Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 78

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Mrs. Liu refused: “You have no conscience, I haven’t eaten a mouthful of meat because I am feeding you. But, I can’t even eat this last piece of meat?”

Bai Dazhu swept his eyes to Bai Erzhu’s bowl: “Second younger brother, how can you take so much? Can’t you give a little bit to your sister-in-law?”

Bai Erzhu was too lazy to care for his older brother. He took his bowl and went back to their room. When Bai Fugui saw his father slipped away, he also took his bowl and quickly followed.

Bai Dabao and Bai Xiaofeng’s mouth was left wide open. They didn’t have even a single piece of meat in their bowl. So, they looked at the old lady again.

Bai Xiaofeng said: “Grandmother, I haven’t eaten any.”

Bai Dabao also opened his mouth: “Yeah, grandmother, you should buy a lot of meat next time. So that we won’t end up like this, we can’t even eat enough.”

Bai Dabao is the future head of the family, and Bai Xiaofeng is the hope of the Bai Family for a bright future. These two grandchildren were very important to the old lady. Especially Bai Xiaofeng, which simply can soften the heart of the old lady.

Hearing her two grandchildren speak up their mind, Old Lady Bai couldn’t say anything. She directly divided the braised pork in her bowl and gave three pieces of meat to Bai Xiaofeng and two pieces to Bai Dabao.

Mrs. Liu, who was looking, didn’t even receive a single meat.


At this time, Bai Zhi and Zhao Lan came back. Bai Zhi first sent Zhao Lan back to their wooden house, and then carried the wild vegetables that Hu Changlin gave to her.

When she entered the door, she smelled the fragrance of braised pork. She couldn’t help but sneer inside her heart. When she and her mother was not at home, they dared to eat meat? She was sure that they didn’t even save them a single drop of broth.

Bai Zhi stepped into the big house, she quickly walked inside towards the dining table with a smile on her face, then unloaded the wild vegetables: “It smells so good, what are you eating for lunch?”

When Mrs. Liu saw Bai Zhi going to the table, she quickly poured all the remaining broth to her bowl.

Bai Zhi looked at the dish that was as clean as a dog’s bowl. She frowned and asked: “How come you finished everything? Me and my niang haven’t eaten yet.”

Old Lady Bai quickly put the last piece of braised pork into her mouth, then she coldly looked at Bai Zhi: “Who told you to come back so late? If you came back a little earlier, will this happen? Look at the time right now!”

If we came back a little earlier, we can eat braised pork? Hahaha!

Bai Zhi replied: “Me and niang were both injured. If we could come back a little earlier, that would be good. But, you are too much. You didn’t give us breakfast, yet you also didn’t leave us some lunch? I think you are desperate to starve me and my niang to death.”

Mrs. Liu pointed her finger to the wild vegetables and said: “Didn’t you dug wild vegetables? Why don’t you cook and eat them?”

Bai Zhi really wanted to kick away the wild vegetables, but after thinking that it was given to them by Hu Changlin and they can only eat them at dinner. She no longer said anything, even if she was dissatisfied. She only went to the kitchen expressionlessly.

There was a half bowl of pork lard on the stove. It must be save by Mrs. Liu when she cooked the braised pork. The existence of pork lard was also a rare thing in the family. So, it was usually hidden by them. Occasionally, Bai Xiaofeng eat fried rice with it. But today, with the thought of a large amount of meat, Mrs. Liu seemed forgot to clean up the kitchen and hide it.

When Bai Zhi fried the wild vegetables, she poured all the pork lard in it. She didn’t even save a single drop for them.

Bai Zhi fried the wild vegetables with the pork lard, so naturally, it tastes was different. She put all the fried wild vegetable in a pot and hide it. The only thing that remained in the kitchen was the rice porridge. Bai Zhi went outside the kitchen in a hurry, she left the main room like a gush of wind, in fear that the Bai Family might saw her dish and robbed it back.

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 78

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