Rebirth Of The Rich And Wealthy Chapter 72 Part1

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Chapter 72: Collecting clothes, picking up Qin Shuhan

(Part 1)

After the a.s.sembly, the new students left the hall as a cla.s.s. Throughout the whole process, Lu Rui did not even appear at all. He’s really a person who hates bothersome matters ah!

After the students returned to the cla.s.sroom and sat in their seats, Lu Rui stood up slowly and said after glancing around once at the students, "School will officially begin tomorrow, on 1 September. Military training would be held during the first 4 weeks. We will have regular in the morning and military training during the afternoons. During this period, all of you should wear the provided camouflage uniform and not your own clothes. Both monitors, gather up the heights of each student now and go collect the camouflage uniforms with my signature." Lu Rui paused for a moment before continuing, "No. 1 to count, No. 17 to record!"

Qin Shumo stood up, "Raise your hands if you are between 1.50m but under 1.55m."

Only two girls in the entire cla.s.s raised their hand which Lu Anran recorded down.

"Hands up for those between 1.55m and 1.60m." Qin Shumo counted the number of people and said to Lu Anran, "5 people."

"Hands up for those between 1.60m and 1.65m." Qin Shumo continued counting and then said, "it's 12 people, including you."

"Hands up for those between 1.65m and 1.70m." Qin Shumo lowered his head and said after counting, "5 people."

"Hands up for those between 1.70m and 1.75m." Qin Shumo looked around and then said to Lu Anran, "including me, that's 6 people."

Lu Anran nodded and wrote down a "6" in the column for 1.75m.

After recording, Lu Rui signed his name on the collection form and handed it to Qin Shumo before saying, " are over after the monitor finish giving out the uniform. From tomorrow onwards, arrive at school before 8AM. The other cla.s.s committee members will be selected by the two monitors. Pa.s.s the list over to me before are over on Friday!" After saying that, he left the cla.s.sroom without even stopping for a second.

Lu Anran and Qin Shumo exchanged a glance and shrugged. Lu Anran then stood on the podium and said, "We will go and collect the camouflage uniforms. Let's self- study and stay quiet." After saying that, she left the cla.s.sroom with Qin Shumo. The place to collect the uniforms was not far, and was just on the second floor of the next building. When Lu Anran and Qin Shumo arrived there, students from other were already getting their uniforms. Lu Anran noticed someone familiar in the crowd and started to frown unconsciously. Yet in the next second, she hid her unhappiness.

"Anran!" Chu Yao caught sight of Lu Anran when she turned around after receiving the camouflage uniforms for her own cla.s.s. She was initially shocked, but she pretended as though she was close with her, "Did you come to collect the camouflage uniforms too?"

"Yes ah!" Lu Anran nodded.

"You are… Qin Shumo right…. I am Lu Anran's best friend. Troubling you to give my family's Anran a lot of support!" Chu Yao curved her hand on to Lu Anran's arm, as though the both of them were close.

"….." Qin Shumo took a glance at Chu Yao and said to Lu Anran, "I'll go and report the quant.i.ty first." He then ignored Chu Yao and strode away.

"…" Lu Anran resisted the impulse to roll her eyes and pulled her arm away from Chu Yao, "Since you have collected the uniforms, quickly return to your own cla.s.s!"

"……" Chu Yao did not expect that not only did Lu Anran not cooperate with her, even Qin Shumo acted as though he could not be bothered with her. For a moment, she felt embarra.s.sed, but she forced a smile before clearing her throat and said, "Then I'll be going back to cla.s.s first!"

"Bye……" Lu Anran really did not want to talk to Chu Yao or even look at that face of Chu Yao.

Chu Yao covertly clenched her fist as she went downstairs while carrying the uniforms with the other male monitor.

As Chu Yao left, Lu Anran harrumphed but once she noticed that Qin Shumo was carrying 30 uniforms all by himself, she hurried forward, "Let me carry half!"

"No need!" Qin Shumo shook his head and strode ahead.

"Oi……" Lu Anran followed behind Qin Shumo and still felt that it was inappropriate. "There are so many uniforms, don't carry all of them by yourself!"

Yet Qin Shumo continued to ignore her. He did not want Lu Anran to carry heavy stuff, even if it is just clothes! Fortunately, these uniforms were bundled up in packs, so he had no trouble carrying it.

After taking the uniforms to the cla.s.sroom, they were handed out according to height. Once the 30 sets of uniforms were all quickly and completely distributed, Lu Anran and Qin Shumo informed their cla.s.smates that they could leave before returning to their seats to pack up.

"Are you going straight home later?" Qin Shumo asked Lu Anran.

"Mm." Lu Anran nodded, and counter asked, "What about you?"

"It's only a half- day today. I'll go grab something to eat."

"I see ah!" Lu Anran smiled.

"Anran, I'll leave first!" Ji Ling waved the phone on her hand and said, "Queen Mother was free today and has personally driven Little Colt over to pick me up. She's already at the school entrance."

"Ji Ling, you will still be a cla.s.s committee member, right?" Lu Anran held onto Ji Ling and asked.

Rebirth Of The Rich And Wealthy Chapter 72 Part1

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