once they harvested their own grains, they will return it. On the other hand, this wild vegetables has always been dug out by Bai Zhi. Yesterday, she should have gone digging too. But, who knows what happened and it was delayed.

Old Lady Bai said to Mrs. Liu: “You go and tell to that dead girl, to dig wild vegetables tomorrow morning. She still has her hands and feet, so shouldn’t she use them if she wanted to continue living?”

When Mrs. Liu remembered how fierce Bai Zhi was, she hurriedly shook her head: “You better go. She doesn’t listen to me now.”

Old Lady Bai also swept her eyes towards Mrs. Zhang’s body. Mrs. Zhang knew what the old lady will say. So, she didn’t wait for her to open her mouth. She turned around and went to the kitchen. She doesn’t care about this stuff. She doesn’t want to annoy Bai Zhi and get hit with a stick. She doesn’t want to experience the same thing they experienced.

Old Lady Bai was helpless. Remembering Bai Zhi’s words earlier, she simply said: “Call her tomorrow morning, that dead girl must not be angry by then.”

Mrs. Liu thinks for a bit, that dead girl, Bai Zhi has changed tremendously. Especially, when she hit people. She was so fast and ruthless, she couldn’t fight at all.

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 66

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