Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 68

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Under Old Lady Bai and Mrs. Liu’s sharp gaze, the mother and daughter carried the bamboo basket on their back and left the courtyard step by step. Outside the courtyard was the main road of the village. The houses of the big families were built near the main road. It was more convenient for them to pull their harvested crops with the ox cart.

It was early in the morning, but many villagers were already carrying their farm tools to the fields outside the village. So, they saw the tragic situation of the mother and the daughter and they stopped to ask.

“Zhi’er, you both look like this, why did you come out?”

Bai Zhi said with redden eyes: “There are no wild vegetables at home. Grandmother asked us to dig wild vegetables. Uncle, thank you for your concern, but we must go now. Otherwise, they will punish us if we came back late.” Bai Zhi was originally thin, her thin face full of bruises, coupled with the tears on her beautiful eyes, her appearance became more pitiful.

Seeing how the mother and child walking with difficulty, the villagers sighed and shook their heads: “What a good child. How can this Bai Family be so cruel?”

“Yes, you’re right. That family is so lazy, no one can work seriously. Only that mother and child do the work in the field and inside the house. But in the end, they become like this!”

“It all thanks to Zhao Lan’s long patience. If it was another woman, I’m afraid that woman already left the Bai Family and find another good family. Why would you stay with the Bai Family who only knows the bad practice in life?” “

“Leave? It’s only easy for you to say that. If Zhao Lan is gone, what do you think will happen to Zhi’er? Do you think Zhi’er will have a better life than today in that Bai family?”

Mrs. Zhang just came back from the river, after was.h.i.+ng their clothes. When she heard the villagers' comments and saw them looking at her with strange eyes. At that moment, her heart was on fire. Although she was part of the Bai Family. And also didn’t give Zhao Lan a face. She didn’t unscrupulously bullied Zhao Lan like her mother-in-law and sister-in-law. She never used her hand to slap or hurt Bai Zhi. But now, she was also branded notorious, just because she was a member of the family. This event really made her suffocating.

Mrs. Zhang glared at the villagers and walked back home with her tub. But as soon as she entered the gate, she scolded Bai Erzhu, who was stretching out in the courtyard: “You really know nothing. You only know how to eat and sleep. Do you know what time is it now? Everyone in the village now finished working in the field. They were all now going back home.”

Bai Erzhu was scolded right on his face. Is this woman sick? Why is she scolding me as early as this morning?

“Why are you staring at me? Did I say something wrong? I must be really blind for marrying a man like you!”

Although Bai Erzhu and Mrs. Zhang's were not really fond of each other, they rarely quarrel. Mrs. Zhang temper was very different from Mrs. Liu. She was not the kind of person who likes to care about every issue.

Today, because of Mrs. Zhang sudden scolding, Bai Erzhu was completely dumbfounded. He doesn’t know what kind of wind pa.s.sed by.

“My wife, you can scold people if you want, but can you at least tell me why are you getting angry? You shouldn’t scold me for no apparent reason.”

Mrs. Zhang coldly sneered and throw the tub in her hand. She put her hand on her waist and pointed her finger at Bai Erzhu: “You don’t know why? I can see that you really don’t know anything. Your wife was pointed fingers by the villagers right under her nose, but where are you? Are you even a man? Why do you always let your wife do the work? Why don’t you think of a way to earn money? Why do you always let me return to our home to borrow foods? Do you think I still have a face?”

Bai Erzhu understood things by now. It turned out that she was wronged outside, so she came back and let out her anger at him.

“Who dares to point their fingers on your nose? Tell me, I’ll scold them back for you.”

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 68

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