Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 76

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Since all the benefits will not be his, then he doesn’t want to do all the work in the family.

Bai Erzhu turned his body and went back to his room. He slammed the door heavily. Old Lady Bai shouted and shouted, but Bai Erzhu didn’t still open the door.


At the Hu family.

The sun has finally set, it was noon time, hot smoke gradually floats on top of the houses in the village. Zhao Lan pulled Bai Zhi and said to Hu Changlin: “Hu Dage, I’ve been resting here till morning, we will go back now.”

Hu Changlin replied: “If you go back now, you will only be scolded. Just go back after you have lunch. And if the Bai Family saw you didn’t dig wild vegetables, they will not give you lunch.”

That case was really possible. With the character of those people in the Bai Family, they were doomed to be unlucky. And they only want the mother and daughter to work, but not to eat.

Bai Zhi immediately smiled and nodded her head: “Then, we will thicken our skin and hara.s.s Hu Bo to give us a meal.”

Hu Changlin laughed happily: “This child, how can you say that you have thick skin? Oh right, didn’t you said yesterday that you will cook us braised rabbit meat? I already cleaned it up, you can cook it.”

Bai Zhi said: “I see, Hu Bo wants to eat braised rabbit meat, so he deliberately invited us to have lunch.”

“Yes, you got it right, this child is very used to this kind of event, you have to sell your service to me cheaply.”

The three people laughed in the living room constantly. Especially Bai Zhi, when she laughs, her tone felt like a silver plate fall on the ground. It was crisp and melodious. Her laughter sounds beautiful and mellow. It’s like a sweet honey that can intoxicate people.

Listening to this, Hu Feng’s mood improved by the sound of their laughter. For a moment, he forgot his trouble all day round. His lips slightly curved into a smile. And his indifference and coldness seemed disappeared for no reason.

Bai Zhi then went to the kitchen. Hu Changlin was afraid that she was tired. After all, she still had injuries, so he called out Hu Feng to help.

Bai Zhi stared at the thick kitchen knife. This kitchen knife was two times heavier than the knife used to kill pigs. She now only has a small arm and small body, she’s afraid, she can’t use it.

Hu Feng came in the kitchen and saw the look in her face. He laughed inside his heart, but he didn’t show it on the surface of his face. He picked up the kitchen knife and directly cut the rabbit meat. The rabbit meat was cut into five section cleanly.

“Oh, your knife skill is good. It seems you have done it countless time.” Bai Zhi smiled and gave Hu Feng a high praise.

Hu Feng smashed the kitchen knife to the side and said in a low voice: “First time.”

“It’s your first time, but you’ve done a good job? It seems you are a very talented person.”

Hu Feng sat down in the stove and looked up at Bai Zhi: Then, seriously said: “I am very talented in everything I do.”

Bai Zhi’s eyes rolled. Was this guy joking with her? But, it doesn’t look like it… …

Bai Zhi laughed twice as if she only heard a joke.

At this time, Hu Feng had already lit a fire, Bai Zhi cleaned the pot and put it in the fire. She found some oil and condiments in the cabinet. There were not too many options, but it was enough to be used to cook braised rabbit meat.

First, Bai Zhi boiled a pot of water. She boiled the rabbit meat and rinse it out. Then, she poured the oil into the pot. She fried the rabbit meat and put the cinnamon. She simmered it to a small fire. When the meat’s juice came out, she removed the cinnamon and sprinkle the pepper.

It would be better if there was seasoning such as onion, ginger, and garlic. Unfortunately, Bai Zhi looked for a long time in the cupboard, but only found only a small amount of star anise and a little bit of pepper. There was nothing else.

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 76

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