Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 72

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“Niang, let’s leave the future marriage in the future. What’s important right now is our current situation. If we are not pushed in this situation, I will not do this. But, if I will not do this, I will have to marry someone in the Baiyang Village. Do you think I will live long in that village?”

Zhao Lan's emotions gradually stabilized. She also realized their helpless situation. If Bai Zhi will be sent to the Baiyang Village by the Bai Family, they might not be able to meet again.

“Niang, you don’t have to worry. I am still young. This rumor will be forgotten in a few years. By that time, I will ask Lu Dafu to help me regain my reputation. This thing will really not affect me, you can rest a.s.sured.”

Zhao Lan released a long sigh: “All these things happened because your Niang is useless and can’t protect you. Otherwise, you don’t need to make such a decision.”

“Zhao Lan? Zhi’er? You came?”

The mother and the daughter unconsciously walked towards Hu Changlin’s house. Hu Changlin was standing and cleaning in front of their gate, when he saw the mother and daughter. He busily came forward and asked a question.

Zhao Lan looked at Hu Changlin’s broken arm and felt ashamed. After all, Hu Changlin was injured because of her.

“Hu Dage, I’m sorry, I made you suffer like this.”

Hu Changlin put down the broomstick and waved his hand: “No, it doesn’t get in the way, it doesn’t hurt anymore. Lu Dafu said that my injury is not heavy. It will be fine in 7 or 8 days. It’s you, you have been injured again. I’m afraid, it became more serious than before, right?”

Zhao Lan also hurriedly waved her hand: “I am fine, it will be good after a few days, I’m really all right.”

Hu Changlin led the mother and daughter into the courtyard. Because the two Bai brothers caused a big commotion yesterday, the courtyard was messy.

“You haven’t had breakfast yet, right? Just eat here. Hu Feng is boiling the water, I will let him cook two more eggs.”

Bai Zhi smiled and said: “That’s great. Me and my niang are really hungry. We’re not allowed to go back until we haven’t dig enough wild vegetables. We were originally planning to go here to have a meal.”

Hu Changlin stared at Bai Zhi and said: “You silly child, why do you let yourself get hungry? As long as Hu Bo is here if you want to come, live or stay here, you can do so. Do you understand?”

Bai Zhi heavily nodded her head. Her nose slightly became sour. This unrelated person was really good to her. Thinking about her parents in her previous life, and the Bai Family in this second life, she thinks that she might not really be unfortunate. Because she had a mother who cares about her wholeheartedly. And a good uncle like Hu Changlin. With them beside her, she believes that her future will get better and better.

Bai Zhi helped Zhao Lan to sit down at the table inside the house, then she turned her head towards Hu Changlin: “Hu Bo, I’ll go and help in the kitchen.”

Hu Changlin nodded his head. “Okay, you go. I ‘ll pour your Niang a gla.s.s of water.”

Bai Zhi went to the kitchen. In there, she saw Hu Feng putting 4 eggs and 4 sweet potatoes in the pot.

“Well, that’s enough for us.” Bai Zhi smiled and went close. Seeing the fire in the stove was very strong, there was no need to add more wood. The water in the pot was also enough, there was no need to add water: “It seems that I don’t need to give you a hand.”

Hu Feng put the lid on the pot and turned his head to look at Bai Zhi. Then, he said: “When are you going to start treating me?”

Bai Zhi was a bit startled, she didn’t expect Hu Feng will ask such a question at the moment. But then, she replied with composure: “This is not a simple matter. We must first find the right medicinal herbs for you to drink. And silver needles to get rid the blood clots that the medicine couldn’t dissolve. The blood clots had stayed in your brain for a long time, it won’t be easy to get rid of all of them at once. You need to undergo a long-term treatment and regain your memories slowly.”

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 72

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