Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 94

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Zhao Lan was full of doubts. After her daughter died and came back to life, not only her personality changed, but also her knowledge has improved.

This child was raised by her hand, she knew very clearly what she does, what she ate and where she goes every day.

Therefore, she was more aware that she has no possibility to learn anything else in other places.

Where did she learn the things she suddenly knew?

Bai Zhi saw Zhao Lan staring at her with suspicion, so she said with a smile: “In fact, I also have never eaten dumplings. I thought Hu Bo and Hu Feng had eaten it, so I wanted to brag.”

Hu Changlin asked: “Then, you talk about it, what is this dumpling?”

Bai Zhi turned her eye and smiled: “It’s actually like this. When I was digging wild vegetables, there were two other children that were with me. They are not from Huangtou Village. I don’t remember too well, where did they come from or where their village was. But, when the two of them felt hungry, they started to talk something about food. I was also hungry, so I secretly listened to them. They said the best food they ate in their life was this food called dumplings. They also discussed what is this dumpling, so I became greedy and my saliva started to flow down in my clothes.”

Seeing both her mother and Hu Changlin laughing, Bai Zhi added: “I secretly made a vow that I must eat this dumpling in the future with my niang.”

When things turned out like that, Zhao Lan’s heart was full of guilt. Her daughter used to dig wild vegetables. Every time the Bai Family will rush her to dig, she will go with an empty stomach. But, she doesn’t have lunch when she returned. During dinner, it would be very lucky if she could eat a full meal, but if she’s not, she could only eat rice soup.

She could only blame her mother for being useless. She can’t protect her, she can’t give her a good life. She can only watch her daughter suffer.

With Bai Zhi’s story, Zhao Lan and Hu Changlin were convinced. Only one person was an exception.

Hu Feng didn’t believe it at all!

Although what she said was a complete story, he knew that this little girl was lying.

Just like, she didn’t study medicine, but she knew medicine.

She didn’t learn to cook, but she did a good job.

She didn’t go to school, but she can recognize the words.

Although she was young, seemingly simple and naive, she was also witty. In fact, it seems like this innocence was what gave her means to make a living.

At a such a young age, she has that kind of talent, which makes him stare at her closely.

The more he felt that she was special, the more he wanted to watch over her. However, the more he watched over her, the more he couldn’t see through her.

Hu Feng got up and headed towards Hu Changlin: “I am going to feed the cows with some gra.s.s. You ready yourself to go. We will set off immediately.” When he turned around, his lips curved into a smile. One day, he will personally unveil Bai Zhi’s veil. Under that veil, what could be hidden?


Sitting on the oxcart, the four of them looked like a real family. The four of them were chatting while heading to the town.

Mrs. Liu, who was was.h.i.+ng clothes at the river, just saw this scene. When she saw the scene, she immediately straightened her waist and pulled a female villager: “Hey, look at those two people, they only separated from our family yesterday, but look at them now? Even if you are in a hurry to live with someone else, you should at least wait for at least two days. Some people’s face is really thick to the point that you can compare it to the city wall.”

Zhao Lan's face became very ugly. She stayed as a widower for 10 years. In that 10 years, she worked like a horse in the Bai Family. She never considered her marriage life. She didn’t even talk a few words to another man. So, she really doesn’t know why the Bai Family think of her this way.

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 94

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