Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 92

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Under Mrs. Liu’s calculations, she understood that no matter what they say, Old Lady Bai was planning to keep the jade ornament for herself

Mrs. Liu looked at Bai Dazhu and stared at him, to make him talk right away.

Bai Dazhu naturally knows what on his wife’s mind, he busily turned around and smiled at his mother, then said: “Niang, since you want to use to it as a family heirloom, then you should give this thing to me. I am the eldest son of this family and Dabao is the eldest grandchild. This treasure is supposed to be pa.s.sed to us.”

Old Lady Bai looked at Bai Dazhu and coldly snorted: “I haven’t died yet, so what are you talking about? When I die, this thing will naturally pa.s.s on to you. Why are you so anxious?”

When Old Lady Bai finished, she turned around and went inside her room. She sat beside the window and stared at the jade ornament. The more she stared at it, the more she liked it. She thinks Mrs. Liu and Bai Dazhu wanted it, so she simply put a red tie on it and hangs it on her neck. She’ll wait and see if those two can steal it on her body.


In the Hu family

After eating dinner, Hu Changlin took out all the money that Doctor Lu gave to him.

“Zhi’er, here is a total of 195 silver coins. Lu Dafu sold the wild ginseng for a total of 200 silver coins. He took his share of 10 silver coins from the shopkeeper himself. He handed the 200 silver coins to us. Yesterday, I and Hu Feng went to the town and bought something for you and your niang. We spent 5 silver coins in total. So, here’s the 195 silver coins left.”

When Bai Zhi came closer, she divided the silver coins into two parts. But, she kept a little less to herself. He gave more to Hu Changlin.

“Hu Bo, these are for you, you can buy the things you want. You can use it as soon as you want to.”

Bai Zhi took out a small clothe and wrapped her silver coins. Then, she pushed it towards Hu Changlin: “Hu Bo, please keep this for me. We just separated from the Bai Family. If they learned about this, they will definitely come to us and cause trouble. These silver coins are not safe in us. I will take it back when I needed to use it.”

Hu Changlin knew Bai Zhi’s character. He knew she divided it like this not to show she was generous or faking kindness. But rather, because it was decided like this before. If he refuses, it will appear that he was being sentimental.

So, Hu Changlin simply nodded his head: “Well, I will help you keep it first. Just take it whenever you want.”

Bai Zhi thought for a moment, then she took out 5 silver coins from the small clothing: “Tomorrow, niang and I will go to town to buy a few changed of clothes. We will leave first thing in the morning, as to avoid making too much noise.”

Zhao Lan busily said: “I have clothes to wear, you don’t need to buy me one. Just by two sets of clothes for yourself.”

In this aspect, when she and her roommate was watching on TV. Her roommates told her that all the parents in the world are the same. They were very reluctant to eat and drink because they want to save everything for their children.

Bai Zhi felt very uncomfortable at the time, she wanted to tell her roommate that not all parents are like that. Because if they were all the same, why she was so unlucky? She didn’t have a good parent.

However, it’s not the same now, she has a good mother that really loves her.

Bai Zhi’s eyes became teary, she said with redden eyes: “Niang what are you saying? Didn’t all your clothes are rugged and torn now? We should buy a new one. We don’t have money to spend before, but now we have some. Why do you still need to wrong yourself?”

Zhao Lan said: “There are plenty of ways to spend money. But, we have to save for the future. I am old now, so no matter what I wear it’s still the same. You don’t need to spend money on me.”

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 92

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